Never Say Never Chapter 401-402

Chapter 401

After thinking about it, I spoke up anyway, “Is it all the hospital that Dr. Cheng manages that has problems?”


He nodded, “The medical piece is all handled by him.”


“So, could it be ……,” I said, but I felt that this was a suspicion of sowing discord, so I changed the subject and said, “How many years have you known Dr. Cheng?”


He smiled and looked down at me and said, “I’ve known him since college, why are you asking this all of a sudden? What, are you interested in learning about my past?”


I laughed and said, “So how did you become such close and trusting friends?”


There is always a time when people have a heartfelt, heart-to-heart relationship before they become trusting friends, or at least that’s what I understood.


I looked up at him, and as far as I could see, his jaw was sharply defined, and it was true that good-looking people were extremely good-looking from that angle.


He paused with his eyebrows averted before saying, “I’ll tell you something later, are you sleepy?”


He didn’t want to talk about it, so I didn’t force him, I just said, “Oh!


And then I stopped talking.


He had no intention of picking up his phone after several attempts, and I took a sideways glance to see that it was Lu Xinran.


I couldn’t help but frown at him and say, “It’s noisy!”


He frowned and put the phone on mute, but I saw it anyway, the phone was on the side, and even though there was no sound, the phone screen would always light up.


One after another, I was a little annoyed and looked at Fu Shen Yan and started to get angry, “Can’t you just answer it? It’s annoying.”


He frowned, his handsome brow tinged with a bit of gloom, “You want me to answer?”


“Fu Shen Yan, you cut the crap, if you want to pick up, you pick up, if you don’t want to pick up, hang up the phone and go out to find her, don’t put it in front of your eyes and annoy people.” It was really annoying, staying up at midnight and calling to hara*s someone’s husband, only Lu Xinran could do this.


Fu Shen Yan was scolded a little confused, after a pause, his handsome face showed some coldness and said, “What do you mean I went out to find her? Are you idle, Shen Shu?”


“Yes, I am idle, please either turn off your phone or go out and turn left, no delivery.”


He picked the phone up, turned on the speakerphone, and said very coldly into the phone, “What is it?”


“Brother Shen Yan, I’m alone in the hospital now, can you come stay with me, I’m scared alone.” This voice is so soft that it can crisp people’s bones.


Fu Shen Yan opened his mouth, his voice low and cold, “Am I a father or your mother? I need to be at your beck and call, Lu Xinran has to have a degree in everything, your brother is asking me to take care of you, but didn’t say I should dedicate myself.”


After a pause, he had spoke, emotionless, “Also, please don’t call me in the middle of the night again, my wife is a light sleeper and has a bad temper, I have to coax her for a long time to wake her up, she’s hard to coax.”


After saying that, he just hung up the phone and then turned it off by the way.


Looking at me, he raised an eyebrow, “Satisfied?”


I gave him a blank look, “Sick!”


I then pulled my body under the covers and he laid down after me, rubbing a few more kisses on me.


It was getting late, so I closed my eyes and prepared for bed, but then I realized something was wrong.


I couldn’t help but frown, pushing Fu Shen Yan, who was hugging me tightly, away and snarling, “Fu Shen Yan, what are you doing?”


Chapter 402

“Hard!” He spoke, unashamedly, and the words came out of his mouth again as a matter of course.


I almost lost my breath and said, “If you want to get mad, get out and leave me alone.”


He pulled me into his arms, saying, “Where else would I go? It’s been a long night, don’t you think you’re being a bit cruel?”


I ……


held my breath and I pulled a fake smile, “Mr. Fu, I thank you for the lift.”


He laughed, “No need.”


I loled ……


The shamelessness has reached a certain level, and it’s all right if you want to have a face or not.


“Fu Shen Yan, if you are restless, let’s sleep in separate rooms in the future, I can’t sleep with you beside me like this, you know, I’ve always been a bad sleeper.” I was serious, it was unbearable for anyone to be pulled like this by him all the time.


He paused and said, “Twice a week, I won’t touch you the rest of the time, eh?”


Heh heh heh!


That’s two F**king nights, not twice.


With a blank stare, I rolled a bit, not saying more to him, and spoke, “Sleep.”


Dazed and confused, I was held tightly in his arms, noticing that his breathing was a little heavy, I couldn’t help but sigh, “Fu Shen Yan, go sleep in the guest room!”


He spoke, his voice hoarse, “Once?”


I pursed my lips, sleepy as hell, “Fu Shen Yan, I’m sleepy.”


I was really sleepy, so I didn’t even know how I ended up falling asleep.


The next day I woke up.


I saw him putting on his suit, his elegant and noble image and temperament was extremely inconsistent with his beastly behavior last night.


I could not help but purse my lips and whisper, “A beast of a man.”


The man had excellent ears, my voice was not loud, but he heard me, narrowed his eyes and walked towards me, hooking his lips.


I ignored him and closed my eyes, ready to go back to sleep.


But he didn’t let me get away with it, and scooping me up from the covers, he rubbed against my pyjamas without restraint.


I had to fight several times before I could open his hand and said with a cold face, “Are you bothering me, Fu Shen Yan? You don’t let me sleep at night and you don’t let anyone sleep in the morning, if you want to get me killed, you can just do it freely, there’s no need to be so abrasive.”


He laughed out loud and nuzzled my ear, “Shen Shu, are you having your period?”


My anger flared up and I pulled a pillow and threw it at him, saying, “Get out!”


He seemed to get used to it and gave me a kiss on the forehead and left.




I wasn’t going to go out, but Han Shuang called to talk to me.


She had come to the capital after the Luqi affair, and after several interviews with her highly educated and capable self, she had successfully gotten into the Mo family’s company.


The address was about a teahouse. Not many people in the capital seem to like tea, so it wasn’t easy to find a good one.


But if you have the will to look, you can naturally find one.


The one she found was a rather secluded teahouse, in the neighborhood. Han Shuanghe and I went into the teahouse together and found a private room by the window and ordered a bubble of Wuyishan Da Hong Pao.


“I’m relieved that Lu Qi has been sentenced to death, thank you!” She spoke up just as she sat down.


I smiled lightly, “No need, I have an agenda myself.”


She smiled, not really caring, and spoke, “Mr. Fu’s company should be in big trouble.”


I froze slightly, Fu Shen Yan probably wouldn’t make a big announcement about this, and those who knew about it were basically the few shareholders at the top of the company.


After a pause, I couldn’t help but say, “Did someone from the Mo family do this?”