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Never Say Never Chapter 389-390

Chapter 389

He hadn’t done anything wrong, but he had been brutal to me, and he hadn’t restrained himself when it came to conjugal matters.


But I was just angry.


Seeing me purse my lips, he sighed slightly and said, “Shen Shu, you are my only woman, and I am a man, so it is my fault for not restraining myself from hurting you in the matter of man and woman, I will pay attention to this matter in the future, and I will not do this kind of thing again.”


“So, you just think I should forgive you for this?” Even if it’s just me, after all these years, didn’t he used to have it all under control pretty well? How come he can’t control it now?


What kind of excuse is that.


He sighed and lost his smile, “Well, you really shouldn’t be forgiven for being so rough, just beat me up if you’re still angry when you’re better.”


I gave him a blank look, closed my eyes and went back to sleep.


He hugged me and leaned his head on my shoulder, his voice was low, “Shen Shu, when I see other people near you, I get angry and eat my mistakes, when you ignore me and push me to other people, I feel bad too, from now on, don’t just push me towards other people, okay? I’m your husband, not an object.”


His voice was low, but gentle, and dull with sleepiness, and it was clear that he was easing our relationship.


He’d cajoled like that, we were married, and I couldn’t just stay angry unless I wasn’t going to live with him anymore.


After a pause, I pursed my lips and shifted slightly, saying, “I’m still sore and sleepy, but I can’t seem to sleep again.”


He put his arm around me, “Well, I know, just close your eyes, empty your head and you’ll be asleep in a minute.


Hmmm ……


When I woke up again, it was already the next day.


I originally thought Fu Shen Yan would be out working, but when I woke up he was still lying down, his dark eyes were closed, and the high bridge of his nose was flanked by some shadows that made it look even taller, with a short beard growing under his chin, perhaps from staying up late last night.


The sleeping man was handsome and noble, without his usual coldness, and more and more memorable.


I slept very well and woke up with a much clearer head, so I got up to wash up.


He pulled me back into bed and rested my head on his firm arm.


He kissed me lightly on the forehead and his voice was magnetic, “You’re awake?”


I nodded and stared at him blankly, “Why aren’t you at the office?”


He rubbed his chin against my face, his scruff stinging me, “It’s the end of the year and there’s a lot going on at the office, so I won’t have time to spend time with you in the next few days, and it’s not a big deal today, so I’ll just stay with you and get some sleep.”


I pursed my lips, “But I have to go to the office today!” Huayao and Gu had officially started working, and although I was only responsible for checking on the progress, I still had to be more or less on top of things.


“I’ll go with you!” He spoke, moving his body towards me again.


I froze, “Huh?” What do you mean go with me?


He raised an eyebrow and kissed me on the corner of my mouth as if he was in a good mood, “Is there a rule in your company that you can’t bring your husband to work?”


That’s not true!




After a pause, I looked at him and said, “I’m afraid it would be very inconvenient for you to go!” He was a flashy-looking guy, and with his special status, if he followed me to the office now, he would attract a lot of people to talk about him.


“It’s okay, I’m convenient and I’ll make it as convenient for you as possible!”


I ……


There doesn’t seem to be anything else I can say.


Chapter 390

“I’m going to wash up!” I rolled over and got up and went into the bathroom.


It was getting colder by the day in winter, and the water outside was foggy and cold, so I turned on the tap and waited a while before there was hot water.


He had dark circles under his eyes, which looked like he hadn’t slept enough.


I looked at him, “What time did you sleep last night?”


He yawned, “Two o’clock!”


So late!


It was only seven in the morning, so he obviously hadn’t slept enough, “Do you want to lie down for a while?”


He wrapped his arms around me from behind and said, half coaxing, half seriously, “Jun Yu said he wanted me to follow you around 24 hours a day.”


What kind of talk is that?


“You wash up, I’ll take a shower!”


This caught me a little off guard and I looked at him blankly, wondering why he had suddenly done this.


I couldn’t help but stare towards him subconsciously, averting my gaze for a moment and pursing my lips, “You shower first, I’m going out!”


The person was pulled by him, “What are you hiding from, you haven’t seen it?”


I ……


nibbled on my lips again and he spoke, “Wash.”


Watching him release the water, I froze and said, “Fu Shen Yan, take time to take me to see a doctor!”


His eyes deepened slightly, “You’ve figured it out?”


I nodded, “I’ve heard that too many sleeping pills aren’t good either.”


“Heh!” He suddenly laughed as the water rattled in the bathroom, he walked towards me and stuck his fingers in my hair, palmed the back of my head and kissed me, before releasing me and saying, “It’s not as simple as taking sleeping pills, don’t run away from it again, eh?”


I nodded, but my mouth hurt a little from his bite, so I looked down and said, “You’re always so rude, can I not run away?”


That was a bad thing to say about him.


He laughed, “It’s true that I’m to blame, I’ll be more gentle from now on.”


I pushed her away, “Go and take a shower!” I washed my face briefly and went out.


I wasn’t that bored and enjoyed watching people shower.




After eating breakfast, Fu Shen Yan went with me to Gu’s. I went to work at nine o’clock, although I went out early, the road was jammed, and it was almost nine o’clock when I arrived at the company.


The good thing is that you don’t have to punch your card.


The lift was crowded with people because of the rush, and Fu Shen Yan’s tall body protected me in his arms so I wasn’t squeezed out of shape, but he was tall and handsome, and for six months he was the man of the hour in the financial headlines of the capital.


Many of Gu’s white-collar workers recognised him and looked towards him from time to time, with some bold ones even opening their mouths to greet him.


I was a bit embarra*sed, as Fu Shen Yan and I were already in an intimate position, plus he was intent on protecting me, so it was inevitable that some curious people would ask, “Mr. Fu, are you and Director Shen in a relationship?”


I originally thought that Fu Shen Yan, who had always been cold and arrogant, would not answer him, and would at most smile out of politeness, but to my surprise he actually said, “We are a couple, and have been married for several years.”


Everyone in the lift probably didn’t expect this, and everyone cast gossipy and surprised glances for a while.


I wanted to say something for a while, but there didn’t seem to be anything I could say, so I just pulled a smile and looked at everyone.


The gossipy nature of human nature made everyone in the lift start asking questions about my relationship with Fu Shenyan and how we got married.


When the lift arrived, I grabbed Fu Shenyan, smiled and apologized while dragging him straight to my office.


Pulling him into my office, I glared at Fu Shen Yan and said, “I told you, you shouldn’t have come to follow me to the office.”