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Never Say Never Chapter 211-212

Chapter 211

I smiled as Fu Shenyan took the suitcase from him, and Muzi held me and touched my belly, saying, “It’s getting big again, it’ll be six months soon.”


I looked at her slightly bulging belly, her clothes were so loose that if you didn’t look closely, you wouldn’t be able to tell.


I laughed, “Why are you back all of a sudden?” I thought she would be in the countryside to bring in the birth.


“Isn’t Jon going to River City? I came back to see him, it’s been a while and I missed him a bit.” She looked much better.


Seeing Fu Shen Yan walking ahead with his suitcase, she lowered her voice to my ear, “Are you and him okay?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “I can’t say, Lu Xinran just came back, it’s hard to say what will happen afterwards.”


“Sh*t!” She was a little grumpy, “Hasn’t this woman become a grand lady? Isn’t it better to stay in the capital and be her golden girl? She has to come back to Jiangcheng to find trouble!”


“Probably planning to take over Lin Ivana’s job.” I didn’t know what would happen after Lu Xinran came back, but I didn’t feel at ease.


She bristled, “This woman just can’t get away.”


I didn’t say anything, but I thought of Jon and said, “When is Jon arriving? Did he talk to you?”


She shook her head, “No!”


When we reached the car park, I looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Has Miss Lu gone back?”


He nodded, “Chen Yi sent her back, get in the car!”


Getting into the car.


Fu Shen Yan: “What do you want to eat?”


It was already 12 o’clock, lunch time.


Woody was a bit tired after a few hours of flying, so I looked at it and said, “Anything is fine!”


Fu Shen Yan nodded, the car went into the city and parked under a Japanese restaurant, he looked at me, “How about Japanese food?”


I looked to Muzi and asked in a searching voice, “Is that okay?”


She nodded, “Sure!”


When we got out of the car, Muzi came up to me and said, “Has Fu Shenyan been treating you like this lately?”


I nodded, “Pretty much!”


“Holy Sh*t!” She slapped her forehead, “Why do I feel like you guys have been living like an old couple for decades.”


I stared, “What?”


She bristled, “It’s not like love, it’s like affection!”


I ……


When I entered the shop and ordered, it didn’t take long for all the dishes to be served.


Fu Shen Yan gave me a separate order of lean pork congee, on the grounds that I was pregnant and couldn’t eat mustard, it was too spicy!


I probably had too much congee, I didn’t really want to drink it, so I ate a few bites and then gave it to Fu Shen Yan, after which I simply ate a few bites of salmon and lost my appetite.


Muzi didn’t have much of an appetite either, and watching the way Fu Shen Yan and I were getting along was a bit confusing for her for a while.


After sending her back to the Yun Tong flat, Fu Shen Yan took me to the hospital for a maternity check-up.


The obstetrics and gynecology department was extraordinarily crowded, but luckily because we had booked a doctor in advance, we didn’t have to queue up for the various tests, and Fu Shen Yan could only wait outside.


When the ultrasound was done, the doctor looked at me and hesitated several times, seeing that she had something to say, I subconsciously thought that something was wrong with the baby.


I looked at her and said, “Doctor, is there something wrong with the baby?”


She nodded and looked at me and said, “The fetal heart rate is very weak and somewhat underdeveloped, as it should be for a fetus that is already 24 weeks old.”


After a pause, she continued, “Miss Shen you must maintain your mood and sleep, these are the most basic, your emotional state directly affects the development of the fetus.”


I nodded, I knew all this, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked Jon to come to Jiangcheng.


Chapter 212

After the examination, Fu Shen Yan pulled the doctor to ask about the situation, I sat in the corridor a little distracted.


I don’t know what the doctor said to Fu Shen Yan, but when we left the hospital, Fu Shen Yan’s face was not in a good mood, he looked at me and frowned slightly, “Is there something you haven’t told me, Shen Shu?”


I laughed, “What did the doctor say to you? That the baby is not yours?”


Fu Shen Yan ……


“Don’t be ridiculous!” He was a little helpless and a little worried, “If you have something on your mind, you must talk to me!”


I walked towards the car park and said indifferently, “I don’t like you to see Lu Xinran, not even to look at her or say a word.”


After saying that I looked back at him, “Is that okay?”


He stopped where he was, his eyebrows rising in the curve of a smile, “Bullying clause?”


I nodded and looked at him somewhat stubbornly, “If you and Lu Xinran see and talk once, we’ll be apart for a week, if we can’t do that, we’ll get a divorce!”


His originally handsome eyebrows knitted up, “Shen Shu, is divorce such a casual thing in your opinion?”


I lowered my eyes, it wasn’t casual when it came to Lu Xinran.


Pulling me into the car, he opened his mouth and just started the car.


There was silence all the way, no one spoke.


When we got to the villa, his phone kept thinking, and I looked at him, not getting out of the car.


He scanned the phone and his brow knitted tighter.


“Go home and get some rest, don’t think about it, there was nothing between her and me before and there never will be.” He hung up the phone, his gaze softening as he looked over at me.


I pursed my lips and looked at him, my eyes a little hard, all that unfailing care before, how could it be that there was nothing now?


He pulled me into his arms and gently patted my back, his voice a little helpless, “Don’t think about it, you’re my wife, for the rest of your life.”


Carrying me back to the bedroom, he kissed my forehead, “There’s still work to do at the office, I’ll be back early tonight!”


I tugged at the corner of his shirt and pursed my lips, “Are you going to see her?”


He laughed, “In your opinion, is your husband that free? Has so much time on his hands?”


I withdrew my hand, not looking at him anymore, and said out loud, “Go away!”


Even if she had gone to see it, I wouldn’t have known if he had meant to keep me out of it.


With a shallow sigh he went away.


I was a little sleepy after a long day of tossing and turning, and it didn’t take me long to fall asleep.


Because my emotions would affect the baby, I stayed in the villa for the next few days, not going out, basically reading and walking.


Almost every day, Fu Shenyan would walk with me for an hour, and sometimes when he got tired of walking, he had to carry me back.


Sometimes I couldn’t control my emotions and would yell at him from time to time, but he let me be.


After a few more times, I felt bored and stopped yelling.


At the weekend, we were supposed to go out for a walk.


But the next day, I didn’t want to get up, so Fu Shenyan had no choice but to stay at home with me.


Sister-in-law Zhang had prepared a lot of things and said she was going back home.


When the door downstairs rang for half a day, Fu Shen Yan got up to open it and pulled me up, saying, “Get up and eat something, and go for a walk later.”


It was already noon and I was indeed a bit hungry.


He went downstairs to open the door, and I went into the bathroom to wash up.


When I came out of the bedroom, I heard crying and yelling downstairs and I couldn’t help but look up.


She was wearing a long white dress and her hair was pulled back into a pill, and she had a very girlish look.


I don’t know what Fu Shenyan had said to her, she was crying a little run down and her face was already blotchy with makeup.