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Never Say Never Chapter 403-404

Chapter 403

She shook her head, “No, it’s Lin Wan’s side, she’s walked around before with River Cheng Jun Yu, this time it’s probably all contacted in advance, two hundred hospitals in the country, all of them have problems, plus the ones abroad, all of them are managed by Fu, so they probably want to drag down Fu.”


I couldn’t help but stare, Fu Shen Yan had indeed been quite busy recently, but he was a man who didn’t tell me anything, and I didn’t know much.


From what Han Shuang was saying, it should be serious.


“Is there any evidence?” Hasn’t Lin Wan been under investigation recently, how would he have time to go after Fu’s.


Could it be that she was deliberately using this opportunity to draw attention away?


Han Shuang shook his head and said, “This is something I only recently reacted to, before Fu intended to come to the capital to develop, I knew on the side of Lu Qi that Lin Wanhe Cheng Junyu had been meeting, at the time I did not know what they were going to do, now that I think about it, it’s the matter of the hospital, hundreds of hospitals all with false charges, as well as unwarranted extra high fees, the elderly of a retired official family in the capital. Popular world for several months, but the hospital have been still charging for various reasons, this kind of case study quite a lot of the country, every hospital will, whether the matter examination or prescribe medicine, will charge for no reason, but this time the matter is more serious.”


After a pause, she said, “The hospital billed up to a million dollars for treatment after that old man died, so it was sued by the old man’s children.”


I wrinkled my nose, “The hospital is still charging for treatment months after the person died? Medical for what? A corpse?”


She shook her head, “I don’t know, these fees are obviously just unreasonable, and there are quite a few of these things, all of the hospitals under Fu’s umbrella have them, so it will be very complicated to deal with now, the situation is true and the behaviour is bad, it’s possible that Fu Shen Yan will have to go to jail.”


Impossible, this kind of thing Fu Shen Yan can not do ah!


“The medical piece has always been managed by Cheng Junyu, Fu Shenyan trusts him and has never asked questions, now developing foreign markets, so the medical research is conveniently given to him, how could this be?”


Could it be that Fu Shenyan River Cheng Junyu really had a past that was unknown to people?


Han Shuang sighed, “This is a plot that someone has been planning for a long time, now it is up to Mr. Fu how to solve it.”


I pursed my lips, “The old man’s children have been paying the bills after the patient’s death? The extra million or so for no apparent reason have been silent?”


Even if they were normal people, their parents were gone, they couldn’t continue to call in the fees anymore, could they?


She nodded, “Moreover, they kept track of all the bills, including the medication prescribed for each treatment, all this time the whole society’s public opinion was accusing Fu of being black-hearted.”


The evidence was overwhelming, and with this situation of being subjected to public opinion, it was basically impossible for Fu Shen Yan to reverse it.


Lin Wan was really ruthless, if she didn’t make a move, she would make it fatal.


After thinking about it, I said, “Chen Bureau has been unable to find out anything, is there anything you can do from your side?”


Although Lin Wan and Chen Bureau were close, there was no money exchanged between their accounts, and as for the cash exchange, there was basically no evidence to be found, and nothing could be found at Chen Bureau’s home.


She thought about it and said, “I don’t know much about these things, so I’ll go back and look carefully to see if I can find anything useful.”


I nodded my head, and that was all I could do.


Chapter 404

Han Shuang and I didn’t talk for long, and it was inevitable that someone would notice after a long time.


Originally, I was planning to go straight back to the villa, but then I thought about the Gu family, and after a pause, I went to the Gu family to see Gu Han.


But, the car didn’t take long to drive before it got stuck under a luxury building in the city centre.


Many of the people in the car got out and hurriedly looked down towards the building, a situation that clearly meant something was wrong.


I’m not one to get into a frenzy, and with the front and back blocked, I couldn’t resist getting out of the car and pulling the excited older woman in for a moment to ask what was going on.


The middle-aged woman in addition to playing cards is watching the hustle and bustle, the aunt saw me ask, and hurriedly had the voice to say, “Oh yo, little girl you hurry, or find a way people go first, that building in front of someone jumped, I heard it was Gu’s just died chairman’s ex-wife, this luxury family is not easy to live ah, this ex-husband just died, this ex-wife was forced to jump by the mistress, you do not say, this Jiangcheng The daughter of the Fu family is really powerful, you see, she has taken the inheritance, but also forced his wife to jump off the building.


The crowd under the building was noisy and screaming, the older woman was rushing to see the action and didn’t say much to me for a while, so she hurriedly squeezed on.


I was lost in thought for a few seconds, the ex-wife of Gu’s chairman, Xu Hui? Gu Han’s mother?


After thinking about it, I locked the car door and followed without much thought.


In just a few minutes, the Triangle Building in the city centre was already packed with people, and the streets around it were blocked with water.


The Triangle Building is the address that Fu Shenyan chose for his head office in the capital, surrounded by several famous office buildings in the capital, Gu’s and Mo’s are all there.


Xu Hui climbed to the top of the building, which is hundreds of storeys high, and if you don’t look closely, you can’t even see that someone is going to jump from the roof.


The building was surrounded by a lot of people pa*sing by, originally the result of a feud between the gentry, and there were extremely many people watching the action.


Someone had already called the police, fire engines were basically coming, and the building was surrounded by police control to keep people away.


People inside the building couldn’t get out and people outside couldn’t get in.


Because I didn’t know what was going on, I called Gu Han a few times, but he never answered.


I called Fu Shen Yan again, and when the call was answered, it sounded like he was on a plane, probably in a hurry, he just said, “I’m going to Jiangcheng temporarily, I’ll be home later, don’t wait for me for dinner.”


Then he hung up, and when I called again, the phone was already switched off.


I had no choice but to push my way to the front and negotiate with the police, “Comrade police, can you let me in? I know the lady who jumped from the building above.”


“Who is she to you?” The policeman spoke up, gesturing for me to push backwards and stay away from the crime scene.


Gu Hengyang and Xu Hui were already divorced, and I couldn’t think of anything to do with this incident, and spoke, “She’s my friend’s mother? Is it okay if you let me go up and take a look?”


“You must be an immediate relative to go up there, ma’am please step back and don’t interfere with our work.” The policeman finished and pushed me backwards.


It almost pushed me to the ground, but I was held up.


“I am Gu Han, the son of the lady above, may I go up?” Gu Han held me steady on my feet and handed the policeman his papers from his shirt.


The policeman looked at it and after a pause said, “Mr. Gu, please!”


Gu Han looked at him, extraordinarily cold, pulled me and went up the building, I followed him and it didn’t take long to reach the top floor.


These office buildings generally did not allow outsiders to enter, especially the top floor, and basically only those with work permits could come up.


The penthouse was open-air, with high railings, flowers and plants planted around it, and open-air tables, chairs and umbrellas, so it was obviously used for resting.