Never Say Never Chapter 261-262

Chapter 261

I nodded my head and asked no more questions.


When I returned to the villa, Fu Shen Yan was not there, and there were several missed calls on my phone, all from Chen Xing, who had been in the capital for some days.


I suddenly remembered that he had said before that he was coming to the capital too.


I called the number back, and it was answered after a few rings.


“Shen Shu, if I don’t big phone you are not and directly to us all as dead?” The phone picked up and the other end began to rave.


I couldn’t help but stare, “You guys?”


He paused for a moment, “Woody and Jon!”


“It’s Jon, right!” I laughed, “Chen Xing, I’m a little overwhelmed by the ambiguity of your words!”


“BullSh*t!” He exploded and spoke, “Send me an address later, I’m in the capital too, I’m coming over to see you!”


I nodded, and after a brief chat sent him the address.


I took a look at the other missed calls on my phone, some of which were from Shen Yu, but I didn’t call them back, so I turned off my phone and sat in the living room.


When Fu Shen Yan came back, it was already afternoon. When he saw me sitting in the living room, he frowned and put a blanket over my legs.


He pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead, “Why don’t you stay in the hospital for a few more days for observation?”


I looked up at him and saw that somehow his scruff had darkened somewhat, the dark circles under his eyes were extremely heavy and he looked a little extraordinarily tired.


“Don’t want to stay in the hospital, have you been busy lately?” How could he be so haggard after not seeing him for a few days?


He closed his eyes and rested his chin on my shoulder, mumbled a little, and then he was silent, looking like he was asleep.


I had a lot to say to him, but when I saw him like this, I pushed it all back.


I was just quietly staring at the coffee table in front of me.


The elegant sound of the piano suddenly rang out, it was Fu Shen Yan’s mobile phone, I moved my shoulder, saw that he did not respond, could not help but say, “Fu Shen Yan, your phone is ringing!”


He said, “Answer it for me!”


He then changed his position and went back to sleep, looking extraordinarily tired.


I took the phone out of his trouser pocket and saw that the caller ID was Lu Xinran, so I froze slightly and didn’t rush to answer it.


A moment later, he opened his eyes, took the still ringing phone from my hands, looked at me and said, “I’m going to take a call!”


Then …… went out!


It is strange to say that I was not that angry when I looked at his back as he left, I just watched faintly for a long time before withdrawing my gaze.


Aunt Quan was stewing soup, and when she saw that I was always dazed, she couldn’t help but remind me kindly, “Madam, you are about to give birth, don’t sit down all the time, exercise properly so that you won’t suffer when you give birth, otherwise you won’t be able to give birth at all, and you will suffer.”


I nodded my head and got up to go for a walk in the courtyard, but the thought of what would happen one day gave me goose bumps.


So I gave up and went upstairs to my bedroom.


I stayed in my bedroom, a little irritated, but I didn’t dare to go for a walk in the courtyard.


I simply put on a pair of flat shoes and went downstairs.


When Aunt Quan saw me going out, she said quickly, “Madam, are you going out?”


“You can’t go out here, last time Mr. explained that he couldn’t let you go out alone, you wait for a while, I’ll accompany you!” Seeing her hands and feet gathering things in the kitchen.


Chapter 262

I spoke up, “No, I’m not going far, I’ll just walk around.”


“Shall I accompany you?” Dr Li came in to check me out and, seeing this, spoke up.


Aunt Quan froze and said uncertainly, “Is that okay?”


This was obviously asked of me and I nodded, “All right!”


It’s always good to have someone to follow!


Out of the villa with Dr Li, no driving, just a walk around the neighbourhood.


She took me for a walk around the villa and looked at me, “You, like me, can’t seem to adapt to the fast pace of this big city!”


I nodded, “Jiangcheng is also considered a rapidly developing city, but not as impetuous as the capital.”


It was also idle chit chat, she smiled, “I just got here a few days ago, I go out for a walk every now and then, I did find a nice place with a nice ambience, you can have a cup of tea and listen to the gossip between the gentry and the powerful in the capital, would you be interested in going to see it?”


“Sure!” I’ve been exactly bored out of my mind lately too.


I thought it would be far away, but I didn’t expect it to be right next to the villa area, a single Chinese villa afternoon tea restaurant with a really quiet setting, all in a Chinese style, with flower arrangements and tea, very nice indeed.


“How’s that? Looking good?” She asked, looking at me just as we reached the front desk and opening her mouth.


I nodded, in a much better mood, and saw her chatting with the waitress as I took a general look around.


“The first floor has a good view, let’s go up to the first floor and see what’s sitting there!” She took her number plate, ordered a few desserts and dragged me up to the first floor.


Walking through the revolving solid wood staircase and up the stairs, she looked at the number plate to find a seat and I looked around and thought it was really nice.


“Let’s go to the ground floor, there doesn’t seem to be any seats left.” She spoke, pulling me to leave.


I froze, there was obviously still room, why?


My eyes fell on the handsome man and woman sitting opposite each other by the window, I froze for a moment, Fu Shen Yan hadn’t gone back for a long time and was here having afternoon tea with Lu Xinran.


“Mrs. Fu, shall we not go down to the ground floor?” Dr. Li spoke somewhat awkwardly.


I shook my head, “No, isn’t the first floor a good view sightline? Let’s just be up there!” With that, I walked towards the empty seat by the window.


Dr. Li followed me and sat in front of me, saying, “Do you have anything else you want to eat?”


“No!” From my seat, I could clearly see where Fu Shen Yan and Lu Xin Ran were.


The location was not very hidden, as long as Fu Shen Yan raised his head a little he could see me, not knowing what he and Lu Xinran were talking about.


I didn’t know what he and Lu Xinran were talking about. I saw that Lu Xinran’s face was blue and looked very bad.


Perhaps it was because he was thirsty from talking about things, Fu Shen Yan lifted the cup in his hand to drink water and raised his eyes to meet mine.


He frowned and put down the gla*s of water in his hand, looking in my direction, seemingly a little surprised.


I returned his smile lightly as a greeting, and when the waiter brought the dessert, I stopped looking over and looked down to taste it.


“No wonder you recommended it, their desserts are indeed quite delicious!” I tasted a few bites and smiled as I spoke towards Dr. Ree.


She smiled, her eyes unconsciously looking behind her, obviously a little fidgety.


It was understandable, after all, Fu Shen Yan and I were a couple, and at this time he was enjoying afternoon tea with another woman, and besides, the relationship between Fu Shen Yan and Lu Xinran had been a big deal in Jiangcheng.