Never Say Never Chapter 381-382

Chapter 381

After the nurse left, he looked at me and his tone was not very nice, “Where’s the medicine?”


I pursed my lips and said lightly, “I’ll put it on myself later, you go back to bed!”


He got up, ignoring me, and searched around the bedside table before squeezing the ointment onto his palm and wiping it away.


Knowing he was going to apply it to me, I couldn’t help but move over and say, “I can do it myself.”


But he had already pressed his palm to my neck, so I pursed my lips and let him apply it.


I couldn’t help but frown and move my body slightly.


“Does it hurt?” He lowered his voice and leaned in to blow slightly on my neck to ease the pain for me.


“It doesn’t hurt!” I had found it myself, so it didn’t count as painful or not.


“Don’t be so impulsive in future, even if you have to count on people you have to protect your own well-being.”


I nodded and closed my eyes not really wanting to talk.


After the medicine was rubbed in, he spoke, “Any other places that hurt?”


I shook my head, “No more!” Somehow I didn’t want to speak.


Before I could respond, he lifted me off my feet and kicked me in the small of my back, perhaps because my skin was too tender, leaving a large bruise.


He looked at me, almost gritting his teeth, “Doesn’t it hurt?”


Seeing him like this, I stopped talking, it was too much of a pretense to say more.


He rubbed the medicine, his anger not subsiding, and looked at the rest of my body, seeing that it was gone, before he put the ointment aside, covered me with the blanket and spoke, “Rest well!”


I nodded, “Yes, thank you!”


He narrowed his eyes, “What are we?”


I pursed my lips, “People?”


Fu Shen Yan ……


Seeing that he was speechless, I only spoke, “We’re a couple!”


“You need to say thank you between husband and wife?” He looked at me coolly.


I didn’t open my mouth anymore.




After a few days of rest, Lu Qi was sentenced to death with a stay of execution as Shen Yu had said, because he was carrying a murder case.


Chen Changhe was involved in harboring and was dismissed from his position because there were many people involved.


Therefore, Shen Changlin directly had people in Jiangcheng investigate those who had previously been in close contact with Chen Changhe.


Then part of the team took Chen Changhe to the capital, where Gu Han’s company had long since returned.


After Fu Shen Yan finished dealing with Fu’s affairs, he also returned to the capital with me.


It was a week after I knew that Lu Xinran had had a miscarriage, that the baby had not been saved, and that I had become a nervous wreck.


I was the one who dealt with all the post-proposal work after the deal with Huayao.


So I was busy for a week after returning from Jiangcheng.


I met Lin Wan and Lu Xinran in the hospital. She had lost a lot of weight and Lin Wan was helping her to go for a check-up.


I met them in the corridor.


Because of what happened to Lu Qi, I had been kicked in the small of my back and when I had a check-up it said that there might be a risk of uterine rupture, so Fu Shen Yan brought me over to the hospital for a check-up.


“Brother Shen Yan, you’ve finally come to see me!” Seeing Fu Shen Yan, Lu Xin Ran’s face was instantly covered with tears as she ran towards Fu Shen Yan’s arms.


Originally Fu Shen Yan was staggered, but she was so weak that her whole body sat down on the floor, tugging at Fu Shen Yan’s trouser legs, “Brother Shen Yan, the child is gone, when brother left he said that I would be happy as long as I kept following you, but you don’t want me anymore and the child is gone, I can’t seem to be happy any more.”


At the mention of Lu Yan, Fu Shen Yan frowned and bent down to help her up, “There is still a long road ahead, take good care of your health.”


His words were so light that he could not stop any emotion.


Chapter 382

But for Lu Xinran, this was the best medicine, she pulled him, her tears only fell, “Brother Shen Yan, I don’t want anything, I was wrong about what happened before I was wrong, don’t be angry with me, as long as you are willing to see me, I don’t care about anything, in the future I will be like what my brother said, if in the future Brother Shen Yan takes a wife, then your wife will be my sister, I will treat Shen Shu as my own sister.”


She cried as she said, “In the past, I was capricious and unreasonable, Brother Shen Yan, I will change all this and I will be good and obedient.”


Fu Shen Yan frowned, after all, it was the person he had taken care of for years, it was impossible to just let go of her.


He looked at me, not saying anything, but I knew what it meant.


After a pause, I said, “You stay with her! I’ll go get the doctor.”


He pursed his lips, “I’ll join you later?”


“No, she needs you more.” I was always relieved that he would probably worry if he followed me, so why would I bother trampling myself.


Lu Xinran saw this and pearled, “Sister Shen, you’re still angry with me, right? I apologize for my mother, I really didn’t know about that incident from the beginning to the end, if I had known I would have stopped her.”


With that, she knelt down heavily towards me, her eyes clouded with tears, looking extraordinarily affectionate and sincere.


With this kneeling, she drew everyone in the corridor, and even in the ward, over.


The original silent Lin Wan went to pull her up, but she couldn’t get up, so she also knelt down, her voice sorrowful, “Shen Shu, a thousand mistakes are my fault, that first night to take you away Xinran did not know at all, it was all my doing, now you use the same method to make Xinran’s child miscarried, your heart’s grievances can all be eliminated!”


I twisted my eyebrows, my heart couldn’t help but feel cold, this bitter drama was sung so well.


“Little girl, everyone makes mistakes in life, so don’t make it hard on them, mother and daughter.”


“Yes! Besides, she’s still sick, don’t make things difficult for her.”


The chatter around me was louder and louder, making it seem that I was being unreasonable.


Looking at the mother and daughter on the ground, I really didn’t know what to say, “Both of you, if you are sincere in asking for forgiveness, you should go to the cemetery and see my child who was suffocated by you, Lu Xinran, what does it matter to me if your child died? Did I strangle him? Or did I smother it? You’re worried that the child will be born to Fu Qingyin for a DNA test, and when the results come out, as long as it’s proven that the child is not Fu Shen Yan’s, you and he will be completely out of luck, you’re just being selfish and afraid to give birth to it, so you found an excuse to say that I did it!”


“If I, Shen Shu, really had this kind of ability, when Mr. Lin had me taken away and suffocated the child in my belly alive, I would have had the ability to save this child, and I wouldn’t have known that I was being killed alive by you, a mistake is a mistake, not everything can be done shamelessly on your knees and begging for forgiveness.”


After saying that, I took a few steps back, then went straight into the lift and went downstairs.


In the car, Fu Shen Yan followed.


I sneered, “Mr. Fu won’t accompany your white moonlight for a while?”


He sat in the driver’s seat, clasped my chin and kissed me fiercely.


He used force, “Shen Shu, do you have to hurt people like this with thorns all over your body?”


Pushing him away, I spoke, “I’m sorry, hurting your white moonlight doesn’t kill my intentions, next time I’ll control my emotions.”


I struggled a few times, my heart vaguely angry, “Fu Shen Yan, you don’t have to humiliate me like this, if you have the heart to feel sorry for Lu Xinran, you can just give me a few slaps, at least you’re relieved and I’m comfortable.”