Never Say Never Chapter 259-260

Chapter 259

After three days of observation in the hospital, I called Fu Shenyan to ask him to come and pick me up, but the phone didn’t answer after a long time.


When I called again, the phone was already switched off.


I had no choice but to ask Aunt Quan to do the discharge formalities and take a taxi back.


“Mrs. Fu, although the hospital agreed to discharge us, it still explained that we should pay attention, the fetus must not be affected at all now, you must go home and take good care of yourself!”


Aunt Quan spoke as she packed up her things and continued, “This belly is getting bigger and bigger every day, and the due date is approaching, so if you didn’t like being in the hospital, I’d feel more secure in the hospital!”


I listened quietly to her chatter, thinking about why Fu Shen Yan hadn’t answered his phone, and worrying that it wasn’t that easy for Fu to gain a firm foothold in the capital.


He’s been leaving early and returning late lately, so I don’t know how he’s doing, and I can’t do anything to help him now!


Aunt Quan packed up her things and had her bodyguard carry everything to the car, holding me up and saying, “You have to take your medicine when you get back in the next few days, you can’t forget.”


I nodded, and while waiting for the lift, her phone rang, and she answered it, so I got a little bit of silence.


The lift door opened and it was packed with people, Auntie Kwon was on the phone and when she saw me going in, she pulled me back and said, “Madam we’ll wait for the next trip, it’s too crowded and unsafe!”


I looked around and saw that it was really crowded, so I just continued to wait for the next one.


Aunt Quan held me up and said, “Mr. Fu said that you should not rush to leave the hospital for a few days, and that it would be safe to stay there for observation.”


I shook my head, “Was he the one who called you just now?”


She nodded, “He called your phone, there has been no answer, he must have left it at home when he came to the hospital!”


I didn’t say much as the lift doors opened.


People were coming and going at the entrance of the hospital lobby, Aunt Quan was afraid that I would be bumped into, so she held me up and whispered, “This hospital in the capital is different from the one in Jiangcheng, there are many people, so if you are not careful, you will easily bump into them!”


I nodded and raised my eyes to look at the busy nurses at the consultation desk and couldn’t help but nod, indeed, this was the best private hospital in the capital that was so crowded, not to mention the public hospitals.


“Huh, isn’t that Miss Mo? Why is she here at the hospital?” Aunt Quan spoke up, looking in the direction of the laboratory department.


I glanced sideways and saw that Lu Xinran was having her blood drawn and tested. What was wrong with her?


“Madam, I’ll go and say hello to Miss Mo.” Aunt Quan spoke up, helped me sit in the rest area and then walked in the direction of Lu Xinran.


I didn’t realize at first that the Miss Mo she was talking about was Lu Xinran, but as an afterthought, I remembered that after Lu Xinran returned to the Mo family, didn’t she change her surname to Mo?


But, why would Aunt Quan know her? And she didn’t look like a stranger?


As I watched the two of them talk with a smile, Lu Xinran finished drawing blood and pressed a cotton swab against the area where the blood had been drawn, her eyes looking in my direction.


After watching Aunt Quan say something, they walked in my direction.


“Shen Shu, long time no see!” Lu Xinran spoke, smiling a little smugly.


I didn’t know where she got this superiority complex from and nodded slightly in response, looking to Aunt Quan and saying, “It’s getting late, we should go!”


As if not hearing the impatience in my words, Aunt Quan laughed, “Miss Mo so you know Madam too, what a coincidence!”


Chapter 260

“Lu Xinran, please collect your ultrasound slip from window four.” The announcement from the ultrasound department rang out.


Lu Xinran looked at Auntie Quan with a smile and said, “Auntie Quan, please pick up my ultrasound sheet, Shen Shu and I haven’t seen each other for a long time and want to talk!”


Aunt Quan looked at me and said with a smile, “Yes, yes!” With that, she went to fetch the ultrasound sheets.


I had nothing to talk about with Lu Xinran, so I gave her a faint glance and went to sit on the side.


Lu Xinran didn’t seem to care about my indifference, she took a look at me and naturally went to my side, her eyes fell on my belly, her smile was a bit thick, “I think this belly is about to give birth, it looks like my birthday party, Shen Yan brother will not take you!”


Birthday party?


“Just say what you want!” I spoke, my voice colder.


There wasn’t much to say to her, she was going around and around with me, mostly for Fu Shen Yan.


When she saw me like this, she raised her eyebrows, but she wasn’t angry, she just laughed and said, “What’s your hurry? We’ve known each other for a long time, so what’s wrong with you rejecting me like this? Maybe when we meet in the future, your children and my children will have to call each other brother and sister!”


“Lu Xinran, what do you mean?” What do you mean by brother and sister?


She gave a low laugh and didn’t say anything.


On the contrary, Aunt Quan ran over with the ultrasound sheet, full of joy, and handed it to her, “I heard a few days ago that Miss Mo was getting engaged, and it hasn’t been long since then, congratulations!”




Lu Xinran smiled with joy as she finished the ultrasound slip, and after saying thank you to Aunt Quan, she looked at me and said, “Then we’ll talk some other time, I still have to go back and talk to my fiancĂ© about this happy event?”


Looking at her happy back, I looked at Aunt Quan, “She’s pregnant?”


Aunt Quan nodded and smiled, “2 weeks, it’s only a matter of days, it looks like Miss Mo has found a good match too.”


I nodded my head, but in my mind I was thinking about Lu Xinran’s remark that in the future the child should be called brother and sister.


When I got into the car, I looked out of the window for a long time before I looked at Aunt Quan and said, “Aunt Quan, have you and Miss Lu known each other for a long time?”


Aunt Quan was stunned and said, “Do you mean Miss Mo? It hasn’t been long, I used to take care of Master Mo at the Mo family, then after Master Mo left, I stayed at the Mo family, there were many nannies at the Mo family, then when I heard that Mr. Fu came to the capital and needed a nanny, Miss Mo recommended me to come and take care of you.”


“Lu Xinran recommended you?”


She nodded and smiled, “I originally thought it was just Mr. Fu and Miss Mo who knew each other, I didn’t expect you both knew each other?”


After a pause, she said, “By the way, it’s about to be Miss Mo’s birthday, this will be her first birthday banquet for the Mo family, I heard that Mo Dong is going to hold it together with the acknowledgement of marriage banquet, it should be very grand, you and Mr. should both go, Madam!”


I smiled lightly and shook my head, “I don’t think I’ll be going, my belly is too big for running around!”


She also nodded, “That’s right, the old generation says that happiness will be bad luck when it meets happiness, you’re also so pregnant, you really shouldn’t go, but you and Miss Mo seem to have one day’s birthday, so Mr. Fu shouldn’t be there then either.”


If she hadn’t said it, I had forgotten that I had the same birthday as Lu Xinran.


Smiling, I said, “It’s still early, we’ll see when the time comes.”


After a pause, I couldn’t help but test the waters, “You just said that Lu Xinran is getting engaged, do you know who?”


She shook her head, “I’m not sure, we can’t get too involved in these big family matters, we just hear about it occasionally in conversation, we’re not too sure.”