Never Say Never Chapter 423-424

Chapter 423

He lifted his hand and smoothed the hair behind my ear and said with a silent sigh, “I don’t want you to see him, not even for a moment!”


After a pause, he spoke, “I know that Gu Han has been kind to you, but I can see how he feels about you, even if I am a man.


I nodded and rubbed myself against his arms, “I know, today was an accident, living under one roof, there’s no such thing as not seeing each other in the end, when Uncle Gu’s funeral is over, we’ll go home, we won’t see him anymore.”


He pursed his lips, pressed me into his arms, rolled over and pinned me down, “Make it up to me then, eh?”


I couldn’t help but blush and subconsciously tried to hide, but he tackled me, followed by a cheat all the way down.




Fu Shen Yan is very busy, or hospital matters, a hundred hospitals are in trouble, if not for his ability, only now Fu would have been crushed by public opinion.


The actual fact is that you will be able to find out what kind of existence Fu Shen Yan is, I don’t know, so I can only be silent.


The next day.


After Fu Shenyan left, Fu Qingyin went upstairs and dragged me to say that she wanted to go for a walk, as Gu Hengyang’s funeral was in a few days, and she wanted to find a new house.


The Gu family had been left to Gu Han by Gu Hengyang, so after the funeral, Fu Qingyin would have to move out.


After a few days, I felt like I was going to freeze to death. Every day I looked at the houses, Fu Qingyin was almost always dissatisfied, either absolutely not well-lit or definitely not close enough to the city centre.


Indeed, like the Gu family, the environment and location of all aspects of the house is excellent, even if the money has almost impossible to buy.


Fu Qingyin has lived there for so many years, so naturally she is not willing to look for a house that is worse than the Gu family, after all, she is not short of money.


When the funeral of Gu Hengyang came, Fu Qingyin had no choice but to deal with Gu Hengyang’s funeral.


The Gu family, the day of the funeral.


Fu Qingyin got up early to prepare for Gu Hengyang’s funeral. After all the guests had paid their respects to Gu Hengyang, the funeral was to take place in the late afternoon.


After the funeral ceremony, Fu Qingyin, who had been nervous for several days, finally breathed a sigh of relief.


After bowing deeply in front of the cemetery and bidding farewell to Gu Hengyang, Fu Qingyin took a look at Gu Han, who had been standing in front of the tombstone for a long time, and over the past few days, he had become more and more cold and stern.


His long, jade-like body was covered with a layer of frost, so cold that it carried a murderous aura.


After Xu Hui’s accident, that bloodthirsty aura on Gu Han’s body had become even stronger.


“Xiao Shu, let’s go!” After a glance at Gu Han, Fu Qingyin pulled me along and prepared to leave.


I opened my mouth, but none of those comforting words came out in the end.


When I got into the car with Fu Qingyin, she let out a long breath and said, “Shen Yan will come to pick you up later, I’ll have the driver take you to the city centre, Shen Yan is waiting for you there.”


I nodded and didn’t say much, all that echoed in my mind was Gu Han’s lonely figure standing in front of the tombstone.


My heart was a little empty, after this, he was alone, unattached, free and lonely.


The car pulled up in the city centre and Fu Qingyin got out, her driver went straight to Gu’s.


I was a little puzzled, “You’re not going to Gu’s?”


She enthused, looked at the driver’s distant direction and sighed, “I’ll go to …… later.”


Chapter 424

Before the words could be said, a deafening sound came, and I hesitated for about two or three seconds to look in the direction the driver had driven away.


A fuel tanker was at that moment impartially loaded on the Gu family’s black Bentley, the car was already deformed, the people on board had almost no possibility of survival.


Fu Qingyin’s legs went limp and she sat down on the ground, her pupils contracted and she said with a trembling body word by word, “He’s going to kill me, he’s really going to kill me!”


My breath stopped for a few seconds and I reached out to help her, but she fiercely tugged at me, looking at me incredulously, “Shen Shu, Gu Han has gone crazy, he wants to kill me, he wants me dead!”


I felt for a moment that her words were somewhat baffling and spoke, “Get up first, it was just an accident.”


“No!” She kept shaking her head, “It wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t an accident at all, he arranged everything in advance, it was a conspiracy, it really was a conspiracy.”


I couldn’t help but frown and helped her to sit on a lounge chair aside, sighing, “Auntie, wait for me here, I’ll go and get you a gla*s of water.”


This was clearly a case of being scared and so rambling.


She tugged at me and shook her head repeatedly, “Shen Shu, you can’t go, Gu Han, he’s going to kill me, you can’t leave me!”


I felt puzzled for a moment and frowned, “If Gu Han really wanted to kill you, he would have hundreds of ways, he doesn’t have the means to do it this way, just now was an accident, don’t think too much, I’ll go get you a gla*s of water.”


I broke her hand and went to the supermarket, my heart couldn’t help but feel blocked, Gu Han has indeed been a lot more gloomy lately, but that doesn’t mean he’s back to holding a grudge against Fu Qingyin for trying to kill him.


After buying water, I was just about to walk back when I saw a black Maybach rushing towards the direction where Fu Qingyin was doing.


It was all too fast, so fast that I almost I did not react, almost suddenly, Fu Shen Yan rushed out from nowhere and shielded Fu Qingyin.


I stopped breathing for a moment, dropped the water and ran in the direction of Fu Shenyin, almost instinctively blocking Fu Shenyin’s front.


When I saw the person in the car window, I couldn’t help but to scramble in horror, Gu Han, how did he ……


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.


I was relieved to see him stop the car, and turned back to Fu Qingyin who was already paralyzed with fear.


“I told you, he was going to kill ……”


“Bang!” A loud sound rang out, interrupting Fu Qingyin’s trembling voice.


I stiffened my body violently, and a strong, extremely sad feeling came straight up from my heart.


I don’t know how much courage I had to muster before I turned around to see Gu Han, who had already safely parked his car.


Gu Han was lying on the ground, covered in blood, with bright red blood spreading out from his side.


Why had he gotten out of the car?


My legs went limp, the air drained from my body, and without warning I fell to my knees, looking in his direction, trying to crawl over, but with no strength left in my body.


How could this be happening?


Why had he just gotten out of the car when he was clearly safe? Why did he have to go against the grain, why …… did he have to do this?


“Ah ……” Fu Qingyin also saw Gu Han lying on the ground and shouted out at once, with a mixture of tears and fear.


Fu ShenYin picked me up and I tugged at him for a long time before a few words came out of my mouth, “Take him to the hospital!”