Never Say Never Chapter 43-44

Chapter 43

Fu Shen Yan frowned and looked at the still untouched snacks on the table and said, “Have something to eat before you go!”


And so, in this silent storm, no one even noticed that I had been burned, no one even noticed that the porridge had been spilled on me.


I stood by, suddenly feeling superfluous and ridiculous.


“I’ll go first!” Dropping the words, I turned and walked out of the restaurant, my heart feeling like a cold winter blade had been thrust into it, unable to pull it out and aching more than once.


God wasn’t so fair, when he gave gifts, he gave some girls sweets, joy, fulfillment, while he gave some girls pain, torture.


“Shen Shu!” A low, warm, angry voice came from behind me, and I turned around to see Fu Shen Yan following me out.


Looking at me, he frowned slightly, his vague anger lurking, “What are you doing?”


Doing what? Is this blame? Blaming me for bumping into Lu Xinran?


“I can’t eat, I want to go back.” It was hard on my heart, and I didn’t want to say too much for fear that I wouldn’t be able to bear the outburst of my aggression.


He walked towards me, his face not good, “Shen Shu, is this your upbringing?”


I raised my eyes to look at him as he tugged on my wrist, and what I saw was his grim, cold face. What is your so-called upbringing, Fu Shen Yan? A married man can take care of another woman in front of his own wife, completely disregarding her feelings?”


Ignoring his gloomy face, I continued to sneer, “Lu Xinran has upbringing? Blatantly being a third party and stealing someone else’s man in a dignified manner, Fu Shen Yan! What kind of educational background makes such a big gap between what you understand and what I understand as upbringing?”


“Shen Shu!” He suddenly increased the strength of his grip on my hand, the veins on his forehead tensing up, gritting his teeth, one word seeming to squeeze out from the back of his throat: “You should be glad that I don’t hit women.”


I laughed, holding back the pain that was about to crush my wrist, and looked at him, “Mr. Fu is really generous, but can you please let go? You choking a woman’s hand like that has the same effect as hitting a woman.”


Fu Shen Yan was so angry that the veins on his forehead popped out, but he shook off my hand and said in a cold and violent voice, “You are not qualified to judge Xin Ran, you are not worthy!”


He turned around coldly, his body surrounded by cold.


I’m not worthy? The original aggression and anger was hit by his sentence, I stepped forward and tugged him, looking at him with a smile, “Yes, I am not worthy, compared to Lu Xinran’s hypocrisy, I am really not worthy, not as good as you like to play behind your back, disgusting yourself, but also disgusting others.”


After saying that, I ignored his anger and went back into the restaurant, where Lu Xinran and Qiao Zhuan Yan were still sitting in their original seats.


Seeing me enter again, Lu Xinran was still full of fake smiles and said sympathetically, “Sister Shen ……”


I coldly shot her a glance, and I splashed all the snacks and congee that I had ordered on the table, all over her head without a care in the world.


Without waiting for her to make a reaction, I spoke, “Lu Xinran, I don’t know what kind of education makes you so fond of robbing others, so fond of pretending to be agreeable and begging for attention, so fond of shading others, but I still have to tell you, if you walk too much at night, you will still encounter ghosts.”


“Since you like second-hand goods so much, then I’ll make you whole, to tell you the truth, I do like Fu Shenyan yes, but for a man like him who eats from the bowl and looks at the pot, to be honest, I’m now disgusted and even sick to my stomach, please stay with him more lately, so that he doesn’t have enough to eat to find something elsewhere and be disgusting!”


Chapter 44

“Shen Shu!” A stormy voice came from the restaurant door.


I didn’t bother to look, so what if I was angry? Compared to their invisible knives, I was at least bare-faced and open-minded.


I turned around and walked out of the restaurant, brushing past Fu Shen Yan at the door, my wrist was yanked by his hand, I lost my temper and bit down.


I thought he would let go, but I didn’t want him to fiercely cross me up, then simply roughly throw me into the car, and then start the car.


The car was like being chased all the way, bumping me around so much that I recoiled.


The good news is that it didn’t take long to stop, and before I had time to rejoice, my whole body was ripped up and carried into the villa.


Fu Shen Yan was up in a hurry, and with the wind at his feet, he took me to the bedroom.


“Bang!” The sound of the door slamming shut made the whole villa tremble.


“Fu Shen Yan, you let go of me, you are not a man.” My heart was panicked and my mouth was uncovered, saying whatever came to mind.


He laughed coldly, choking me to silence me, staring at me violently and grimly, “I’m not a man? I’m eating from the bowl and looking at the pot? I disgust you?”


The force under his hands increased, his dark eyes tightened deeply, his voice cold and icy, “Shen Shu, you are too much of a surprise to me.”


Even if I couldn’t say anything, I didn’t want to admit defeat, even if I had to fight to the death, it was better than thinking about boiling a frog in warm water.


The four eyes were facing each other, and the sword was shining.


For a long time, I couldn’t breathe, my brain was deprived of oxygen, and for a moment I felt dizzy, he wanted to strangle me!


A moment later, he released me, and just as I was free, he leaned down and gagged me to breathe.


I couldn’t move at this point and was so angry that my heart was heaving, “Fu Shen Yan, that’s all you’ve got, what kind of hero is bullying a woman.”


He laughed coldly, his black eyes holding a bloodthirsty light.


I panicked, looking at his cruel and hostile gaze, my voice faltered, “Fu Shen Yan, you can’t do this to me!”


Fu Shen Yan’s hands braced against my sides as the man’s lips fell.


I frowned in pain and said in panic and confusion, “Fu Shen Yan, you’ll regret this!”


He paused only slightly, his voice low and hoarse, “Be good, I’ll be gentle!”


Son of a B*tch!


I was completely shattered for a moment, my long-accumulated grievances exploded in this instant.


Tears rolled down my face like heavy rain, from a small sob to a bawling cry, without any regard for what Fu Shen Yan was feeling.


The more he spoke, the louder I cried.


In the end, he had no choice but to hold me in his arms and soothe me, ranging from gentle coaxing to loud threats to no avail.


When I cried, I couldn’t stop. He had no choice but to hold me in his arms and let me cry.


After a long time, my voice was hoarse and my tears were gone, and I began to quiet down.


“Had enough of crying?” He spoke, his voice low and hoarse.


I didn’t say anything, my eyes were hurting a bit and I was quiet and didn’t want to pay attention to him.


“Four years ago I sent my grandfather to the southwest border to meet his old comrades, and on the way I met a group of outlaws.” He wrapped his arms around me and suddenly opened his mouth, his voice filled with a bit more melancholy and sadness that I had never seen before.


Not knowing what he was going to say, I simply kept silent and let him hold me as I listened to him continue to speak, “The border was poor, supplies were scarce, and there were several border countries at war at the time, and those outlaws broke into the home of Grandpa’s old comrades in search of asylum and tried to threaten us to bring them in. He was an old warrior and had been guarding the country for decades, so naturally he would not know the law and break it, so he immediately threatened to die rather than obey. They were all outlaws, and when they saw that Grandpa did not agree, they wanted to kill them, and Grandpa’s old comrades died to cover me and Grandpa at that time.”