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Never Say Never Chapter 289-290

Chapter 289

At the side


But Fu Shen Yan ignored it and just looked at Cheng Jun Yu and Qiao Zhuan Yan and said, “It’s getting late, we’re leaving first!”


Cheng Junyu put down the blanket and got up, “I’m leaving too.”


“Sh*t!” Qiao Zhongyan stood up and said grumpily, “How long have you guys been sitting here and you’re in a hurry to leave?”


Fu Shen Yan gave them a faint look and said, “Shen Shu is not fit to stay up late, you guys take your time and talk!”


I was really pregnant, so Qiao Zhongyan couldn’t say much, and looked at Cheng Junyu and said, “What are you doing in a hurry?”


“To sleep!” Cheng Junyu spoke, his voice faint.


Qiao Zhongyan was close to cursing, and only after a pause did he say, “Go, go, if you want to go, let’s all go, let’s get together another day!”


At this moment, Lu Ke, who had gone to buy dumplings, also returned, and when she saw that everyone was leaving, she handed the dumplings she was carrying to Lu Xinran and said, “Miss Lu, the dumplings you want.”


Lu Xinran didn’t even look at it, her gaze faintly saying, “I’ve been gone for so long, I’m already hungry and I can’t eat anymore!”


With that, she casually took the dumpling from her hand and threw it into the bin, her movements very skillful.


Fu Shen Yan gave me a faint look and dragged me away, Cheng Jun Yu frowned but didn’t say anything more, just looked at Qiao Zhuan Yan and said, “See you some other time!”


As for Lu Ke, she blushed badly, but still kept up her image of understanding and gentleness and didn’t say anything.


Fu Shen Yan dragged me to the entrance of Bailemen and told me to wait while he went to the car, the sky was dark and there was an occasional cool breeze.


It looked like it was going to rain.


“When’s the due date?” Someone behind me suddenly spoke up and I froze, turning around to see it was Cheng Junyu.


I couldn’t help but say, “Soon, half a month.”


He nodded, and seeing that he wasn’t followed by Lu Ke, I couldn’t help but say, “Is Lu Ke your a*sistant now or?”


“Secretary!” He spat out two words and spoke, “Have you been able to contact her lately?”


I froze, not reacting to who he was referring to as her, and wondered, “Who?”




I froze and shook my head, “No, I’ve had a lot going on lately and haven’t talked to her on the phone much, why?”


He shook his head and said no more.


I hesitated, not sure how to tell him, and after a pause said, “After all this time of being busy, do you want to go look for her?”


I didn’t know much about the two of them, but the two of them must have had each other in their hearts when they were thinking about each other.


The fact that Muzi was not willing to tell him about the baby was because she was worried that he didn’t have her in his heart, and he finally compromised because of the baby.


The fact is that Cheng Junyu is not even aware of his own feelings for her.


I said goodbye, “We’ll talk some other time, I’ll go first!”


Just two steps away, Cheng Junyu’s voice rang out, “Make sure you have someone you trust by your side when you’re having a baby.”


I froze and couldn’t help but feel amused, “Got it.” I didn’t have a mother-in-law, so when I had a difficult birth, I had to face the question of whether to keep the big one or the small one?


As I got into the car, I moved around a little awkwardly and leaned back a little tiredly, “When will I be done with the company?”


Doing the maths, Muzi was due to give birth in two months, and it was the lack of someone around her that was worrying, besides the limited medical care in the town.


He started the car and gave me a look that said, “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing! Just thought we’d meet up and go around the countryside when you guys are done, I haven’t seen Muzi for a while and wanted to go see her.”


Chapter 290

He hmmed, his palm caressing my stomach, and sighed slightly, “It’s been hard on you these days.”


I didn’t say anything, but I was feeling a bit panicky, counting the time, Lu Xinran’s birthday was in two days.


Thinking of this, I looked at him and said, “It’s Lu Xinran’s birthday in two days, are you going?”


According to Lu Xinran’s character, she would definitely invite a few of them.


He shook his head, “You’re having a baby in two days, it’s not suitable for me to go out.”


I couldn’t help but laugh, “Haven’t you gone to determine when you’re going to give birth yet? What are you afraid of, besides there’s a doctor and a nanny at home, what are you afraid of?”


He raised an eyebrow at me, “They’re not even your husband!”


I lost my smile and didn’t say anything else.


It’s not that I didn’t listen to Lin Wan’s words. It may seem like a calm period, but I always felt there was a deep and hidden danger behind it.


If Lin Wan is determined to get Fu Shenyan and Lu Xinran engaged, then her methods will not be so simple.


Although Lu Xinran is arrogant and domineering, at least she has some consideration, but Lin Wan is different, she has come from nothing to where she is now, she is far from being as simple as she seems.


Seeing that I was in a bad state, Fu Shen Yan thought I was tired and drove the car downstairs to the villa and carried me directly back to the bedroom.


I didn’t want to talk, so I simply leaned into his arms and pretended to fall asleep, listening to the bedroom quieten down before I opened my eyes.


Finding my phone I dialed Jon’s number and the phone was answered after a few rings.


“Baby it’s five in the morning M time!” On the other end of the line, his voice was a little hoarse and he didn’t sound in great shape.


I froze and couldn’t help but speak up, “Why are you still in m country, haven’t you already gone back home?”


The last time Chen Xing called me, I thought he had come back.


“No, the flight is tomorrow afternoon!” He spoke, a little tired, “Why did you suddenly want to call me? Is the baby out yet?”


“Not yet!” I spoke, after a pause, “The due date is just a few days away, I’m a bit panicky, if you don’t go back home early, I’m always uneasy when Muzi is away.”


“Mmm!” He responded, “I know, that’s why I’ve been rushing to get things done over here in the last few days, thinking of going back right away, but I’m stuck with a client and it’s a bit of a problem.”


He usually had a lot going on, I knew that, and nodded slightly, “Well well, the due date is still half a month away, so I should be able to wait until you get back, by the way, I can’t get Muzi on the phone, do you know what’s going on?”


“She’s in the mountains, it’s normal to have no signal occasionally, don’t worry about it, take care of yourself first, contact me first if anything happens, Chen Xing is in the capital, you can find him!”


I nodded my head and felt a little more at ease saying, “Muzi’s side, keep an eye on it, I’m at least in the capital, her side is too remote and I won’t be able to find anyone for a while if anything happens.”


“I know!” He sighed, “You two women are also odd, one ran off to the mountains to give birth, and the other husband is unsettled even with her company.”


I didn’t say anything, hearing footsteps on outside, I said into the phone, “I’ll call you some other time, you get some rest!”


Then I hung up the phone.


Two days later.


Fu Shen Yan had been busy, but every day he would come back and eat with me, one meal at a time!