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Never Say Never Chapter 291-292

Chapter 291

I was getting used to sitting in the courtyard at meal times and waiting for him. The evening breeze was cool and the capital had entered autumn.


Many of the plants and flowers in the courtyard were beginning to leaf out, and some of the vegetation looked a little decayed.


Fu Shen Yan said that he would add some life to the courtyard when he had been busy for a while.


“Madam, you have a call in!” Aunt Quan spoke up as she walked up to me with her mobile phone.


I looked back and ended up on the phone, it was Shen Yu calling.


“Happy birthday, Little Shu!” Shen Yu’s voice was light, with a vague smile.


Only after hearing him say it did I glance at the phone screen as an afterthought and realize that it was my birthday.


I couldn’t help but froze and said, “Thank you!” After marrying Fu Shenyan, I had long forgotten my birthday, and if I didn’t occasionally see the time on my ID card, I would barely know how old I was.


“Do you have some plans for the evening?” He spoke.


I tilted my head and watched the sun slowly set as night slowly descended, “At home!” The baby’s due date was approaching and I had it in mind that I basically didn’t go out much.


He said with an oh, “So why don’t you go and come over and spend your birthday with you?”


I knew he meant well, but Fu Shenyan had never liked seeing him, so I said, “No need.”


At that moment the doorbell rang and I thought it was Fu Shen Yan, so I frowned, he had been fingerprinted, why was he ringing the doorbell?


I thought it was Fu Shen Yan, so I frowned.


I froze and got up to open the door.


The door opened and a large pink cake was placed on the doorstep, surrounded by many pink love balloons, which were lit with fluorescent lights and looked especially beautiful in the night.


“Do you like it?” Shen Yu’s voice came over the phone.


I froze, suppressing the joy in my heart and said, “You made it?”


He hmmed, his voice shallow, “Look up to the sky!”


I looked up and for just a moment, the sky was filled with fireworks dotting the dark night in unspeakable beauty.


I couldn’t help but have the corners of my mouth rise, my nose a little sour, “You …… Shen Yu, thank you!”


The feeling of someone thinking about you is really quite good.


“No need to thank!” His voice was faint, “I’ll give you a birthday every year from now on.”


I looked at the sky full of fireworks and was a little lost in thought. It seemed that today was also Lu Xinran’s birthday.


After a long time, the fireworks dissipated and the pink cake was pushed into the villa. Sister-in-law Zhang and Aunt Quan looked around for half a day and asked me whose birthday it was.


I smiled lightly, “It’s mine!!!”


Sister-in-law Zhang was stunned and said, “Little Shu, it’s your birthday, so I’ll hurry up and call Mr. and ask him to prepare it and give you a big surprise.”


I smiled lightly and shook my head slightly, “No, I’ve never had a birthday all these years, he’ll be back later and we’ll all just have a bowl of rice together.”


Sister-in-law Zhang held the phone, probably because no one answered, she frowned and said, “Why is Mr.’s phone off at this time? It couldn’t be that the phone is out of battery!!!”


I looked at the cake that Shen Yu had delivered and couldn’t help but be lost in thought, Muzi hadn’t called these days either, so I wondered how it was going.


If it was before, she would have called to wish me a happy birthday, or prepared a small cake for me.


When I thought of this, I took out my mobile phone to call Muzi, but the phone went unanswered for a long time.


After calling several times in a row and no one answering, I got a little anxious and called Jon.


Chapter 292

Jon picked up the phone, his breath unsteady, “Shu, come to Nan Yuan, something seems to have happened to Muzi!”


I froze, “Isn’t Muzi in the countryside? Why would she suddenly come to the capital?”


“I’m not sure yet, I was also informed by Chen Xing, half an hour ago, he found an unconscious Muzi outside his yard, now he called a doctor, still don’t know what’s going on, I’m still at the M airport, I may not be able to get there until tomorrow morning, you go over there first and see what’s going on, be safe on land!”


The phone hung up, I didn’t think much about it, I put on a jacket while holding the phone and dialing Chen Xing’s number.


Sister Zhang didn’t know what was going on and when she saw how anxious I was, she followed me and said, “What’s wrong with Xiao Shu? What’s wrong? Don’t panic, don’t worry, let’s call Mr. Chen.”


I didn’t have time to listen to Sister Zhang’s chatter, so I hurried out of the villa and said, “Sister Zhang, talk to Shen Yan, I’m going to the South Court villa.”


Knowing that there were bodyguards at home, I called out to help me drive and take me to South Court.


Chen Xing’s phone, I called several times before it was picked up, listening to the voice, there should be some noise on his end.


“Shen Shu!”


I spoke hurriedly, “Is Muzi at your place? How is she? Is everything okay? Is the baby okay?”


The more anxious I got, the more I couldn’t calm down, my hands and feet went cold and I couldn’t stop shaking.


“She’s fine, everything’s fine, just had a check up, she’s just taking some sleeping pills, she’ll be asleep for a while, she’ll wake up naturally when the pills wear off, the baby is fine, it’s healthy!” He answered all the series of questions.


Soothing me, he said, “Don’t panic, don’t rush over, all you have to do now is stay at home and wait for the baby to be born!”


I was too panicked, and only after hearing him say this did I think, as an afterthought, why someone had given Muzi sleeping pills, and why she had suddenly appeared in the capital when she was obviously in the countryside.


All these questions presented themselves in my head for a moment, and Lin Wan’s words began to appear in my mind.


When I thought of this, I couldn’t help but call Fu Shen Yan, but no one picked up the phone after a long time.


When I called again, the phone was already turned off.


Something was wrong!


These three words popped into my head, and it occurred to me coldly that Lin Wan’s purpose might be me and the child.


Thinking of this, I hurriedly spoke, “Go back, pull back!”


But before the bodyguard could turn around, the car was violently hit by a huge force.


Out of instinct, the bodyguard brought the car to a halt, but he was after all a trained man, and in less than two seconds he realised something was wrong and started the car again.


But before the car could start, a black SUV crashed into the front of the car with two huge impacts, combined with tension.


I began to feel a sinking pain in the small of my back, and for a moment a cold sweat broke out that I might be in labour.


Drawing a cold breath, I spoke, “No opening the door, call the police!”


The pain in my belly was getting stronger and I was panicking, if the police didn’t arrive in time, something would happen to me and the baby.


Struggling to find my phone, I dialed Shen Yu’s number, and the phone was answered after about two rings.




“Shen Yu, help me, Nanjiang Road ……” I hadn’t finished my sentence when a loud voice rang out.


“Pop!” The car window gla*s was smashed, then several men in black pulled the cars apart rudely, the bodyguard tried to shield me, but was injected with drugs from the neck by the men in black who came, and it didn’t take long to pa*s out.