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Never Say Never Chapter 209-210

Chapter 209



After hanging up the phone with Jon, I didn’t want to go back to the villa, so I took a taxi to the Cloud Copper flat.


I was so clogged up that I simply turned off my phone, unlocked the door and fell asleep in the Cloud Copper flat under the covers.


My head ached and I was half asleep when the door was slammed loudly, which took away all my sleepiness.


I went out of the bedroom to see that the door had been smashed open and Fu Shenyan was standing at the door with a frown.


When he saw my face, his voice was low, “Why did you come here? Why didn’t you answer your phone?”


I pinched my eyebrows and spoke indifferently, “It’s off, fix the door!” With that I turned into my bedroom and continued to brew sleep.


Lying in bed, I lost all sleep and started staring at the ceiling again.


Fu Shen Yan came in, saw me staring with my eyes open and pulled me up from the bed, “Get up and have something to eat!”


“I’m not hungry!” It was true that I wasn’t hungry.


He wrinkled his eyebrows and lowered his voice, “Why did you suddenly come to Yun tong flat?”


“I came here because I wanted to!”


“Shen Shu!” He aggravated his voice, “I can understand your nonsense, but will you at least let me know why? Don’t make me guess, okay?”


His voice was a little hoarse and, from what I could hear, a little tired.


This seemed a little unaware of me.


Looking at him, I couldn’t help but wander off and froze as I looked at him, “Fu Shen Yan, that child in Lu Xin Ran’s belly, did your heart ever ache?”


I think it would be sad to lose it so suddenly!


He frowned, “It’s been a long time since this happened!”


I nodded, “I know, I’m just asking.” As I said this, I couldn’t help but mutter to myself, “I wonder if it would be hard for you if this baby was miscarried!”


“Shen Shu!” The back of his hand was pinched raw and he grimaced, “Who did you see today?”


My head hurt so badly that I didn’t want to talk, I leaned my head slightly against his heart and said, “It’s all in the past, it doesn’t matter!”


The temperature in the air dropped a few degrees, I knew he was angry and closed my eyes to rest.


The phone rang, it was his and I automatically sat up straighter and left his embrace, pressed back into place by him and then picked up the phone.


“What’s up?” He spoke, putting the phone on speaker.


“Brother Shen Yan, I recently accepted my mother’s company in Jiangcheng, I’m coming over tomorrow, do you have time? Can you come and pick me up at the airport?” It was Lu Xinran.


I moved my head and found a comfortable position in his arms.


I listened to Fu Shen Yan’s shallow voice, “There’s something going on at the office tomorrow, I’ll have Zhuan Yan come and pick you up.”


The other end of the phone was silent for a while, and there was loss in his voice, “Brother Shen Yan, are we not even friends anymore?”


Fu Shen Yan huffed, probably because he was uncomfortable in his heart.


I tilted my head, opened my eyes to look at him, and said into the phone, “Tomorrow he has to accompany me for my maternity checkup, Miss Lu please don’t make things difficult for my husband.”


The hand that Fu Shen Yan was holding tightened, I looked at him and saw him sigh a little helplessly and said into the phone, “You send the time to Zhuan Yan, he will go over to pick you up tomorrow.”


Then he hung up the phone and put his chin against my face, his scruff pricking me uncomfortably, and he wouldn’t let me hide, looking at me and saying, “You’re declaring war sovereignty?”




I said, getting up and out of his embrace and out of the bedroom.


In the living room, on the dining table, Fu Shen Yan had cooked noodles and they looked delicious.


Chapter 210

He followed me, and when he saw me staring at the noodles on the table, he stopped me from behind and said, “The book says that pregnant women should have a lighter taste, so I didn’t put much chilli in it, try it?”


I looked up at him and felt as if I was trapped in a dream, a dream in which I had swapped lives with Lu Xinran.


In the two years I had been married to Fu Shenyan, he had never treated me with such tenderness and care.


The tenderness he used to have for Lu Xinran seemed to be pasted and copied, and suddenly it was all put on me.


I was pulled by him to sit at the table and ate a few bites in a somewhat mute manner, which tasted very good, but with things piling up in my heart, I couldn’t eat any more.


When he saw me stop eating after a few bites, he frowned, “Don’t you like it?”


I shook my head, “No, I’m just not hungry!”


“Eat more or less, or you’ll have a hard time being hungry at night.” As he spoke, he had already gotten up and gone to the fridge to get me some milk.


This night, Fu Shen Yan stayed with me at the Yun Tong flat.


The next day.


I was in a daze when I noticed a movement around me and opened my eyes to see Fu Shen Yan getting dressed.


Seeing that I was awake, he said, “Did I wake you up?”


I shook my head and lay on the bed, not wanting to move, my voice a little hoarse, “Are you going to the office?”


He nodded, “Well, Chen Yi will bring breakfast over later, so you can rest after eating and I’ll come and pick you up at noon to take you to the hospital for your maternity checkup.”


After the explanation, he dropped a kiss on my forehead, then tied his tie and went out.


It was strange, these days, Fu Shen Yan was very kind and caring to me, but I felt that he was far away from me.


Muzi called and asked me to pick her up from the airport, saying that she had too much stuff and needed a car.


I had nothing to do, so I asked for the time and took a taxi to Fu’s drive. When I arrived at the airport, Muzi had not yet arrived.


So I parked the car in the car park and sat in the pick-up lobby to wait.


It was not a surprise to see Fu Shen Yan at the airport. I sat in the lobby and watched this pair of talented and beautiful Bi people.


I fished out my mobile phone and called Fu Shen Yan.


Looking at Fu Shen Yan on the phone, I spoke, “Where is it?”


“The airport!” He opened his mouth and after a pause said, “Zhuan Yan had something to do and couldn’t leave, I came to pick up the plane.”


I don’t know how, but I was suddenly relieved, at least he wasn’t lying to me, was he?


“Look forward!” I spoke, my eyes fixed on his direction.


Meeting him at eye level, he frowned slightly, “What brings you to the airport?”


“Muzi’s flight is at 11:30, I came to pick her up!” I spoke, glancing at Lu Xinran, who had also spotted me, and said into the phone, “Do you need me to come over and say hello to Miss Lu?”


Fu Shen Yan seemed a little angry and said into the phone, “No!”


He then spat out a few words, “Stay well here, I’ll come over later!”


After saying that, he hung up the phone and took Lu Xinran out of the airport lobby.


I sat in the lobby, my heart was still a little hard to feel, but in fact it was fine, Qiao Zhuan Yan had something to do, Fu Shen Yan came to pick up, this is normal.


It was just a pickup, so why should I be so petty?


Ten minutes later.


Ten minutes later, Fu Shen Yan came back again, sat next to me and pulled me along, “Don’t think too much, Zhuan Yan had something to do this morning and couldn’t come.”


I nodded my head and pulled a smile, a little far-fetched, “You don’t have to explain!”


It wasn’t a big deal in the first place, it was just my nerves.


When Muzi got off the plane, dragging her large suitcase, she saw me and Fu Shen Yan were there, she couldn’t help but freeze and said, “This is all a show of affection?”