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Never Say Never Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3

I knew full well that it was impossible to keep him, but something had to be tried, and raising my eyes to look directly at him, I said, “I agree to the divorce, but I have a condition, you stay tonight, stay with me after my grandfather’s funeral, and I will sign immediately after the funeral.”


He narrowed his eyes, a sarcastic sneer in his dark eyes, the corners of his lips twitching, “To please, to please me.” He let go of his hand, narrowed his eyes, and came up to my ear, “Shen Shu, you have to rely on your own skills in everything, it’s useless to rely on your mouth alone.”


His voice was husky, with a hint of teasing low, I knew what he meant, and raised my arms around his waist, tilting my head to reach his lips, the difference in height between the two of us was so great that such a move made me look comical and ridiculous.


I don’t know much about men and women, so I reached out on instinct to untie the towel around his waist, and with the sound of his breathing in my ears, I knew he was responding, and I couldn’t tell you what it was like to keep the person you like in this way, but it was really ….. I was so sad.


The towel fell to the ground, I will slowly slide my fingertips, fierce hand was pressed by him, I raised my eyes, see his gaze dark vaguely with a few unsearchable titillation, “All right!”


I froze, a little unsure of what he meant, and saw him pull the grey lounge pyjamas off the bed and slip them on elegantly.


For a moment, I froze, and then I realized that he was …… staying?


I was not yet happy to hear a woman’s voice faintly coming from the window along with the sound of rain, “Shen Yan ……”


I froze, not as fast as Fu Shenyan reaction, see him a few steps across to the balcony, then see him a gloomy face pulled the coat and out of the bedroom.


The balcony outside, Lu Xinran stood under the heavy rain, wearing a thin dress, allowing the rain to rage, originally a sickly beauty, at this time in the rain even more look pitiful.


Fu Shenyan draped the coat he had brought down on her, and before he could blame her, Lu Xinran hugged him fiercely and whimpered in his arms.


I suddenly understood why I had been with Fu Shen Yan for two years, but I still couldn’t compare to Lu Xinran’s one phone call.


Fu Shen Yan embraced Lu Xin Ran into the villa and took her upstairs. I stood at the entrance of the stairs, looking down at the two people drenched by the rain, blocking their way.


“Get out of the way!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his tone cold and grim, his pair of black eyes looking at me with disgust.


Was it hard?


I don’t know, but what hurts more than the heart is the eyes, which watch with their own eyes how the beloved one babies others and tramples on themselves.


“Fu Shen Yan, when we first got married, you promised grandfather that as long as I, Shen Shu, was here for one day, you would not take her one step into this place.” This was the only place Fu Shen Yan and I had left to live together, I had given up countless nights of his to Lu Xinran, so why would I end up polluting this step of the only ground that belonged to me.


“Heh!” Fu Shen Yan suddenly sneered, ripping me away as he said in a cold voice, “Shen Shu, you think too highly of yourself.”


What an ironic statement, watching him embrace Lu Xinran into the guest room, I could only watch as an onlooker after all.


This night was destined to be unsettling.


Lu Xinran was already weak from the rain, and a downpour caused her to develop a high fever.


Probably looking at me in the way, coldly glanced at me and said, “You go back to live in the old Fu family residence! Xinran won’t be able to go back tonight like this.”


At this time of the day, I should go back to the Fu family residence? Oh ……


I’m the one who’s in the way.


I looked at Fu Shen Yan for a long time, and I actually didn’t know what I should say to remind him how far away the old mansion was, how late it was, and how unsafe it was for me to go there as a woman.


What he cared about was whether my presence here would interfere with Lu Xinran’s rest.


Suppressing the sourness in my heart, I finally said calmly, “I’ll just go back to my bedroom, it’s not appropriate to go over to the old mansion …… now!”


He does not love me, I can’t also go along with him to trash myself.


I turned around and left the guest room, and met Cheng Junyu in the corridor who had hurriedly arrived, and saw that his slender body was still wearing black pajamas, probably in a hurry, without changing his shoes, and his clothes were mostly wet.


Chapter 4

The corridor was not spacious, and when they met on the narrow road, he faintly froze, straightened his lapel and spoke, “Miss Shen, I came over to see Xinran.”


Chen Junyu was a life-and-death friend of Fu Shenyan’s, and it was said that if a man took you to heart, you only had to look at the attitude of the brothers around him towards you to know.


You don’t need to look at the attitude, just listen to the title, I, Shen Shu, always seem to have only one title – Miss Shen.


What a polite and rusty way to address someone!


One can’t key in on too many details, otherwise one will get depressed. After wiping a smile and giving him a way out, I spoke, “Well, go in!”


Sometimes I really envied Lu Xinran, she only needed to shed a few tears to have the warmth that I could never get after spending half my life trying.


I went back to the bedroom, found an outfit that Fu Shenyan hadn’t worn, carried it out of the bedroom, and went down to the living room.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


When he came downstairs and saw me standing in the living room, he smiled detachedly, “It’s getting late, isn’t Miss Shen going to bed yet?”


“Well, I’ll sleep later!” I handed him the clothes in my hand and said, “Your clothes are wet, it’s still raining outside, change into something clean before you go, so you don’t catch a cold.”


He froze, probably because he was surprised that I was giving him clothes, but his handsome face pulled out a smile and said, “No, I’m strong, it doesn’t bother me!”


I put the clothes in his hands and said, “Fu Shenyan hasn’t worn these clothes, the tag is still there, you two are about the same size, you can just wear them!”


After saying that, I went upstairs and went back to the bedroom.


I wasn’t that kind, when my grandmother was hospitalized, it was Cheng Junyu who was the main surgeon, he was an internationally renowned doctor, if it wasn’t for the Fu family, he wouldn’t have agreed to operate on my grandmother, that dress was a kindness in return.


The following day.


I was used to getting up early and when I came downstairs after washing up, Fu Shenyan and Lu Xinran were both in the kitchen.


Fu Shen Yan was wearing a black apron, his slender body standing at the stove frying eggs, his harsh and cold aura dispersed, and he had a touch of fireworks.


Lu Xinran’s shiny black eyes kept glancing at him, as if she had just recovered from a high fever, and her delicate, small face was still flushed, lovely and mesmerizing.


“Brother Shen Yan, fried eggs I want to eat a little burnt.” As she spoke, Lu Xinran stuffed a strawberry into Fu Shen Yan’s mouth and continued, “But it can’t be too burnt, or it will have a bitter taste.”


Fu Shen Yan chewed on the strawberry, and his black eyes gave her a glance, without saying a word, but just a glance contained the most enough doting.


A handsome man and a beautiful woman, a talented man and a beautiful woman, they really matched!


Such a scene, a warm and rosy interaction, quite sweet.


“They’re perfect for each other, aren’t they?” A voice came from behind me, I froze and turned around to see it was Chen Junyu, I had forgotten, it was raining heavily last night and Lu Xinran had a high fever, naturally Fu Shen Yan wouldn’t let him go back.


“Good morning!” I spoke, pulling a smile, my eyes falling on the clothes he was wearing, which I had handed to him last night.


Noticing my gaze, he raised an eyebrow and smiled, “These clothes fit quite well, thank you.”


I shook my head, “No need!” I had bought this dress for Fu Shenyan, but he never bothered to touch it.


Perhaps hearing the commotion, Lu Xinran called out towards us, “Sister Shen, Brother Jun Yu, you are up, Brother Shen Yan has fried some eggs, come and eat with us!”


The tone of voice was like that of a mother in charge.


I smiled lightly, “No, I bought some bread and milk yesterday and put it in the fridge, you are just fine, drink more.” After all, this is the place where I have lived for two years, and the property deed has both my name and Fu Shenyan’s name on it.


I’m not willing to let someone else take over the place, even if I’m weak.