Never Say Never Chapter 419-420

Chapter 419

This is a blatant provocation, Fu Shen Yan pursed his lips, his dark eyes overflowing with shadows, “How did Mr. Gu get this confidence? Think she’ll look like you?”


I ……


Gu Han raised his eyebrows, looked at me very seriously and smiled lightly, “Xiao Shu, what do you think of me as a person? Do you hate it?”


There was a trap in these words, and Fu Shen Yan’s arm around me was a few points heavier.


I pursed my lips, a little bored, and did not speak.


Seeing my silence, Fu Shen Yan looked sarcastically at Gu Han, “My wife is excellent, but Mr. Gu still has a clear head and remembers the fact that she is already a woman.”


What a boring conversation these two were having.


After giving Gu Han a cold look, Fu Shen Yan dragged me straight into the room where I was staying.


In a few short steps, he was lifting me in.


Just as he closed the bedroom door, Fu Shen Yan violently squeezed my entire body in the entranceway.


The man’s strong hands pressed against my waist and he looked down at me, his voice vaguely restrained with anger, “No explanation? Hmm?”


I pursed my lips and sighed slightly, “There’s nothing between him and me, he’s probably busy with his parents and hasn’t rested well in the past few days, so he fell asleep there just now, I was kind enough to cover him up and then he pulled me in, so the image you just saw happened.”


After a pause, looking at his handsome and somewhat haggard face, I apologized, “I know, actually I shouldn’t have been kind, but Fu Shen Yan, I couldn’t do anything to turn a blind eye to him, if it wasn’t for him, I might not have survived this life in the end, it has nothing to do with liking, he saved me, this life of mine, in fact, should be his, he stayed with me through those dark days, now he The days are the darkest of all, Fu Shen Yan, I hope you understand me, can you?”


If I were to turn a blind eye to Gu Han, I couldn’t do it, I’m not a good person, but in the end, he was the one who pulled me back from the darkness.


He pursed his lips, his deep, bottomless pupils gazing at me for a long time, before he spoke, “Yes, I understand you!”


After a pause, he said in a deep voice, “You can help him, but you can’t be too affectionate, get through this and then distance yourself from him, eh?”


He was wearing a long black tweed coat today, his shoulders still beaded with water from the melting snow, he hadn’t seen him for a few days and his otherwise dry hair had grown a little longer, setting him off more and more haggard.


I nodded, these days, he should be rather busy, now that I had the time, I couldn’t waste time with him arguing all the time!


He wrapped his arms around me, his thin lips nudging my forehead, a smile in his slightly muffled voice, “Let’s go out for dinner tonight, what do you want to eat?”


I froze, “Don’t you want to stay and eat at Gu’s?”


“No, I haven’t seen you for a few days, let’s go eat alone!” He wrapped his arms around me and pressed me into his embrace, snuggling close, “Did you miss me?”


I listened to the sound of his heartbeat and the corners of my mouth involuntarily rose, “So what are we going to eat?”


Pulling away from me slightly, he cupped my face and stroked it, “What do you want to eat? Why don’t you want me?”


I knew he wanted to hear me say I missed him, but I couldn’t say it for a moment.


Looking at him, I said, “Let’s eat Korean food, I’ve got a hankering for Korean bibimbap.”


He smiled down, “Yeah, miss me?”


I ……


He looked down and buried his head in my neck and sniffed, “I thought about you all night yesterday at the hotel and just wanted to hold you like that.”


Chapter 420

He never seemed to say anything sweet to me, so when I heard that, I couldn’t help but look up at him and see the light in his eyes, very bright.


It was especially warm inside for a moment.


“When I saw the snow outside in the courtyard this morning, I wondered if you would not sleep well in the hotel last night, after all, a hotel is not like home, there is no heating or thick clothes, and when I looked at you just now, you seemed haggard.” I said this in a whisper.


But he listened carefully to it all, and a laugh spilled out of his low throat, “Eh, just make it up to me tonight, it’ll be good!”


Hearing the charm in his words, I couldn’t help but look down, blushing profusely.


After talking to Fu Qingyin about going out for dinner, Fu Qingyin was not in a position to say much and simply let us be.


After all, Fu Shen Yan was there, and he offered to take me out of anger, and Fu Qingyin would not say much even if he did not want to.


After leaving the Gu family home, Fu Shen Yan drove me directly to a Korean restaurant in the city centre.


The evening was crowded, but fortunately he had chosen an upscale consumer area, so it wasn’t too crowded.


The environment was elegant and quiet, and after the waiter led us to sit down, Fu Shen Yan looked at me and said, “Apart from bibimbap, what else do you want to eat?”


I pinned my chin and looked at the brightly lit city below, and couldn’t help but say, “Whatever you want!”


He gave me a look, saw that I was interested in the scenery outside the window so he didn’t ask too many questions, ordered the food and looked at me in a daze and said, “What are your plans for Chinese New Year this year?”


I looked at him and said, “Isn’t it going to be the same as in previous years?”


But it was only a moment before I realised that in previous years there had been Grandpa around, which was why he and I had gone back to the Fu family home every year to spend it together, but this year Grandpa was gone and Second Uncle Fu and Second Aunt Fu were not close to us, so there was no taste of New Year back there.


I thought of this, so I pursed my lips and did not say anything.


He saw the concern in my heart and said after a pause, “The Shen family will probably want you to go over this year, what are your plans?”


I had forgotten that Shen Changlin had adopted me as his goddaughter, and after thinking about it I said, “Then I’ll have to be in the capital this New Year’s Eve.”


I had no other family in Jiangcheng, but at least there was still Fu Shenyan’s aunt in the capital, as well as Qiao Zhuan Yan and Cheng Jun Yu, and the Shen family was also there.


I think of Cheng Junyu, I don’t have to ask Fu Shenyan, so I say, “Is the matter at the hospital clear?”


He had been so busy for some days that he was haggard.


When the food was served, he mixed the rice and handed it to me, “Yes, I guess we won’t have any results until after the New Year, there’s no rush, let’s think about how we’re going to spend the Chinese New Year.”


Seeing that he didn’t seem to have this on his mind, I couldn’t help but faintly stare and say, “Dr Cheng has always been in charge of this part of the hospital, now that something so big has happened, what does he say so?”


“He’s handling it.” I said indifferently, he put the roast on and said, “You should go and stay with your aunt for a few days, I might have to go on a business trip tomorrow, I’ll be back in a few days.”


I nodded my head and looked at him with my chin pinned, aggravated, “It’s almost New Year’s Eve and you’re still busy out there.”


He smiled lightly and raised his hand to rub my hair, “I’ll make it up to you after this period, let’s have a new wedding after the New Year, do you want it Chinese or Western?”