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Never Say Never Chapter 445-446

Chapter 445

I shrugged my shoulders, “Since I’m thinking of dealing with Lin Wan, I naturally have my own plans, I appreciate Mr. Fu’s kindness.”


I know you have a lot of leverage now and you don’t care about the little information I have on Lin Wan, but have you ever thought about what your marriage would be like if Lu Xinran had been between you and Shen Yan?”


I stopped and looked back at her, “So, you know you plan to use Lu Xinran to disrupt my marriage?”


She pursed her lips in some displeasure, “There is absolutely no need for you to be an enemy with, I can help you with so much more than that.”


I wanted to laugh a little, but held it back and looked at her, “Mr. Fu, between you and I, there can only be a non-interference relationship, I can’t help you with your affairs, I believe I am capable of doing a good job with mine, so I hope we can all get along in the future.”


When I got back to my bedroom, I was a little uncomfortable, my belly was aching and I went into the bathroom only to find out that I had said I was having my period.


There had been bad milk and dark blood since the baby was born and I hadn’t had a normal period, but thankfully it was coming normally now.


It was a rare happy event. When Fu Shen Yan came back, I was sitting on the sofa in the bedroom watching TV, a little afraid of the cold, and I covered myself with a blanket.


He had moisture in his handsome hair and was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands.


Seeing me lying on the sofa, looking at the phone, he came over and pulled the blanket up for me, saying, “Still not sleeping? Waiting for me?”


I sat up straighter, a little tired and my back was a little sore, and said lightly, “Yes!”


He put the flowers in the vase and rubbed his palm on my cheek, probably because he had been sitting for a long time and I felt a slight chill when I touched his hand.


“What are you waiting for me for?” He pulled me into his arms smoothly, a smile covering his face, rubbing his scruff against my face in a slightly prickly way.


I looked at the flowers he had bought, and by the packaging and the vibrancy of the blooms they looked expensive.


He handed me the flowers in his hand and smiled lightly, “Smell them?”


“For me?” I took them and smelled them lightly, and they did smell good.


He put his arm around me and his voice was low, “If I don’t give them to you, am I going to keep them for myself? Hmm?”


I lowered my eyes and said lightly, “I heard from my aunt that Miss Lu will be staying here for a few more days.”


He narrowed his brows, his expression light, “So?”


I loosened the wrapping paper that I had already touched and said lightly, “Set it up in the living room.”


He frowned, his handsome face faintly tinged with anger, “So, I gave you flowers and this is how you’re going to handle them? Hmm?”


I got up and pulled myself out of his arms, my gaze fading, “So what am I supposed to do? Sleep with it in my arms and baby it?”


He pursed his lips and stopped talking, dropping the flowers directly onto the TV stand, then taking off his jacket and going into the bathroom.


It didn’t take long for the sound of water to come from the bathroom and I took a faint glance at the flower he’d dropped on the counter and got into bed a little disinterestedly.


The small of my stomach was a bit uncomfortable, and when I got up and took a few steps, I felt like I was already bleeding, plus I wasn’t in a good mood, and my whole body was easily cranky.


When Fu Shen Yan came out, he was wrapped in blisters, carrying moisture on his body and his hair had not yet been dried.


Seeing that I was already lying on the bed, he frowned slightly and tossed me a towel, “Wipe me!”


I frowned and huddled under the covers, not trying to ignore him.


Seeing that I was indifferent, he sank his face, “Shen Shu, if there’s anything you want to say, there’s no need to give me a hard time, I didn’t handle what happened tonight properly, you’ve taken your anger out, what else are you going to do, get up and do it, don’t sulk by yourself, eh?”


I was a little uncomfortable, plus a little sleepy, I moved slightly, raised my eyes to look at him, pivoted, k i s s e d him on the mouth and said, “Eh, thank you, I liked your flowers, good night!”


After saying that, I lay down on the bed.


Fu Shen Yan’s eyes were always on me, and when he heard me out, he narrowed his dark eyes slightly and said in a deep voice, “Perfunctory!”


He then bent over and leaned down and k i s s e d me directly, propping his elbows on my side, k i s s i n g me a little deeper, I didn’t resist, responding to him for a long time before he let me go.


Dark eyes were deep, “Is tonight okay?”


Chapter 446

I was lost in thought for about a moment, the pain at the small of my back was faintly coming, and I spoke faintly, “Fu Shen Yan, I am very tired!”


He understood my meaning, but did not force me, nodding slightly, “En, then rest well.”


But even though he said that, when Fu Shen Yan lay beside me, he was still breathing heavily as he wrapped me in his arms and k i s s e d me.


I could tell that he seemed to have held back for a long time.


I shrank back and tried to hide, but behind me was the edge of the bed, so I would only fall off the bed if I moved backwards, and raised my hand to push him, but he held it.


Seeing that he had rubbed my shoulder strap, I frowned, “Fu Shen Yan ….”


“Good boy, don’t be afraid!”


I held him down and opened my mouth, “I’m sorry, I can’t!”


He smiled lightly and dropped tiny k i s s e s, half coaxing, half seducing, “It’s okay, let’s take our time.”


He may have misunderstood me, and I was at a loss for words.


But, even if I didn’t even say anything around me, it was only a moment before he noticed and, looking down at me, he was a little surprised, “When did you come?”


“Tonight!” I spoke, a little too tired to be comfortable.


He got up and went out of the bedroom, I was lying on the bed a little lost in thought, and before I could figure out what he was going to do, I froze when I saw him come in with a bowl of brown sugar eggs.


“Sister Zhang added ginger soup, drink it before you go to sleep!” He held the bowl up to my mouth with a compelling note in his voice.


I didn’t like sweetness too much, and after two shallow sips I couldn’t drink any more.


Seeing this he said, “Eat the eggs!”


I frowned, “I’ve brushed my teeth, I’m not eating.”


“I’ll take you there later, drink it and rest early.” His attitude was firm and he didn’t allow me to refuse.


After so many years together, I knew that if I continued to drink him, I would be the one to suffer in the end, so I gritted my teeth and ate it myself.


My body hadn’t recovered well from the miscarriage, and with the onset of menstruation, I was drowsy.


Although I slept well the first day, I probably did not have enough blood and I was a bit dizzy.


Fu Shenyan had a lot of work to do, and as he was preparing for the annual meeting, he asked Sister Zhang to stay at the villa to look after me.


I slept for a while, but I couldn’t sleep for a while when I was lying on the bed, so I played with my phone for a while and the phone came on.


I picked up the phone and spoke indifferently, “Hello, Mr. Li!”


Li An is a smart and smooth person, see me open up, and quickly smile, “Miss Shen, did you sleep well last night? Can I have the honour of treating you to lunch?”


“Good, I’ll let Mr. Li break the bank then.”


“Why not, I can’t thank Miss Shen enough!”


I hung up the phone, and before I could get up from bed, Han Shuang’s call came in.


“How’s it going? Did Li An ask you to meet him?” She got straight to the point, there was no suspense.


I nodded my head and spoke, “Eh, you’re pretty quick on the news!”


She smiled, “I just heard an occasional bite of news this morning that Chen Changhe had been detained by the police, and the bureau had his dirty earnings over the years, amounting to several hundred million dollars, which constitutes a crime, and I guess he won’t be able to get out without a decade or eight years.”


“But Li An seems to have disappeared, he should have received the news in advance, when the police arrived at Li An’s house, he had already run away, I thought about it, it is most likely that he went to you!”


Hearing her so sure, I couldn’t help but be curious, “How did you guess that he would look for me?”


She laughed, “He should have thought of you after what happened to Lu Qi, but he hesitated for too long, that’s why he ended up coming in such a mess, if he had come to you earlier, perhaps, the person who was caught around was Lin Wan, not him.”


Rather, Shen Changlin was in charge of official matters and the businessmen, and to put it bluntly, even if he was punished, in the end it was not as serious as Chen Changhe.


If he had come to me in advance, he might have had the chance to make up for his mistakes.


“En, how is it going over at the Mo family?” I opened my mouth and asked casually.


She spoke lightly, “I heard that the Mo family’s youngest daughter in the Middle East, Mo Fei Lin, has returned, this woman was only given to Master Mo at the age of sixty and is precious, her personality is spirited and difficult to deal with, she doesn’t seem to like Lin Wan and Lu Xinran very much, so she hasn’t come back to give the two of them a lot of trouble.”


I smiled lightly and got off the bed, “Looks like Lin Wan is going to be busy these days.”