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Never Say Never Chapter 201-202

Chapter 201

Noticing my gaze, he coughed dryly and said, “We’ll go out for a walk every day from now on.”


I nodded and said, “What other books did you buy?”


He paused and spoke, “Jun Yu introduced them.” After a brief comment, he spoke, “Go back upstairs and put on a thicker coat, it’s stopped raining!”


“Really!” I was a little reluctant to go out.


He nodded, his gaze firm, “I’ll wait for you here!”


It looked like I had to go, so I went upstairs to find a jacket and went out with him, the two villas in the landscape area were stretched further apart.


The purpose was to leave enough green space for each villa, and the resulting villa area was larger.


After holding him for a while, I didn’t really want to walk anymore and stopped to look at him and said, “We’ve been walking for a while, let’s go back!”


“Less than ten minutes!” He spoke, a little sternly, “Fifty more minutes!”


The road was a little damp, the air was warm, the dim streetlights were shadowed and it was particularly pleasant to look at.


I was just a bit lazy and didn’t really want to walk.


But he forced me to do so, so I followed him for a while. There was nothing to talk about, and it was so quiet that only birds chirped.


I walked with my head down for a while, and then I said, “Fu Shen Yan, what’s the baby’s name?”


The time is right, the baby is due in a few months.


He looked down and thought about it and looked sideways at me, “How about Shuyu?”


My grandmother named me Shu because when she found me, she thought I was cute, and when I grew up, she wanted me to be quiet and well-behaved, so she named me Shen Shu after the poetic phrase ‘quiet girl whose beauty’.


Looking at Fu Shen Yan, I couldn’t help but ask, “Yu is the same as jie, dignified and beautiful, does shuyu mean beautiful and nice?”


He smiled lightly, “You can interpret it that way!”


“But the name is for a girl, what if the baby is a boy?” After several maternity tests, I hadn’t asked if the baby was a boy or a girl, so I wasn’t sure if the baby was a boy or a girl.


The ground was dappled with shade, and he spoke, “If it’s a boy, we’ll think about it when it’s born!”


I bristled, “Fu Shenyan, you value girls over boys!”


The corners of his mouth rose as he held me by the waist, “It’s a tradition in our family, we can’t change it.”


I gave him a blank look, and I stopped talking.


After walking for a while, I couldn’t walk any further on the way back, so I simply squatted on the ground and cheated, “Fu Shen Yan, go back by yourself! I can’t walk anymore.”


He looked at me, towering over me, a little helpless, “It’s only been thirty minutes!”


I put the umbrella under my buttocks and looked at him, “I won’t walk for a few minutes either.” My back was sore and aching, pregnancy was so suffocating.


He squatted beside me and said helplessly, “Come up here!”


Carry me?


I froze and shook my head, “No, I can’t, I’ll crush the baby!”


He held his forehead, “Can I carry you back, then?”


I nodded, the corners of my mouth splitting into a smile, “Yes!”


However, I hesitated at the thought that the journey back wasn’t that close and looked at him uncertainly, “Are you sure you can hold it that far?”


“Then stay here!”


I hastily got up, reached around his neck and smiled, “Come on, let’s go home!”


Picking me up horizontally, he headed off in the direction of the villa, and looking at him, I couldn’t help but laugh, “Is it heavy?”


He worked out a lot and his body was extraordinarily muscular, so I wouldn’t have been worried about him struggling to carry me if it were normal.


Chapter 202

But adding a waifu at this point made me a little vain.


He lowered his eyes to mine and raised his eyebrows, “What do you think?”


Obviously, it was heavy!


I couldn’t help but struggle, “Then you’d better put me down!”


I’ve still been eating quite a controlled diet lately, but I always feel fat still.


It’s no wonder many women don’t want to have children, it’s inevitable that you’ll lose your figure when you carry a baby.


He withdrew the force on his arm and spoke, “Stop it, you’ll fall later!”


When I saw his handsome and serious features, I was honest and didn’t move.


I didn’t even know how I got to the villa or how I got back to the bedroom.


The next day I woke up.


There was no one around me, so I got out of bed and walked around, but Fu Shenyan was not in the study.


I couldn’t help but freeze, my heart warmed for a few moments, but also somehow felt that the arrival of this child seemed to bring expectations to all of us.


Seeing me standing in the study dazed, Sister-in-law Zhang took the mop and said, “Sir went out early, I think something happened at work, he cooked you your favourite porridge and two eggs, let you walk outside in the courtyard after eating.”


I nodded, it had rained the first night and the next morning the air was exceptionally fresh.


After breakfast, I saw the fruit in the kitchen and looked at Sister Zhang and said, “Why did you buy so much fruit all at once?”


I washed some of them and put some of them in the freezer because I was afraid they would go bad.”


After thinking about it carefully, I did remember that Muzi had called me earlier and said that she had mailed me fruit, and it looked like it should be these.


Getting that much, this is treating me like a pig!


So I looked at Mrs. Zhang and said, “Wash all the fruit! I’ll go to the office later and bring them to eat.”


I’m going to see Cheng Junyu, Muzi’s belly should be getting bigger by now, so I can’t keep hiding it like this.


“Good!” Sister-in-law Zhang took out all the fruits from the freezer.


She wouldn’t let me touch it, saying it was watery and icy and bad for my health.


I couldn’t argue with her, so I just sat aside and packed the washed fruit in a bag.


After a while, there was a large bag of fruit scattered about.


I put it in the car, I said hello to Mrs. Zhang, I will not come back for lunch, I may have to eat with Fu Shen Yan.


Then, it was out the door.


Downstairs at Fu’s, I sat in the car and called Fu Shen Yan, and in no time he got through.


“Have you eaten breakfast yet?” His voice was clear and cold, and the environment sounded very quiet.


“Yes!” I spoke, “I’m downstairs at the office, I brought you some fruit, are you busy? Come down and help me carry it?”


“A lot?”


I nodded, “I brought all the ones from home! Woody mailed a lot of it, it’ll all go bad if you don’t eat it.”


He hmmed and spoke, “Give me a few minutes!”


Then he hung up the phone.


About two minutes later, Chen Yi came down with a black suit and a brisk pace, walked to the car and looked at me and said, “Mr. Fu is in a meeting and asked me to come down and get it for you!”


I nodded, got out of the car, and opened the trunk door.


Seeing a pile of fruit, Chen Yi gave me a somewhat surprised look.


“A friend mailed them up from the countryside, they can’t be eaten at home, you can distribute them to a few departments later, it’s too hot and it’s good for everyone to relieve the heat.” Handing him the car keys, I carried a bag into the company.