Never Say Never Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41

“Fu Shen Yan, not yet, it’ll get infected!” Lu Xinran hadn’t had a miscarriage for long, he couldn’t touch it, and I was the same, so I could figure out that he was like this.


Seeing him unmoved, I got a little anxious, “Fu Shen Yan, the doctor said it would take a month, please.”


I was on the verge of tears.


Perhaps sensing the pleading in my voice, he gradually stopped moving and without saying a word, he held me tightly in his arms, his thin, cool lips lightly tracing my collarbone.


After a long time, he calmed his breath before releasing me, his gaze lowering as he said, “Hungry?”


I nodded, smiling unnaturally, and said, “I haven’t eaten all day!”


Fu Shen Yan was stunned, then his dark eyes fell on the cucumber just now, looking at me with a complicated gaze, “You were going to eat cucumber?”


I nodded, “The smell of grease in the kitchen was too strong and I didn’t want to cook, so I washed two cucumbers.”


He lowered his eyes and the corners of his mouth turned up slightly, looking like a smile and helpless.


After a long time, he got up and went into the kitchen, coming out with a bowl of noodles in his hand and two eggs on top.


When he saw me staring at him, his handsome eyebrows rose and he said, “Come and eat!” Although it was an order, it wasn’t annoying.


I couldn’t help but think of what Cheng Junyu said today, if I confessed to Fu Shenyan, would he really take care of this matter?


I got up and made my way to the table, seeing that Fu Shen Yan had only cooked a bowl of noodles, I froze and said, “You’ve eaten?”


He nodded, gesturing for me to hurry up and eat, and then looked down at the messages on his phone.


The noodles looked and tasted really good, but for some reason, I had just taken a few bites when my stomach gave out and I held back a few times.


I couldn’t hold it in for a while, “Vomit!” I ran to the washroom and threw up everything I had just eaten, making my stomach feel even worse.


“Not good?” A cold voice came from behind me, and I froze, looking back at Fu Shen Yan, who was clinging to the doorway.


Hastily shaking his head, he said, “No, I might have been hungry all day, and now that I’m suddenly eating, my stomach can’t take it, that’s why I’m retching.”


Helping me up and pulling me up to the first floor, I was a little confused.


“What’s wrong?”


He took off the suit he was wearing and then changed into a casual dress code and looked at me and said, “Change your clothes, what do you want to eat, let’s go out to eat!”


I froze and said, “I’m not hungry, I can’t go out to eat, I’m not going.”


But, as if my words were useless, he looked at me and said, without giving me any room to refuse, “I’ll wait for you outside!”


Honestly, I really wasn’t hungry, but ……


I thought about it, but I finally changed my clothes and went out with him.


The city was bustling with people at seven or eight o’clock, and Fu Shen Yan, driving his car, gave me a sideways glance and said, “What would you like to eat?”


I thought about it and said, “Something lighter!”


Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and I feel like I’m resistant to fishy smells.


He nodded slightly, and looking at his handsome, warm brow, I suddenly realised that this was the best day I had spent with Fu Shenyan since we got married.


For a few seconds, I greedily thought how nice it would be if we could go on forever, how happy we would be as a family of three living nicely like this!


I got out of the car and went straight into the congee shop to look for a seat, perhaps because not many people came in the evening.


I just sat down and the waiter handed me the menu. Fu Shenyan had eaten and I didn’t have a good appetite myself, so I just ordered a few snacks and a pumpkin congee.


To my surprise, Fu Shenyan pulled up and came in with two people, Lu Xinran and Qiao Zhuan Yan.


A coincidental meeting? Or did they have an appointment in advance?


Chapter 42

Seeing that I had already sat down, Fu Shen Yan three people walked to my side and sat down, seeing me, Lu Xinran’s face changed, then did not say much, originally four people’s seat.


Because I sat down first, Lu Xinran was one step ahead of Fu Shen Yan and sat next to me, looking delicate and saying, “Sister Shen, it’s okay if I sit next to you, right?”


Can I say it’s okay?




So I was silent.


“What have you ordered?” Fu Shen Yan spoke up and took the menu from the waiter and looked at me.


I spoke, “A few snacks and a congee!”


He nodded and looked down to choose a few items, Qiao Zhuan Yan bristled and said, “Don’t order mine, Third Brother, I don’t have an appetite.”


Fu Shen Yan nodded, and then gave the menu to the waiter.


The three of them began to talk, and I couldn’t intervene in their conversation, so I kept quiet.


The waiter brought up the congee, it was pumpkin congee, just put it down Fu Shen Yan pushed the congee to Lu Xinran naturally, his voice was low and magnetic, “It’s for you, have some, warm your stomach.”


Lu Xinran avian with a joyful smile, “I knew Shen Yan knew me best, knew I liked pumpkin porridge best!”


I was stung by this silent scene.


Because put on the heart, so many details he knows, gentle to the bone love, is I attempt a lifetime to catch up with the honor.


“Sister Shen, what congee did you order? Why don’t we drink it together, their pumpkin congee is very good, Brother Shen Yan used to bring me here often.” As she spoke, Lu Xinran had already placed the congee in front of me.


I shook my head and pushed the congee back, laughing, “I ordered it too, it’ll be ready in a minute!”


Seeing this, she also said more and continued to chat with the two men about topics that I couldn’t get stuck into.


It didn’t take long for the small dishes and congee to be served, and when she saw that I had also ordered pumpkin congee, Lu Xinran smiled innocently and said, “Sister Shen, you also like pumpkin congee, ah, whisper it to you, the congee cooked by Shen Yan is going to be super delicious!”


I don’t like people getting too close to me, so I moved slightly with a twist of my brow.


“Oops!” The pumpkin porridge I had taken a few sips of in front of me spilled all over me for some reason, spilling everywhere.


Because it was a bit hot, I instinctively stood up, but I didn’t want to bump into Lu Xinran who was close to me, and she let out a cry of pain and surprise.


I didn’t have time to apologise, so I reached for a tissue to wipe the porridge from my legs. I had been rushed by Fu Shenyan when I left the house, and I was only wearing a dress, which was thin, and my skin was mostly red from the burning.


I wiped most of the porridge off my body and turned around to see Fu Shen Yan lowering his head and kneeling in front of Lu Xinran to wipe her nosebleed.


I think I got up too quickly just now and hit Lu Xinran’s nose, so ……


The actual fact is that you can find tissues and hand them to Fu Shen Yan, looking at me with wrinkled brows and warm anger, “Does Miss Shen never go out with eyes?”


I froze, not knowing what to say for a moment.


Looking at Lu Xinran’s red and swollen eyes, and the nosebleed that had almost been dealt with, I suppressed the sourness in my heart and spoke, “Miss Lu, I’m sorry!”


I hadn’t even touched the pumpkin congee just now, and I couldn’t think of anyone else who would be so bored as to push the congee towards me, except for Lu Xinran who was leaning closest to me.


“It’s alright, Sister Shen, you should be more careful next time.” After Lu Xinran finished, she looked at Fu Shen Yan with red eyes and said, “Brother Shen Yan, the congee spilled and I don’t want to eat it anymore, will you go out with me for a stroll?”