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Never Say Never Chapter 421-422

Chapter 421

I froze a little, wondering, “Why do we need a wedding?” Hadn’t we done it before?


He laughed, “I owe you a lot for the wedding back then, so let’s do it again and give us a perfect wedding. Besides, if you’re in the Shen family tree, with Shen Changlin’s old-fashioned ways, he’ll probably want his daughter to get married in style, and we’ll be fulfilling his original intention of marrying his daughter for half of his life.”


I laughed, “You haven’t even met Uncle Shen a few times, so how do you know so much, in case he just casually admits me as his goddaughter and it’s just a matter of words.”


He placed the roasted meat in my bowl and spoke, “Everyone in the capital knows that Shen Changlin has been a man of his word all his life, and for him to make such a high profile announcement about wanting you in the Shen family tree, he’s on to something!”


I bowed my head and swallowed the food in my mouth, finding it a little difficult to swallow.


Fu Shen Yan Xing probably noticed the change in my mood and took my hand, “What else do you want to eat?”


I shook my head slightly and said lightly, “Fu Shen Yan, do you think there are really parents in this world who don’t want their children? Uncle Shen is just a person I haven’t met a few times, and he’s willing to recognize me as his daughter, which means I’m not that bad, so why wouldn’t they want me?”


I suppressed the sourness in my eyes, my heart clogged up, and for over twenty years I had hinted to myself at every turn that I was actually quite fine without them.


My grandmother loved me, I had no family with her but she gave me the best love she could, and that was enough.


But the more I grew up, the more I watched other people with their parents and relatives, the more sour I felt in my heart, why was I still alone in the end?


Fu Shenyan got up and walked over to me, wrapped me in his arms, patted my back and said soothingly, “You still have me, don’t you?”


After a long time, I straightened up from his embrace, let out a breath, looked at him and smiled lightly, “Fu Shen Yan, you actually don’t know how to comfort people at all.”


He smiled lightly, his handsome eyebrows tinged with warmth, “I’ll try my best next time.”


I smiled, ate a few bites and actually lost my appetite, he had to go on a business trip tomorrow and had planned to return to the villa.


But Fu Qingyin kept calling, asking me and Fu Shenyin to go over to Gu’s house, with a few requests in his words.


So, I had no choice but to go there.


The Gu family!


I was idle because Fu Shenyin had to hold a video conference, and I saw that it was snowing outside, which was particularly beautiful in the moonlight.


I couldn’t help but go downstairs and want to go out for a walk.


The Gu family courtyard has a lot of plum blossoms in bloom, and the white snow on the ground is imprinted with the moonlight, so beautiful that it is somewhat dreamy.


I took a few steps in the courtyard with the snowflakes, and when I looked back, my footprints were printed on the ground in varying shades, which looked very nice, so I couldn’t help but feel much better.


It’s a pity because if Fu Shenyan wasn’t busy, I could have dragged him down for a snowball fight!


I rolled a snowball from the ground with this thought, and the snow piled up so deep that I had a big one in no time.


I couldn’t help but find a spot to squeeze the snowball and hit it around by myself, which was really boring.


The snow on the plum blossoms was knocked off, bringing a little coolness.


When I saw Gu Han, I was having fun on my own, originally throwing snowballs to hit the snow on the plum blossom branches.


I didn’t expect him to come out of the archway, right into the snowball I had thrown, and it hit him in the face without incident.


Chapter 422

For a moment I giggled and apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”


“It’s windy outside, you’ll get sick if you stay too long.” The man’s handsome, cold, hard face looked indifferent, unable to see any emotion, and his upright figure looked a little blurred in the snowflakes.


As he spoke, he put the wide cotton coat on his arm over me, “Go back, it’s cold!”


I froze, nodded my head and turned to go back.


I was pulled by his hand violently, his voice low and introspective, “You and Fu Shenyan …… made up?”


I paused, nodded, thought about it or spoke, “Gu Han, you are really good, in the future you will be very happy.”


He looked at me and was silent for a while, “How do you know I will be happy? Shen Shu, do you know what happens to a person who has lived in darkness for years when he suddenly sees sunlight?”


I pursed my lips and looked at him as he continued, “If I had never seen sunlight, maybe I wouldn’t have found the darkness so difficult, the taste of looking back at sunlight in the darkness is something you probably won’t understand in your lifetime.”


This feeling of powerlessness weighed down on me and I couldn’t breathe, but I couldn’t say anything.


Looking at him, I opened my mouth a little, but in the end, I couldn’t get a word out.


He took my hand and forcibly interlocked his fingers with mine, pulling me into his arms and pressing me against his heart, patting my back, “Just, if Fu Shen Yan cherishes you enough, it will be a happy life for you, if he misses you ……”


“Will not miss!” Behind me came the low voice of a man, it was Fu Shen Yan.


I broke away from Gu Han’s embrace and turned around to see Fu Shen Yan coming out with a long coat in his hand, walking over to me, removing the cotton coat I was draped in and handing it to Gu Han, draping me with the coat he was holding, “Thanks for the clothes Mr. Gu.”


Gu Han squinted his eyes, pursed his lips and his face went down coldly, coolly highlighting two words, “No need!”


I thought he would be angry at me for a while, but he just said, “I’m going to take a shower!”


Then he went straight into the bathroom, he was angry and I knew it.


He came out of the bathroom wearing a white bathrobe, his shoulders were wide and his waist was narrow, and when he saw me sitting on the chaise longue, he said with a light expression, “It’s getting late, go to bed early.”


His nonchalant attitude made me speechless for a while, I bowed my head slightly, so I could only turn around and go to the bathroom.


When I came out of the shower, he was already lying down and looked as if he was asleep.


I dried my hair and climbed into bed, with his back to me. I reached out and wrapped my arms around him and pressed my face against his back, saying in a soft voice, “Fu Shen Yan, I can’t sleep if you don’t hold me.”


He stiffened his body slightly for a moment, then just said in a hard voice, “Go to bed early!”


I pursed my lips and leaned against him for a while, seeing that his back was still to me, so I simply got up, crawled across to him and squeezed into his arms.


I got into his arms and let him circle me, his eyes were closed and he looked a little haggard, probably tired from the past few days.


I raised my hand and ran my fingertips over the scruff on his chin and said, “Fu Shen Yan, if you don’t say anything, I’ll think you don’t want to care about me anymore, let’s all sleep in separate beds from now on, I don’t want a cold husband.”


He opened his eyes, his dark eyes were extra bright under the night, “Cold?”


I nodded, “Especially cold, it’s snowing outside and you’re colder than even the snowy day’s outside!” I said this with condescension.