Never Say Never Chapter 349-350

Chapter 349

It’s actually quite tiring when it comes to men and women, and ready to say I’m not good at hooking up, after half a day of getting it going and just feeling powerless, I couldn’t help but let go and try to get straight to the point.


He circled me, breathing a little heavier, “Giving up on that?”


I shook my head and changed positions.


Seeing his happy look, I couldn’t help but speak, “Fu already has a Huayu, Huayao ……”


“Well, I’m not getting involved in Huayao’s business!” Said fall, he was a bit rude.


I wrinkled my brows, fumbled for my phone and handed it to him, “Call Chen Yi!”


He jerked to a halt, his dark eyes staring at me, “In your opinion, what am I anyway? As long as you use your body, I’ll compromise on anything?”


I didn’t know what to say for a moment, knowing that he was angry at this point.


Pursing my lips slightly, “You promised me that you wouldn’t ask me what I wanted to do and that you would support me as long as I wanted to do it.”


He sneered, accepted his phone and dialed Chen Yi.


Perhaps he was asleep, it took a while for Chen Yi to pick up the phone, Fu Shen Yan’s voice was cold, “There is no need to continue following the Huayao case, quit!”


After saying that, he directly hung up the phone, then threw the phone aside, not continuing, and directly went into the bathroom.


Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the fact that things were done and my heart was fine, I didn’t take long to fall asleep.


I was already asleep when Fu Shen Yan came out of the bathroom, but things were far from as simple as I thought.


The midnight, Fu Shen Yan has the intention to torment me, so basically is an hour once, I rarely sleep well, he tossed like this can fall asleep.


The next day.


I opened my eyes and saw the ceiling, and the sides of my head hurt uncomfortably.




I have to go to Gu’s today, some information need to be prepared, get up to wash, just lift the quilt, wrist is held.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not yet awake, and the scruff on his chin is rubbing off, which is S*xy to look at.


I couldn’t help but raise my hand and touch it with my fingertips, the hard scruff pricking against my fingers and tickling a little softly.


The man’s features looked deep and three-dimensional in the dim light, and he was so alert that he woke up when I touched him.


His eyes opened, still hazy with sleep, and his voice was a little low and S*xy, “Want more?”


I withdrew my hand and he sat up, a few scratches showing very prominently on his body.


Obviously, I had done this.


Noticing my gaze, he raised an eyebrow, “Looks like you were pretty oblivious to me last night too.”


I pursed my lips, much more sober without the alcohol, “If you were more sane, would I have hurt you?”


He laughed, “You’re justified? Are you going to do it again?” He said, his gaze unfathomable, and kissed me lightly on the forehead, “From now on, if you have anything to say, just say it, we’re husband and wife, not one of those dodgy relationships out there, eh?”


I nodded and raised my hand to nudge him, “I have to go to the office today, I can’t come back, there’s no way I can walk!”


He couldn’t help but lose his smile, getting up and putting on his pyjamas, seeing me sitting on the bed, he lifted the covers and I froze, seeing his eyes fall between my legs.


I originally thought he had missed looking at …… the part he was looking at that he had burned yesterday.


He looked up at me, “Does it still hurt?”


I shook my head, “It’s fine.”


“Just stay home and rest today, don’t run around.”


I refused, “It doesn’t matter, there’s something going on at work!”


He frowned, a hint of displeasure on his face, but after a pause, he got it under control and spoke, “I’ll take you there later!”


Aware of his concession, I nodded and stopped refusing.


Chapter 350

Fu Shen Yan’s car was parked underneath Gu’s building, the employees were coming in and out, his car was conspicuous, many employees looked over sideways.


I unbuckled my seat belt, ready to get out of the car, raised my hand to open the door, could not help but freeze, side glance at him, “Fu Shen Yan, open the door!”


He pursed his lips, his handsome face stretched out towards me, “A couple apart, don’t you need to show it?”


I was puzzled to see his long, slender fingers tapping slightly on his face, the meaning was clear, he was asking for a kiss.


“Fu Shen Yan, this is a public place!” The downstairs of a large company, with the shape of people coming and going, appropriate?


He hooked his lips, “We are a couple, kissing goodbye is a normal thing, what are you concerned about?”


We can’t go any further with this conversation or we’ll have another fight.


I moved closer to him and dropped a shallow kiss on his face, he suddenly pressed the gla*s car window, then directly dominated my lips, “It smells sweet!”




I got out of the car and tried to control my temper.


I didn’t get out of the car for a few steps before I stopped, it was Gu Han.


He had been standing in front of the company, his body slender like jade, his gaze clear and cold, he should have seen everything that happened in the car just now.


After all, Fu Shen Yan had pressed the car window gla*s right down and hated that everyone could see.


Seeing his gloomy face, I stepped forward and opened my mouth to greet him lightly, “Good morning!”


He pursed his lips, withdrew his cold gaze from Fu Shen Yan’s car, and spoke faintly, “Hm!”


When we entered the lift, he handed me a document, “This is the information on Huayao, take a look at it, both Shen Yu and Fu Shen Yan are currently working with this company, we don’t have much chance of winning if we intervene now!”


I nodded and took the file from him, tilting my head to look at him, “If they both give up on Huayao, do we have a better chance?”


He froze and frowned, “You’ve talked to them?”


I nodded as the lift arrived, got off and spoke, “One’s my brother and one’s my husband, I kind of picked up a bargain.”


“Heh!” Gu Han sneered, “You’re thinking ahead.”


Without continuing to talk to him, I went into my office and continued to read the information he had given me.




Fu Qingyin entered my office and went straight to the point, “Shen Shu, let’s talk!”


I couldn’t figure out for a moment what she wanted to talk to me about now, and faintly stared, “Mr. Fu, you want something?”


She pursed her lips, looking extraordinarily dignified in her black professional outfit, “To talk?”


Putting the papers away, I nodded and walked out of the office with him.


Downtown commercial building.


Third floor, coffee shop.


Ordering coffee, Fu Qingyin looked at me, “What’s the situation between you and Gu Han now?”


This was said in a completely elder tone.


“Cooperation, friend relationship!” This was the most accurate explanation.


She nodded her head, took a shallow sip of coffee and spoke, “What about Shen Yan? Are you and he planning to divorce now that you’re separated or are you planning to cool off for a while?”


Oh! By the way, I guess most people don’t know about my moving back.


Looking at Fu Qingyin I narrowed my eyes slightly, “Mr. Fu, you came to talk to me today, is ……”


She pursed her lips, “I heard someone say that you and Shen Yan originally planned to divorce when your father pa*sed away, there was no divorce because you were found to be pregnant, Shen Yan is a responsible man, all did not agree to divorce you, that is to say, there was no affection between you and Shen Yan! Is that right?”


I heard that?


I smiled lightly, “You are so concerned about me and Shen Yan, I have to thank my aunt for that.”