Never Say Never Chapter 387-388

Chapter 387

I closed my eyes, avoiding his movements, and spoke, “I’ll do it myself!”


“I’ll feed you!” He shoved the food into my mouth and I was really annoyed with him and avoided him saying, “I’ll do it myself!”


With that, I grabbed my own chopsticks, got off him and moved to the couch.


Although I hadn’t eaten in the morning and lunch, I wasn’t hungry at all, and after a few bites, I didn’t want to eat anymore.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and frowned, “Eat the rice, no leftovers.”


I wrinkled my eyebrows and barely ate a few bites, my stomach was uncomfortable, I looked at him and said, “You stay down with these utensils, I want to sleep now.”


“I’ll stay with you!” He rang the call bell and Sister Zhang came up and collected the cutlery.


I looked at Fu Shen Yan, a little annoyed, “Fu Shen Yan, I want to sleep alone.”


He wrinkled his eyebrows, “I’ll stay with you!”


With that, he got up and reached over to hug me.


After staying up all day and all night and being so irritable inside, my anger flared up and I shouted, “I said, I want to sleep alone, can’t you hear me?”


Because of my anger, I accidentally pulled my wound, and I couldn’t help but draw a cold breath.


Fu ShenYan’s thin, cool face had a hint of helplessness on it, wrinkling his eyebrows and holding me forcefully in his arms, “Be good, don’t make a scene, I won’t touch you, and it won’t affect your rest.”


“F**k off!” I raised my hand and pushed him, my anger not subsiding at all.


He pursed his lips, his dark eyes showing a bit of indifference, “If it hurts too much, let’s go to the hospital.”


“No way!” I felt like I was about to be driven crazy by Fu Shen Yan.


He picked me up and punched me directly towards the stairs, I was about to explode, “Fu Shen Yan, have you ever seen anyone go to the hospital for this kind of thing? What do you want me to say to the hospital? That you committed S*xual violence?”


He pursed his lips, “It’s okay if you don’t go, I’ll put medicine on you and we’ll rest.”


“Crazy!” I didn’t want to talk to him anymore.


When I didn’t object, he went back to the bedroom and laid me on the bed to rub the medicine on me.


The movements were gentle, and when he saw me frown, he spoke, “I’ll try to control myself next time, and I won’t do it again.”


I didn’t say anything and lay back with my eyes closed.


After applying the medicine, he got up and took off his jacket to lie next to me, the tobacco scent making him a little irritable.


“Fu Shen Yan, you stay away from me, I don’t like the smell of smoke!” I nudged him and moved towards the other side of the bed.


He stiffened slightly and got up. I originally thought he would go out, but I didn’t expect him to go into the bathroom to take a shower.


It didn’t take him long to come out, and after drying the water from his hair, he lay back down and put his arm around me, “Smell it now, it doesn’t smell like smoke anymore.”


I pursed my lips and closed my eyes, ready to sleep.


But I couldn’t sleep, I tossed and turned several times, but I still couldn’t sleep.


He sat up straight from the bed and froze, thinking he still smelt of smoke, “I’ll go wash again!”


I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything. I got out of bed and searched around, finding that the sleeping pills I brought back last time were gone.


I looked at Fu Shen Yan and sunk my eyes, “Where are the pills?”


He narrowed his dark eyes slightly, “What medicine?”


I got even more annoyed and raised my hand towards the carved celadon vase on the cabinet and hit it on the floor, “Sleeping pills, Fu Shen Yan I want sleeping pills, where did you put them?”


He looked at me, his voice was low and deep, “What do you want sleeping pills for? I asked sister-in-law Zhang to take that medicine away.”


Seeing that I was a bit cranky, he got up and put on his clothes and said, “Let’s go to the hospital!”


I pushed him away, “Fu Shen Yan, just give me the medicine, okay? I just want to get a good night’s sleep, can’t you give me sleeping pills so I can sleep? Do I have to be dragged around?”


Chapter 388

Sister-in-law Zhang just happened to come up and heard the commotion, she quickly said, “The medicine is at my place, I’ll go get it, Xiao Shu you take it easy, I’ll go get it!”


Fu Shen Yan sunken his face and wrinkled his eyebrows to stop Sister Zhang, “She will be dependent if she takes too much, you ……”


“Fu Shen Yan, you shut up!” I was about to go crazy and looked at Sister Zhang and said, “Sister Zhang get me the medicine!”


Sister-in-law Zhang looked at Fu Shen Yan and seemed to be making sure.


I was furious and yelled, “Fu Shen Yan, if you want to control me in everything, why did you bring me back? Torturing me and watching me suffer for your pleasure?”


Fu Shen Yan frowned and took me in his arms to soothe me, “I’m not trying to control you, too many sleeping pills are not good, you’ll become dependent!”


“You shut up!” I yelled, “If you won’t let me sleep, you’ll send me to Gu Han’s place, don’t torture me here.”


“Shen Shu!” His eyes were red with anger, seeing my stubbornness and emotional instability, he looked to Sister-in-law Zhang, “Go and get the medicine!”


Sister-in-law Zhang hurriedly went out of the bedroom and returned in no time.


She only took one pill, but it was enough for me. Snatching the pill, I took it and then pushed Fu Shen Yan away and lay back on the bed.


Fu Shen Yan also seemed to notice that something was wrong with me, and when he saw me lying on the bed, he looked at Sister Zhang and lowered his voice, “Call Jun Yu and ask him to come over.”


Sister-in-law Zhang answered and went out.


After taking the medicine, I calmed down and fell asleep in no time.


But a light sleeper, with the interference of the medicine, would still feel it when he heard movement.


When Cheng Junyu came, I did feel it, and I heard all his conversation with Fu Shenyan.


But probably because of the drugs, I couldn’t open my eyes.


I vaguely heard the conversation between the two men, and Cheng Junyu seemed to have sensed that I might be depressed.


Prescribed some medicine to Fu Shen Yan, “she may have reached a severe degree, she is at ease with herself in a very harsh environment, and also still don’t leave him alone, she may do it to herself at any time, she will act in extremes when she is hurt in the capital and physically, and without warning, her reaction today is a little better, at least she is still willing to turn temper out towards you, once she has no emotional ups and downs, that kind of point, her heart basically just feels like there’s no point in living, thinking of suicide at any time, it’s better to take care not to let her get hurt in any way during this time, and try to keep her in a happy mood.”


Fu Shen Yan gave a hmmm, his voice was pressed extremely hard.


I didn’t listen to the latter words anymore, my sleepiness was too strong, so I went straight to sleep.


I thought the sleeping pills would at least last me until the next morning, but I woke up in the early hours.


There was a dim desk lamp on the bed, and I’m afraid of the dark, so the bedroom light is basically dimly lit at night.


I woke up and couldn’t fall asleep. I rolled over slightly and pulled my wound, and I subconsciously drew a cold breath.


The man beside me, Fu Shenyan, was a light sleeper and opened his dark eyes at the sound of movement.


I frowned as I met him, “Get out!”


He raised his hand to encircle my body, his voice low and muffled, “Are you going to be angry with me for the rest of your life?”


I pursed my lips.


I wasn’t going to be angry with him for the rest of my life.


But right now at least I didn’t want to lie in the same bed with him.


I couldn’t understand why I was reacting so badly, but the reaction inside was just real, and I didn’t want to control my emotions or hide them, so I gave them all to him.