Never Say Never Chapter 293-294

Chapter 293

A couple of men in black pulled me out of the car, ignoring the fact that I was pregnant, and rudely shoved me into another car, then tied my hands and feet, gagged me and started the car.


I didn’t have a chance to make a sound, I watched from afar as they poured petrol on the three or two cars, which were blown up together.


Fear, disbelief, fear, all these emotions filled me at this moment.


I was sweating from the pain in the small of my back, my legs were trapped by them and I could feel it cracking open a little, the baby seemed to be coming out.


The hem of my dress was soaked through, it was the water breaking ……


I desperately tried to struggle away from my bound legs, to spread them and give birth to the baby, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the ropes off.


I could clearly feel the amniotic fluid running out a little and the baby’s breathing began to catch.


I knew that before the water ran out, if the baby didn’t make it out, he would die of oxygen deprivation.


Dying of lack of oxygen, suffocated alive ….


When I thought of this, the pain in my heart began to spread. I couldn’t do this, I had to have the baby.


A few struggles, I moved the rope down a few points, my knees could be slightly apart, I tried to do my best to cross my legs.


The car that had been moving stopped violently, the door was opened and two men in black lifted me out of the car.


My mouth was gagged and I couldn’t speak, only to see them pull me into a warehouse, which had been tidied up in advance and didn’t look so messy.


“Chief, it looks like she’s in labour? Shall we do it now?” One of the men in black spoke up.


“Wait a minute!” The other man in black spoke up, “The boss has ordered that as long as it’s after eight o’clock, we don’t have to care about her, and looking at her now, she won’t be able to struggle for long.”


As the two men finished speaking, one of the men in black’s mobile phone rang, the man in black glanced at the caller ID and looked at the other man in black and said, “Head, it’s a call from the top!”


The man who was called the head said, “Answer it!”


The man then picked up the phone, not knowing what was said on the other end of the line, the man in black hesitated for a moment and said, “Would Lin …… be too cruel?”


Seeming to hear an affirmative answer on the other end, the man hung up the phone and looked to the other man in black and said, “The higher ups have ordered that her legs be trapped, as long as the baby can’t be born and the amniotic fluid runs out, the baby will suffocate and die.”


Hearing this, the man in black froze and said, “Wouldn’t that be too cruel? It looks like the child is already full term.”


“What the higher-ups say is that we can add double the price, we just need to tie up her legs and leave her here, whether she dies or lives depends on her fate!”


The two men conferred, so they decided to bind my legs, and I kept shaking my head for help.


The pain in my belly was like tens of thousands of needles sticking down, and with my mouth gagged they could only make whimpering noises.


Once everything was done, the two men in black drove off.


I was left alone in the darkness of the warehouse, the pain in my belly pulsing, and I could clearly feel the baby trying to burst out from under me.


I tried several times to free my legs, but the two men were so strong and they were so tightly tied that I couldn’t break free.


Chapter 294

The pain was becoming more and more pronounced and I could clearly feel the baby’s struggling movements.


After a few tosses and turns, I was a little run down, the amniotic fluid was getting smaller and smaller, and the force that had been pushing out was getting smaller and smaller.


I knew that the baby was lacking oxygen and was not breathing enough, so he couldn’t put any more effort into it.


No, this couldn’t happen, I hadn’t seen what he looked like, I hadn’t brought him into the world to see him yet, I couldn’t just let him go like this.


The pain in my heart and the ache in the small of my back tormented me and I glimpsed a bright light in the dark warehouse… lenses!


The thought sparked a glimmer of hope and I moved, as hard as half the body of a snake whose body had been cut off.


It was only two steps away, but it seemed like a lifetime before I could reach the lens, and I hit it with my head.


“Pop!” The lens shattered into several pieces, and pain came along with it from my forehead.


Not bothering to think about it, I moved my bound hands around to reach the lens and started to slice the rope away from my legs bit by bit.


But the rope was so thick that I didn’t know how long I had to cut it, and there was a sharp pain in my palm.


But all of this was no match for the pain I felt myself as the baby in my belly died little by little.


The pain was really worse than death.


“Boom!” Suddenly there was a loud thunderclap and the air was filled with humidity.


The pain in my abdomen continued, but the baby’s originally favourable movements gradually died down.


My whole body went limp and the floor was covered in thick fluid, I didn’t know if it was amniotic fluid or blood, I couldn’t tell the difference anymore.


Outside the warehouse it poured with rain, thunder louder than thunder, lightning brighter than light.


I seemed to see in the faint lightning the child who was desperately trying to stay alive, struggling again and again to get out.


He must not have understood why his mother wouldn’t let him out after all that effort. He must have blamed me for not letting him out, when he had tried so hard.


I was wrong, I was really wrong, I shouldn’t have stayed with Fu Shen Yan’s warmth, I shouldn’t have believed that he could protect me and the child’s well-being, and I shouldn’t have challenged the authority and viciousness of Lin Wan and the Mo family.


I blame myself, I blame myself, I blame myself, if it wasn’t for me, the child wouldn’t be like this, wouldn’t have left in such a disgraceful way.


Little by little, time pa*sed and I began to think, “It’s better this way, I’ll go with the child, at least he won’t be afraid in the underworld.


With me with him, he wouldn’t be bullied by other little kids. If I can’t protect him on earth, I can protect him in the underworld.


“Bang!” The warehouse door was opened and a strong light shone in.


Dazed, I saw a tall man walk in. I was so dizzy that I couldn’t open my eyes when I tried to see him.


Perhaps this was a door to the underworld, and this door was opened.


In a daze, I seemed to stand up, and under my feet was a sticky, blood-red liquid, which I knew was my blood.


Subconsciously, I raised my hand to the small of my back, where it was flat, and with a shock I looked around subconsciously for the baby.