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Never Say Never Chapter 347-348

Chapter 347

“Even the most hardened heart has a soft spot, and since Lu Xinran is so easy to deal with it won’t be difficult.” Isn’t the best revenge to see something you hold in your heart shattered?


He stopped talking at this point and looked at me and said, “Let me remind you of one thing, both of Lu Xinran’s children before and after were not Fu Shenyan’s.”


I froze and frowned at him, “How do you know?”


The first time I saw this was when I was challenged with a problem. It seems that Lu Xinran had been raped before and later became pregnant, but she accidentally lost it. ”


I couldn’t help but be surprised, “Lin Wan also knows?”


The only person who knows who the child belongs to is Lu Xinran, who is so sure that the child is Fu Shenyan’s that Lin Wan naturally decided that Fu Shenyan is the married man.”


So, Lin Wan is bent on getting rid of my child in order to clear the way for the seed in Lu Xinran’s belly?


“Does Fu Shen Yan know that the child is not his?” This is something that I seem to have the impression that Fu Shen Yan had said before that he had nothing to do with Lu Xinran.


He sneered, “He doesn’t even know if the child is his, he’s got Sh*t in his head?”


I ……




So, Fu Shen Yan didn’t touch Lu Xinran although he took good care of him, but why didn’t he explain it to me?


However, come to think of it, according to my temper, I guess I wouldn’t believe him even if he explained a hundred times.


I have to say, this brother of Lu Xinran is really smart, people die and can choose such a man for his sister to protect Lu Xinran.


He knows that the baby is not his own, but he still has to carry all these reputations.


“What are you thinking about?” Shen Yu patted me and said, “My birthday is coming up, you have to send me something, I help you so much and can’t do anything to you, think about it is not cost-effective.”


This is said ……


I pursed my lips and spoke, “What do you want?”




This ……


“Clothes? Tie? Belt?” I couldn’t really think of what to get for a birthday present.


He looked over at me, his dark eyes sinking, “A gift for you would be more appropriate.”


I sneered, “A corpse do you want?”


He ……


“Be attentive, don’t be perfunctory, don’t buy those useless ones, you made them yourself, they’re more interesting.”


I was speechless for a moment, it’s not like I’m in ancient times, hand embroidering a purse or a forbidden belt, it’s always a gift, isn’t it the same to buy one?




When I got back to the villa, it was already eleven o’clock at night, Fu Shen Yan hadn’t returned, and Sister Zhang was in the living room, looking like she was embroidering something.


When she saw me, she put down the things in her hand and rose, looked at me and smiled, “Back.”


I nodded lightly and turned to pour water, but the water in the dispenser was cold, and after pressing it several times, there was no response.


Sister-in-law Zhang spoke up, “Do you want some water? Just now I mopped the floor and accidentally knocked it over, it might be broken, it’s too late now so I didn’t have anyone come over to fix it, why don’t I go and boil some for you?”


I shook my head, seeing that she had already packed up her things and was ready to go back to the backyard to rest, looking like she was waiting for me, and looked to her and said, “You go back and rest first, I’ll sit for a while and then rest.”


She pointed to the water fountain, “Then you ……”


“I’m not thirsty, go back!” I hadn’t really wanted to talk either, so I couldn’t help but frown slightly.


Chapter 348

She froze and left without saying much.


My temper seemed to be getting worse and less patient.


With Sister-in-law Zhang gone, I sat in the hall for a while, dazed, seeing the clock go to twelve in the morning.


Fu ShenYan didn’t come back so late, was he planning to stay at Gu’s house?


After a pause, I went into the kitchen, filled the water and prepared to boil some water to drink, touched out my phone and looked at it, not a single message.


Sighing slightly, the water boiled up and I reached out to lift the kettle and was coldly souped up by the water vapour.


I couldn’t help but take my hand back and stare at the kettle for a long time, fumbling for my phone.


When I hesitated, there was a movement from the front door.


You’re back?


I pursed my lips, took the kettle to the living room and poured two cups of plain water.


It might be raining outside, Fu Shenyan brought a chill with him when he entered, and his jacket was stained with water droplets.


When he saw me still in the living room, he frowned and came forward, “Couldn’t sleep?”


I nodded and raised my eyes to look at him lightly, “Is Uncle Gu okay?”


He froze and frowned, “Did Gu Han tell you that?”


I shook my head, still in a stable mood, “Uncle Gu hasn’t been well, I know.”


He hmmed and walked towards me, “Worried I won’t come back?”


I shook my head, a little thirsty and raised my hand to reach for a gla*s of water, but I couldn’t hold it steady and spilled it on my thigh.


It was hot and I frowned.


Fu Shenyan took a few steps forward, picked me up and carried me into the bathroom, where he rinsed me with cold water.


He frowned, “Have you been drinking?”


I froze and nodded.


He fished out his phone and prepared to call, thinking he was going to bother Cheng Junyu again, I snatched his phone away and said, “It’s not serious, it’s late, don’t bother him.”


He wrinkled his eyebrows and lifted the hem of his skirt to see where I had been burned, a large area of red, “There was an element of intentionality?”


I didn’t deny it and nodded, “Yes!”




“Wanted to beg you to help me!” He hadn’t promised me about Hua Yao.


He sneered, carrying me straight up to the first floor bedroom and stripping me of my wet clothes.


Putting on my pyjamas, he found the burn medicine and squeezed the ointment to rub it for me, it hurt a little but was bearable.


When he didn’t answer me, I dropped my eyes slightly and dropped my fingers on the back of his hand, taking the initiative to pull him, “It’s okay, it’s not serious.”


He frowned, “Who have you ever seen who only put half the medicine on?”


I pursed my lips, mute for a moment.


Mentally thinking about what to do next, he spoke coldly, “What are you going to do if I don’t come back?”


“Burn it worse and call you!” That’s what I had originally thought, he wasn’t going to leave me alone.


“Hiss!” His hand was hard and I winced in pain.


“That hurts?” He sneered, “More burns, planning to cripple yourself?”


I didn’t say anything, my fingers gripping his textured arm, rubbing it deliberately or unintentionally as he held the position of applying the medicine to me, his handsome brow furrowing slightly at my teasing.


“What are you planning to do?”


I pursed my lips, “Deliberately approach you!”


“Heh!” He laughed out loud and withdrew the medicine, his eyes narrowing slightly, “Worth it for a project?”


I didn’t say anything, just took the initiative and climbed onto his shoulder, staring at his lips and taking them somewhat raw.


His breathing was a little heavy, his hands circling my waist, his breath unsteady, “How much have you had to drink?”


I spoke nervously, “A few, I can’t remember.”