Never Say Never Chapter 263-264

Chapter 263

“Mrs. Fu, why don’t we go over and say hello to Mr. Fu, he’s talking to Miss Lu about something, he should be done in a while too, we can go back together later!” She spoke, her eyes looking at me apprehensively.


That was quite a euphemism, Fu Shen Yan and Lu Xinran talking about business?


Race a few mouthfuls of dessert into my mouth, I raised my eyebrows and said, “No need to go over, Mr. Fu has come over by himself.”


As I spoke, Fu’s voice eyes stood at the table, frowning at me and saying, “You just got out of the hospital, why are you running around?”


I pinned my chin and looked in Lu Xinran’s direction, she didn’t look too good at the moment, I didn’t know what topic the two of them had talked about that would make her so angry.


Of course, it was also possible that she simply didn’t want to see Fu Shenyan discover my presence.


“Aren’t you afraid she’ll be angry if you come over like this?” I raised my eyes and dropped my gaze on Fu Shen Yan, narrowing my eyes at him.


He frowned, slightly displeased, “Shen Shu!”


Straightening up, I became a little annoyed, “You don’t have to shout so loudly, I can hear you.” Looking at the dessert on the table, I had long since lost my appetite.


It was a bit of a shame.


Looking at Dr Li I apologised, “I’m going to have to let you down, I can’t eat any more, why don’t I pack it up and go back for more?”


Dr. Li could not say much, looked at the gloomy sound of Fu, and then looked at me, nodded, “All right!”


I asked the waiter to pack it.


Fu Shen Yan standing beside me was really annoying me a bit, so I simply got up and said to Dr. Li, “I’ll wait for you downstairs!”


The scene was a bit awkward and she couldn’t say much, she just nodded her head.


When I went downstairs, the weather was a bit hot, so I went straight out of the shop and cooled off at the big banyan tree in front of the entrance, and when Fu Shen Yan followed me out, he was followed by Lu Xinran.


Looking at Lu Xinran’s expression she was about to cry.


“Why did you refuse my mother’s offer, she was right in what she originally said, for the sake of a child, are you going to hitch yourself for life?” Lu Xinran was about to cry at these words.


Fu Shen Yan ignored him and just walked towards me, standing in front of me, looking at me and saying, “Let’s go, get in the car!”


“If you’re busy, you go first, I’ll wait for Dr. Li!” Saying that, I glanced at Lu Xinran who was following behind him and said with a light smile, “I don’t think you’re done talking about your business, carry on!”


“Shen Shu!” He was a little annoyed, “Let’s go back and talk if there’s anything we need to say.”


I nodded seriously and looked at him, “Yeah, we can go home and lie in bed and talk properly about what we have, there’s plenty of time, that’s why I’m letting you and Miss Lu talk properly here if you have anything to say.”


“Shen Shu, you ……” Lu Xinran’s face suddenly turned red and she looked at me, “You’re shameless!”


I was very depressed, “Miss Lu, how am I being shameless? I’m a married man and I’m a married woman, so if we have anything to say, we should go back to our own home and talk about it, why? What are you pretending to be so innocent for? You’re almost a mother, you’ve been in and out of the house with other people many times, is that so?”


Lu Xinran blushed and glared at me in shame and anger, “Shen Shu, you ……”


“All right!” Fu Shen Yan wrinkled his eyebrows and looked at Lu Xinran, “I’ll have Chen Yi send you back.”


After saying that, he pulled me away.


“Fu Shen Yan, let go, can’t you see that Lu Xinran is crying? Don’t you have any pity for the jade?” Looking at Lu Xinran, whose eyes were swollen, I followed Fu Shenyan and spoke up as I walked.


Chapter 264

He stopped so suddenly and coldly that I didn’t have time to stand still and crashed right into his arms, my nose hurting so much that I huffed a cold breath.


I raised my eyes and glared at him, “Can’t you say something before you stop?”


He sneered, “Didn’t you say that? I don’t know how to be merciful?”




“Yeah, well, that’s all you’re good for, sowing seeds, nothing else.” I was angry inside and my mouth was unforgiving, “It’s my fault for accidentally running into and disturbing your good work today, but you’re ashamed enough to retaliate in such a cla*sless way.”


“Retaliation?” He was so angry that he couldn’t laugh, “Shen Shu, can you be reasonable? Do you have to chat in such a snarky way?”


“Or what?”


He shut up and dragged me straight in the direction of the villa.


Following him, I was walking extremely slowly when he stopped and looked at me, “Need me to carry you?”


I raised an eyebrow, “Yeah!”


He dropped his gaze to my bulging stomach and picked me up across the room.


After walking a few steps, he spoke, “Fat!”


I ?????


Is fat a F**king adjective to use?


Glaring at him, I closed my eyes and saw nothing.


It wasn’t really that I was angry, seeing him with Lu Xinran made me feel a bit uncomfortable as I was a woman.


I could have turned a blind eye, but the emotions of a pregnant woman are the hardest to control, and I would have become a shrew if I wasn’t careful.


“Heh!” An inexplicable sneer came from Fu Shen Yan, and I opened my eyes.


My eyes reached the villa and a black Bentley was parked outside the gate, I had long since become familiar with the car after seeing it several times.


However, it hadn’t been long since Shen Yu was last hospitalised, so why was she here again?


Shen Yu is a good-looking man with a slender body, money and good looks, meeting almost all the girls’ criteria for choosing a spouse.


See him holding a large bouquet of roses and carrying a gift box in his hand.


It’s a good thing there are few people here, if this were in front of a company or a shopping mall, it would definitely draw a wave of attention from girls.


I patted Fu Shen Yan’s arm, signaling him to put me down.


Fu ShenYan sneered, “Doing nothing, waiting for death, if the Shen family is really left to him, sooner or later it will be over.”


I was a bit speechless, when did this man become so talkative? “Aren’t your hands sore? Put me down!”


“Come down and do what?” He gave me a look and his gaze looked coldly in the direction of Shen Yu, “Planning to come down and tell him your feelings for each other?”


I ……


felt for the first time that the air would be so sour.


“I’m not going to say or do anything and wait to see tomorrow’s headlines?” Looking at his gloomy face, I continued, “The capital is not like the river city, you don’t want to see headlines tomorrow about you two big shots, fighting over me, a pregnant woman, do you?”


He laughed coldly and set me down, looking coldly at Shen Yu, who was holding a rose, and said indifferently, “You like this different kind of courtship?”


“No!” After a pause, I continued, “But many girls like it.”


Seeing him pursing his lips and wrapping his arms around himself, not interrupting to go in, I spoke, “You’re not going to hold back?”


“Back from what?” He said this, and I had no rebuttal.


So I let him be.


I walked towards Shen Yu, who had been watching me and Fu Shen Yan for a while, waiting in place with flowers in his arms, and only when I approached him did he hand me the flowers in his hand, “Happy birthday in advance.”


“It’s too early!” Counting the time, it was still a little over half a month away, “Also, I never have birthdays.”


I don’t wrinkle my nose at the flowers he hands over, they’re too big for me to hold!