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Never Say Never Chapter 351-352

Chapter 351

She smiled lightly, “No!” Blushing a little better, she said, “Child, you just tell me, do you and Shen Yan still have feelings?”


“Mr. Fu, you can go straight to the point, everything is a choice made after weighing the pros and cons, isn’t it?”


She couldn’t help but sneer, probably thinking that my words were too snobbish, and spoke, “You were originally together because of the child, and now without the child, there is no affection for each other, I see that you and Gu Han seem to be doing quite well, if you and Shen Yan really don’t have affection anymore, just divorce him!”




This is the first time I’ve heard of it, to advise someone to divorce like this.


“Did Fu Shen Yan agree to this?” Yesterday, Fu Shen Yan went to Gu’s house, it seems that Fu Qingyin has also made plans.


She frowned, “After all, there is no affection between you, now divorce is good for each other.”


I nodded, from the perspective of the elders, it was also true that Gu Han and I were too close these days, and Fu Shen Yan and I were living apart, creating mutual resentment.


So it seems that the best way to deal with this matter is to divorce.


But Fu Qingyin is not such an unreasonable person, she would not be able to persuade me to divorce Fu Shenyan just because of this.


Unless, of course, there was another reason.


Looking towards him, I couldn’t help but speak up, “Mr. Fu, if you are urging us to divorce just because I am now in conflict with Fu Shen Yan, I think, that is not what a good elder should do, you might as well state the real reason, as I said, everything is a decision made after weighing the pros and cons.”


She took a shallow sip of coffee, her lips pursed slightly, and only after a pause did she say, “You should know better than I do in your heart whose child is in Lu Xinran’s belly, the barrier between you and Shen Yan is mostly her, since this is the case, she has the flesh and blood of the Fu family, there is no need for us to leave this child unattended, I am a child of the Fu family, so naturally I have to plan for the Fu family, there is no way I will let the Fu child be born for no reason.”




So that’s how it is!


I smiled lightly, but I couldn’t help but understand, so it was because of the child in Lu Xinran’s belly.


Looking at Fu Qingyin, I pursed my lips and smiled lightly, “Mr. Fu should have known about Lu Xinran’s belly before I gave birth, right? You haven’t mentioned this because you think that I am after all Fu Shenyan’s legitimate wife, you have no reason and no need to get involved between me and Fu Shenyan, now that the child is gone, you want to let Lu Xinran into the Fu family, the reason should also be because of the child, speaking of which, I wonder if Fu Shenyan knows?”


She coldly grimaced, after all, everyone didn’t like to be so blunt and put each other’s selfishness out there like that.


“Shen Shu, you’re right, we all made the decision after weighing the pros and cons, so did I. There’s no attachment between you and Shen Yan, and besides, there’s no affection between you, so by doing this, I’m essentially just giving you a step down from each other.”


I nodded, deciding that there was nothing wrong with what she said, but inside I just wasn’t very happy about it.


Turning to the phone that had been on the table, I said, “Did you hear me? If you agree, we can take the time to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get the divorce papers.”


I think Fu Qingyin did not expect me to dial Fu Shenyan’s phone and let him listen to our conversation all the time.


She turned white and looked at me with a very bad face.


The other end of the phone, Fu Shen Yan is not in a good mood, his voice low, “Shen Shu, marriage is our business, whether I have feelings for you or not is not up to others, others are not qualified to judge, you should know better than me.”


Chapter 352

After a pause, he raised his voice, “Auntie’s interpretation of feelings may be different from ours, whether Shen Shu and I have feelings or not, as an outsider, how much clearer do you think you can be?”


At these words, he said one word about an outsider, completely alienating Fu Qingyin, and Fu Qingyin’s face did not look good.


She wanted to say something to argue, but Fu Shen Yan continued, “Auntie, it’s better not to interfere in my affairs in the future, you’re already the daughter-in-law of the Gu family, if you can’t let go of the Fu family, then I think we can stop contacting each other in the future.”


This is an overly harsh statement, after all, they are relatives, how can they be crossed out with the phrase no contact anymore.


When Fu Shen Yan hung up the phone, Fu Qingyin looked at me, her face white with embarra*sment, “Shen Shu, you’re shading me?”


I laughed and shrugged my shoulders, “Not really! I just wanted to make sure that getting me to divorce Fu ShenYin was your idea alone or Fu ShenYin’s, so I called him.”


After a pause, I curled my lips into a light smile, “Now it seems as if it was your own initiative alone, so that I would have avoided fighting with Fu Shen Yan and our relationship as a couple would not have continued to turn bad.”


Well, the implication beyond the words was to say that Fu Qingyin was like a Sh*t-stirrer, destroying our marriage, Fu Qingyin was an understanding person, there was no way she couldn’t hear it.


“Shen Shu!” She raised her voice, “I can stay out of the marriage between you and Fu Shen Yan, but the child in Lu Xinran’s belly is the Fu family’s, and I won’t let him be born unknowingly!”


I nodded, didn’t think there was a problem with what she said, agreed and said, “Fu has a good idea, but I advise you in advance, first find out if the child in Lu Xinran’s belly is Fu Shen Yan’s before making a decision, otherwise don’t end up letting Fu Shen Yan pick up a cheap father for free for someone else without even knowing.”


I’ve got to get something to eat later, and when I lift my bag, I smile, “Right, there’s one more thing Mr. Fu may not know, why my child died in childbirth, why don’t you ask Lin Wan, and also ask Lu Xinran, Mr. Fu still tries not to use his eyes when it comes to telling right from wrong, his heart and head are much better than his physical eyes. ”


After saying that, I lifted my bag and left the cafe.


Really, call people out at noon, not to go to dinner, to go to coffee, who has nothing to do not eat and drink coffee.


On the ground floor of the shopping building, there was a sushi restaurant, newly opened, named ‘No Good Sushi’ I kind of wanted to laugh when I saw the name.


The owner must be a youngster and definitely not bad with money, otherwise he would be so blatantly trashing his own signboard, not afraid of blowing his RMB?


Out of curiosity, I couldn’t help but buy a box, not to mention that it looked quite nice, delicate and appetizing.


Thinking that Gu Han probably didn’t eat anything either, I went back to buy another box, but unfortunately, I ran into Lu Xinran again.


The mother and daughter were dressed in exquisite fashion, and even pregnant women can live so well.


The life of the rich is really exquisite.


The mall was so big, I could see Lu Xinran, naturally they could also see me.


I was supposed to avoid this kind of situation, after all, the narrow road is more or less to quarrel, this kind of public place, quarrel is really inappropriate.


The mall wasn’t too crowded at noon, so naturally Lu Xinran and Lin Wan saw me too.