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Never Say Never Chapter 417-418

Chapter 417

Noticing the dark bruises under her eyes, I guess she hadn’t slept much in the past few days, and now that she had made this offer and I had returned it, it wouldn’t be right to say no.


After thinking about it, I said, “Yes, but I have to talk to Shen Yan about this.”


“No need!” Fu Qingyin hurriedly said, “I will talk to him about this, he has been so busy lately that he probably doesn’t have time to care about you, you can go to Gu’s house and bring Sister Zhang with you, someone to take care of him.”


I nodded slightly, thinking that it sounded reasonable, but on second thought, I didn’t think it did.


Seeing me nod, she smiled, “Then you can go upstairs and pack your things, and go to Gu’s house with me later, it’s not too snowy today, all the snow on the roads in the capital has been cleared, if this goes on for a few days, I’m afraid the roads will be closed because of the snow.”


I froze, “Are you going there today?”


She nodded, “Yes, today is convenient, I’ll call Shen Yan later and tell him that the Gu family has everything, you can pack and bring the necessary things, clothes and shoes, I’ll ask the housekeeper to purchase them for you, according to your favorite style.”


I shook my head, “I don’t need these, I’m only going to be there for a few days, I won’t need much, besides it’s close by, just come and get them if you need to.”


She smiled and looked at Sister Zhang, “Sister Zhang, you should also go and pack, we’ll go together later.


Sister Zhang looked at me blankly and said, “It’s close by, if there’s anything, you can just go back and forth, why do you have to go and live there?”


Fu Qingyin grabbed the words and said, “It’s more convenient to stay over there, I have to sleep over there at night, it’s troublesome to go back and forth, so I’ll just bring the things I have to use.”


Seeing this, Mrs. Zhang could not say anything more and went upstairs to pack her things.


I originally thought that Fu Qingyin had just taken a temporary note, but I didn’t expect to find out until I reached the door that she had brought two drivers with her when she came.


“I thought there was a lot of snow on the road, and I was afraid that if anything happened on the way, it would be better to take care of it.” She saw me looking at the two cars in a daze and couldn’t help but explain.


So, I didn’t ask too many questions, after all, I had agreed to this, I couldn’t say I wasn’t going!


The Gu family!


A heavy snowfall added a lot of pretty colours to the already extremely scenic Gu’s villa.


There were many plum blossoms planted in the Gu family courtyard, and the white snowflakes fell on the plum blossoms in their first bloom, with pink stamens in the white snow, making them look particularly beautiful.


The cobblestones were covered with mounds of snow, shallowly stepping out a section of footprints leading straight to the Gu family’s front door.


The hall of the Gu family was set up with the spirit of Gu Hengyang, and the original splendid and elegant villa had a solemn and cold atmosphere for no reason.


The servants were busy tidying up the courtyard after a night of heavy snow, and Fu Qingyin had the servants take me up to the first floor and arrange a room for me.


I stood on the balcony of the first floor hall looking at the snowy scene downstairs, unaware that it seemed like it was almost New Year’s Eve.


The year had gone by so fast.


“Did she send you over?” A cold, icy voice came from behind me.


The last time I saw him, it had been many days, he seemed to have lost a lot of weight, the shade on his face was even thicker, his dark eyes held an icy chill, not to mention the cold outside on a snowy day.


I subconsciously gathered up my dragon jacket and looked at him, “How have you been?”


Chapter 418

He gave me a faint look, his slender body walked to the black sofa in the hall and sat down, swept me a glance and said faintly, “Not really good, what about you? Fu Qingyin brought you to the Gu family, and Fu Shenyan agreed?”


As he spoke, he lit a cigarette and took a few puffs with narrowed eyes, looking untamed and cold.


I walked across to him and sat down, looking at his cold, handsome face, and said, “I’m just coming over for a few days, he’s been busy lately and has no time for me, there’s a lot going on in the Gu family, so I might be able to help.”


He hooked his lips, showing a cold smile, and said somewhat sarcastically, “For Fu Qingyin, it is indeed possible to be of help.”


I always felt that he was speaking in an ominous manner now, so I couldn’t help but purse my lips and say, “How are the arrangements for Auntie’s side of the family coming along?”


Xu Hui had already divorced Gu Hengyang, so the funeral was all being handled by the Xu family.


“En, it’s all pretty good!” He raised his hand and pinched his brow, closing his eyes and speaking lightly.


It was normal for him not to sleep well these days as he was busy, and seeing as he didn’t have the ** to talk much.


I didn’t say much more, Fu Qingyin went to take care of the company’s business, and I had nothing to do in the Gu family.


I heard Gu Han’s shallow breathing coming from the sofa not long after, as if he was asleep.


I got up to get a quilt for him and spread it over him, and coldly my hand was pulled by him, “You just sit here!”


This inexplicable statement confused me a little, but he was asleep as soon as he spoke.


With my wrist still pulled by him, I jerked it a few times and failed to pull it away, so I couldn’t help but frown, “Gu Han, let go of me first!”


He raised his hand and pressed me to his side, wearily saying, “Stay with me for a while, I haven’t slept in days.”


It sounded like he was extremely tired, so I couldn’t say much, it was fine, so I just sat next to him.


He slept extremely deeply, and looked as if he was too sleepy.


Gu Han slept deeply and for a long time, perhaps because he had nothing to do, so I also fell asleep in a daze.


I opened my eyes in a daze, and before I knew what was going on, Fu Qingyin’s voice came on.


“Xiao Shu, what are you doing? There are so many maids coming in and out of this villa, you guys have to …… avoid it like this, you too ……”


I was a little dizzy, not knowing what was going on, and coming back to my senses I couldn’t help but raise my eyes and look over.


Fu Shen Yan did not know when to come, a handsome face is gloomy and terrible, with a few hints of bloodthirsty terror.


My voice was a little hoarse as I looked at him and said, “You’re back!”


He looked at me and didn’t say anything, his gaze was so gloomy and frightening that I realized after the fact that when I fell asleep just now, I seemed to have leaned into Gu Han’s arms.


So when they came in just now, what they saw was me and Gu Han sleeping towards each other.


Realising why Fu Shenyan was angry, I hurriedly stood up from Gu Han’s arms, but after sitting for a long time and suddenly standing up, a wave of dizziness came over me and I couldn’t help but fall down again.


I didn’t know when he woke up, but he wrapped his arm around me and said in a low voice, “You don’t have enough qi and blood, you need to take care of your body.”


I froze, before I could return to my senses, I was violently yanked up, “Mr. Gu has great love, my wife doesn’t need you to worry about her.”


Fu ShenYan wrapped me in my arms, circling me with extreme force, with cold air radiating from his body.


“Heh!” Gu Han stretched his back and said extraordinarily casually, “What is Mr. Fu doing so nervous? What? Afraid I can’t grab it?”