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Never Say Never Chapter 383-384

Chapter 383

He stopped and with extremely rough force made me meet his eyes, “You’re not angry, do you think I’m unnecessary, or do you think you don’t care?”


I froze.


He looked at me, his dark eyes deep, “You think I will defend Lu Xinran because in your opinion, I am not your husband at all, I won’t think for you, I won’t stand up for you, will I?”


I pursed my lips and looked at him indifferently.


After a pause, I said, “No!”


He was responsible for Lu Xinran, even though there were many things he knew by heart, but because of Lu Yan, it was impossible to put it down anyhow.


Besides, from an outsider’s point of view, indeed, I had no more children, and Lu Xinran had no more children, and we had suffered the same thing to each other, so it was kind of fair, so I should let it go.


I shouldn’t hold a grudge against Lu Xinran, I shouldn’t hold on to my hatred.


I should not hold on to hatred. From the perspective of a bystander, this matter should be cleared up in any case.


I’m not sure I’m the only one who’s been in the same boat. The child is gone, the one you rely on is Gu Han, the one who wants to help is Shen Yu, and even the one you want to get help from in the end is not even my turn, Shen Shu, what am I to you? An insignificant ornament?”


I wanted to laugh a little when I looked at him, “Fu Shen Yan, the person who can’t let go of Lu Xinran, the person who is thinking about her is you, the person who is not by my side when something happens to me is also you, the person who repeatedly goes to Lu Xinran in the middle of the night is also you, I don’t have God’s perspective, there is no way to see what kind of existence you are to me.”


I had been generous enough not to get in the way of his caring for Lu Xinran, not to mention resenting him for not taking the child’s hatred to heart, even to the extent of being forgiving enough that I would still persuade him to take care of Lu Xinran if she needed him, and I didn’t know why he still wasn’t satisfied even though I was like this.


He looked at me, his gaze low and introspective, and for a long time, he suppressed his anger and looked at me and said, “Tell me, what do I have to do? What should I do?”


Seeing this attitude of his, I was upset to the extreme, “To me you don’t have to do, you can do whatever you want to do in your heart, you want to take care of Lu Xinran, you can’t let her go, you go to her.”


“Heh!” His eyes were cold and chilly, his thin lips were tinged with a cold smile, his body sat up straight and fished out his cigarette case from his trouser pocket, “Shen Shu, you are really good, shouldn’t I be glad to have met such a generous and decent wife like you, so gentle and virtuous?”


There was sarcasm and cynicism in these words.


I pursed my lips and spoke indifferently, “Mr. Fu is very kind, this is what I should do.”


Well, that’s what I was saying.


He took a long drag from his cigarette, looked at me with a sullen gaze and said seriously, “Are you sure we want to continue arguing like this?”


I spoke lightly, “Arguing? Are we arguing?”


He suddenly sneered and extinguished the cigarette he had taken a puff from his fingertips, “Do you have to talk in such a shady manner?”


I laughed, “Fu Shenyan, what do you mean by “shady”? Don’t I say what you want to hear, what you want to hear?”


He took a breath and tried to suppress his anger, “What do you mean by as I wish? Can you stop putting your thoughts on me, what you want to say, what you want to do, you tell me, no need to hurt each other by saying such harsh words, we are husband and wife not enemies, there is no need to be fighting all the time to find out who is right and who is wrong, Shen Shu, do you understand?”


Chapter 384

I pursed my lips and looked at him, half a sound, got out of the car, picked up the brick on the flower table and handed it to him, “Good, what I want you to do now is to go up and beat up that pair of hypocritical and disgusting mother and daughter, let them know that not everyone can be stalked by anyone, I want you to tell Lu Xinran plainly, my Shen Shu’s man, she is not qualified to touch, not qualified to get her hands on! ”


Raising an eyebrow at him, I lifted the brick in my hand, “How about it, are you going?”


He froze for a moment, looking at me somewhat dumbfounded, and for a moment said helplessly, “Are you sure you want me to do that?”


“No?” I pursed my lips and looked at him.


He had a smile in his eyes, “Are you going to let me go live at the station for a few years? And then prepare to remarry?”


I gave him a blank look, tossed the turn of the head back onto the flowerbed and got into the car.


Seeing that my anger had subsided, he smiled lightly, “What do you want to eat?”


“Not hungry!” I was already full of anger, what was there to eat.


He started the car, looked at me and spoke, “I guess I haven’t been getting enough exercise lately, I’m hungry when I get home from exercising.”


I froze, reacting to what he meant, and couldn’t help but stare at him, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re shameless.”


He drove extremely fast, gave me a faint look and said, “Not even twice a month, Shen Shu, are you going to make me vegan?”


Holy Sh*t, this man was incorrigible.


Seeing that I was angry, he said, “I’ve been holding back since I got back from Jiangcheng, are you planning to suffocate me by not letting me touch you for so long?”


“Fu Shen Yan, you’re not finished, are you?” I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get a job.


Back at the villa, before I even got out of the car, he picked me up and went straight upstairs.


Sister-in-law Zhang and Aunt Quan were not there.


The bedroom.


I misplaced my gaze and said unnaturally, “Fu Shen Yan, it’s daytime, don’t do anything rash.”


Seeing that he didn’t react and moved closer to me, I hurriedly spoke up and said, “Do you want to go and take a shower?”


He frowned, “What’s wrong?”


I pursed my lips, “We’ve just come back from the hospital, we’re dusty, it’s always a good idea to take a shower.”


The point was, I hadn’t responded at all, and if this came out of the blue, I guess all the foreplay he’d done wouldn’t have helped.


Seemingly sensing my mood, he took the jacket off me, picked me up and carried me into the bathroom.


It was a little cold in the capital, but the house was heated, and the bathroom was so hot that I was blushing before long.


He placed me in the bath and his slender body followed him in. The bath was huge and had no problem fitting three people in it.


“Don’t keep rejecting me, Shen Shu we are husband and wife, the closest people in the world, whatever the problem is, we can solve it together, the Mo family is not as simple as you think, the future is long, we will face it together.”


His voice was drawn low, his voice was gentle, and along with it the force of his kiss was much lighter.


I was a little baffled, not quite understanding what he meant.


A few times down the line, I was almost on top of Fu Shen Yan, completely out of breath.




The next day.


I had my eyes closed and every part of my body hurt, too much to breathe.


Fu Shen Yan buckled the belt and dropped a shallow kiss on my forehead, his thin calloused fingers stroking my face, I knew it but didn’t even want to move.


A moment later, he exits the bedroom and I wrap myself in the covers, feeling like my soul has been drained away.


I close my eyes and try to sleep, but I can’t. I can’t help but sob with a sour nose and bury myself under the covers.