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Never Say Never Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5

Hearing me say that, Lu Xinran’s small face froze, her pair of black eyes darkened, and she turned back to Fu Shen Yan and tugged at the corner of his shirt and whispered, “Brother Shen Yan, last night I was too capricious and disturbed you and sister Shen, can you let her stay and have breakfast with us? Consider it my apology, okay?”


I ……


Oh, indeed, some people really don’t need to try very hard, they just need to be able to show weakness to get what others can’t.


The first thing that I did was to look at my appearance, and when I saw Lu Xinran speak, he looked back at me and said, “Eat together!”


The tone was cold with a command.


Does it hurt? I’m used to it.


Pulling a smile, I nodded, “Thank you!”


I can’t say no to Fu Shenyan, but I can’t say no to him.


The first time I ate Fu Shen Yan’s breakfast, fried eggs and green bean porridge, ordinary but not ordinary, I always thought that a man like Fu Shen Yan was a man held in God’s arms, his hands were used to wave the world.


“Sister Shen, try the eggs fried by Brother Shen Yan, they smell good, he used to fry them for me when we were together.” Lu Xinran said as she chucked an egg towards my bowl.


She then sweetly pinned another one for Fu Shen Yan, smiling, “Brother Shen Yan, you promised to accompany me to Nan Jiang to see the flowers today, you can’t miss your appointment oh.”


“Mmm!” Fu Shen Yan opened his mouth and ate his breakfast with elegance and reserve, he had always said little, but to Lu Xinran, he seemed to answer all questions and requests.


Cheng Junyu seemed to be used to everything long ago, moving elegantly as he ate his breakfast, watching us like an outsider.


I lowered my eyes, my eyebrows twisted up, today is grandfather’s funeral, if Fu Shen Yan accompanied Lu Xinran to leave, then the Fu family’s old residence side ……


This is the first time I’ve ever seen a person who’s not able to eat a good breakfast, simply eat a few bites, see Fu Shen Yan finish eating and go upstairs to change clothes, I put down the dishes and follow.


The bedroom.


Fu Shen Yan knew I was following him and his voice was indifferent, “Something wrong?”


I turned my back on him out of instinct and said, “Today is grandpa’s funeral!”


The sound of fumbling and zipping of belts came from behind me, followed by his warm reply, “You can just go over there.”


I twisted my eyebrows, “Fu Shen Yan, he’s your grandfather.” He was the son of the Fu family, what would the rest of the Fu family think if he wasn’t there at this time?


“For the burial, I’ve already explained that Chen Yi went over to do it, you can communicate with Chen Yi about any other details.” These words, he said without emotion, as if he was giving an account of an insignificant matter.


When I saw him walking towards the study, I raised my voice and said with some difficulty, “Fu Shen Yan, is it true that for you, apart from Lu Xin Ran, everyone else is dispensable? What is affection to you?”


He paused and looked back at me, his black eyes narrowed slightly, his posture cold and chilling, “The matters of the Fu family, it is not your turn to come to me to rave.”


After a pause, his thin lips rose and he sarcastically spat out a few words, “You’re not worthy!”


His few words were like a basin of cold water tilting down towards me, showering me with a chill in all my limbs.


As I listened to the sound of the steps leaving, I lost my smile.


I am not worthy!




Two years and I still couldn’t warm up a cold stone.


“I thought you were just thick-skinned, but I didn’t think you’d like to meddle.” A sneer came from beside me.


I turned around and saw that I didn’t know when Lu Xinran was leaning against the door frame with her arms wrapped around her, the innocence on her face had long since disappeared, leaving only the coldness behind.


Chapter 6

“Miss Lu’s speed in changing her face is quite surprising.” After a faint glance at her, I picked up my bag and prepared to go straight to Fu’s house.


If Fu Shen Yan wasn’t going, there was no way I wasn’t.


Just as I reached the door, I was blocked by Lu Xinran, Fu Shenyan was not there, and she no longer pretended to be a white rabbit, looking at me coldly, “When will you sign the divorce papers?”


I looked at her and said, “Is Miss Lu now forcing me to divorce as a third party?”


“You’re the third party!” She didn’t seem to like being called a third party, her face clouded over and she said, “Shen Shu, if it wasn’t for you, I would be the mistress of this villa now, not you, the old man is dead, no one can protect you from staying here, and if I were you, I would have just signed the papers, taken the money given by Shen Yan and gone far away.”


“Miss Lu, unfortunately you are not me!” I gave her a cold word, ignoring her teeth and claws, I directly bypa*sed her and prepared to leave downstairs, except for Fu Shen Yan, no one’s words in this world can hurt me half a bit.


Miss Lu Xinran, who was accustomed to being ignored by the stars, was a bit upset and tugged at me, “Shen Shu, do you still want to be shameless? Brother Shen Yan doesn’t like you, so what’s the use of staying by his side?”


Looking back at her, I laughed a little and said calmly, “If you know he doesn’t have me in mind, why are you so nervous?”


“You ……” the little girl blushed anxiously, unable to speak for a moment.


I moved closer to her, pulled a few cold smiles, lowered my voice and said, “As for what is the use of me staying by his side ……” Here I said, I calmed my tone and said softly in a leisurely voice, “He is so skilled, what do you think is the use? ?”


“Shen Shu, you shameless!” Lu Xinran’s eyes turned red with anger and she raised her hand and pushed towards me.


But what I didn’t expect was that Lu Xinran would fail to stand firm and plunge straight down towards the stairs.


“Ah ……” came her heart-rending voice from the hall, and I froze for a moment, before I could react.


The body was pushed away by a cold breath, followed by Fu Shen Yan’s incomparable figure going down the stairs to see Lu Xinran who was already lying downstairs.


Downstairs, Lu Xinran was curled up, her face white with pain as she clutched her belly, her voice weak as she cried out, “The baby, my baby.”


There was blood spreading out from underneath her, staining the carpet red, I froze, she …… was pregnant?


Fu Shen Yan’s?


“Brother Shen Yan, the child, the child ……,” Lu Xinran grabbed Fu Shen Yan’s sleeve and repeated the child over and over again.




“Don’t be afraid, the child will be fine.” He soothed Lu Xinran and picked her up horizontally, striding towards the door.


Fu Shen Yan took a few steps and suddenly stopped, the man’s face taut, his eyes dark and shining, the hidden anger in his voice clear as day, “Shen Shu, you’re good.”


In a few light words, indifference, hatred and anger were all encompa*sed.


I froze in place, not knowing what to do for a moment!


“Not going to follow through with an explanation?” A low voice came from behind me, and I froze.


I calmly said, “Explain what?”


He raised his eyebrows, “Aren’t you afraid he’ll misunderstand that you pushed Xinran?”


I lowered my eyes, a little bitter, “It doesn’t matter if I pushed him or not, what matters is that his Xinran was injured, and someone has to take the blame in the end.”


“You’re thinking straight!” Cheng Jun Yu went downstairs and carried the medical kit out of the villa.


He thought he was following him to the hospital to see Lu Xinran.