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Never Say Never Chapter 447-448

Chapter 447

She smiled, “Chen Changhe has been arrested, if she does something slightly wrong, she will probably reveal her foot, Chen Changhe’s wife’s side, what are you going to do? It shouldn’t be too difficult to get something out of him.”


“I haven’t thought about it yet!” I looked up at the time and said, “But since Li An took the initiative to find me, it won’t be difficult to do, and Chen Changhe’s wife’s side shouldn’t be a problem.”


She enthused and spoke, “Alright then, you go ahead and get busy!”


I nodded and was just about to hang up the phone when coldly she added, “By the way, there’s something I almost forgot to tell you.”




“It’s about Cheng Junyu, the Fu family, nothing serious, right?” She spoke tentatively, “The matter at the hospital is not over yet, there seems to be another incident, there is a big fuss in Jiangcheng, it is said that a construction site developed by the Fu family, just two months after the start of construction, it was found that the children of the residents nearby were buried alive, not one, there are more people, this is a big fuss, at present, it seems that the whole Fu family will be stopped. ”


I ate a pause of about a few seconds, not responding for a moment, “When was that?”


“About two or three days ago, this matter has not been made public for the time being, Fu Shen Yan should have suppressed it, but this involves human lives, it can’t be solved so easily, I guess Fu’s is not a small blow this time.”


“Good, I know!” This news, really quite slowed me down, how could this happen?


Fu Shen Yan has taken care of Fu’s business very well over the years, the last incident at the hospital was outrageous, how could there be a human death this time?


If this is reported, I’m afraid the whole Fu family will collapse.


“There’s another thing I overheard, during the time you were in miscarriage, it seems that Miss Li Muzi went to see Cheng Junyu, what happened in between I’m not too sure, but later I heard that Li Muzi went into premature labour.”


Premature birth?


My breath hitched, “The hospital, the project, and Muzi’s affair all had something to do with Cheng Junyu?”


She was a little unsure and after a pause said, “I’m not sure about that information, I don’t know everything, the best way for you to find Ms. Li Muzi right now is to ask for the details, maybe she knows more about what’s going on with Cheng Junyu.”


Hanging up with Han Shuang, I called Jon, but there was never an answer.


Three months down the line, I had been having doubts as to why Muzi never spoke to me directly on the phone, giving me the illusion that they seemed to be avoiding me all the time, and whether there was something wrong in between.


I just couldn’t figure out what was going on in the middle, what I was missing out on.


I was not willing to get involved in the matter of Fu Shenyan and Cheng Junyu, even if they had an overnight feud, but after so many years together, Cheng Junyu could not have driven Fu Shenyan to extinction.


The fact that she went to Cheng Junyu with a big belly meant that she intended to tell him about the baby and that he was anxious to save me, but now it seems that Cheng Junyu doesn’t even care about the baby.


How else would he have let Muzi go into premature labour and left the capital after the birth?


I couldn’t reach Jon’s phone, and all I could do was guess.


Li An sent me the address, packed up and I headed out.


The restaurant private room.


Because of the few minutes delay on the road, Li An was already there when I arrived. Pushing open the door of the private room, Li An inside seemed to have been waiting for a long time, and when he saw me, he stood up violently from the table, looking a bit impatient, and said, “Miss Shen, you’re here!”


I nodded and walked to the table and sat down, he smiled and said somewhat cautiously, “I’ve ordered the food, I don’t know if Miss Shen likes it!”


I enthused and didn’t say anything, just glanced faintly out of the gla*s window, which reflected Li An’s fidgety state.


Chapter 448

After a long time, he finally couldn’t hold back and spoke, “Miss Shen, I’m sorry to have asked you out so early and delayed you.”


I nodded my head and looked at him with a faint gaze, waiting for his next words.


Seeing me like this, he became even more nervous and spoke, “Does Miss Shen know about the arrest of Chen Changhe in Jiangcheng?”


I froze, a little surprised, and said, “Chen Bureau was arrested? What happened?”


When he saw me, he seemed to settle down and said, “I’m not happy with you, Miss Shen, I’m looking for you this time to talk to you about cooperation.”


I took a shallow sip of water and watched him nod, raising an eyebrow, “Cooperation on what?”


The waiter served the food and he stopped talking for the moment, waiting for the waiter to go out before speaking, “I’ll provide you with these details of the power and money dealings between General Lin and various places and how she managed to avoid them perfectly even if she was investigated, plus I have the evidence for a deadly move.”


I pinned my chin and looked at him somewhat lightly, narrowing my eyes slightly, “How do you expect me to trust someone who betrayed her superior family?”


“Miss Shen, in fact the final operator of this game is you, on the surface, you did nothing, but you did everything, from the time Lu Qi was set up you started laying out, Lu Qi was just a trigger, and your aim was Lin Wan, the only thing you are missing now is the evidence of Lin Wan’s power and money dealings, and this evidence I have.”


I looked at him somewhat lazily and said faintly, “I know you have it, but still, how can I trust you?”


He hesitated for a moment, placed a document in front of me and looked at me, “This is the data of Lin Wan and Chen Changhe’s transactions through me, the transfer records and cash transactions are all here, these things are enough to make Lin Wan half crippled.”


My eyes fell on the file, I didn’t rush to get it, but looked at Li An and spoke indifferently, “What do you want?”


“Freedom!” He spoke, looking a little haggard, “The police are already after me, I know I can’t get away with my crime, I don’t want anything, I just want my freedom.”


I couldn’t help but sigh, somewhat indifferently, “What you’re offering, I can honestly get it just as well on my own with a little effort, and without taking your risks, working with you is the riskiest option, you’re a businessman, you should know better than I do.”


He probably didn’t expect me to say no, his face didn’t look too good, and after a pause he looked at me and said, “What if I could make Lin Wan completely untouchable?”


I shrugged my shoulders, not really interested, and looked at him lightly and said, “Lin Wan’s end is actually already set, and I’m only delaying doing it because I think it’s more interesting to live than to die.”


When he saw that I didn’t seem likely to be convinced, his face sank a little, “If Miss Shen has a plan in mind, why did she agree to meet with me?”


I pushed my chin up and said, “I just want to know the real circumstances of your kidnapping.”


Seemingly not expecting me to rehash the same thing, he was slightly stunned and said, “Didn’t Miss Shen already ask you once about the situation at that time? Why do you need to ask again?”


I laughed and narrowed my eyes at him, “Do you think I believe that ac is part of the reason, but not many people knew about my pregnancy at the time and I’m curious how you knew about it? And that recording you gave me to listen to, I’m curious as to who was playing along with Lu Xinran? Let’s talk about it, Mr Li!”


It’s true that it’s been six months since this happened, but after Han Shuang mentioned it to me last time I’ve always felt something was wrong. When I talked to Lu about working together, I didn’t tell him what my purpose was in faking an abortion, but when Li An kidnapped me, he obviously knew my intentions.


I had a suspicion in my mind, but I still wanted to get to the bottom of it.


Seeing me narrow my eyes at him, he smiled with relief and said, “Miss Shen, if you can figure out the reason for this, you will be willing to cooperate with me?”


I raised my eyebrows, “I can consider it!”


He took a sip of tea and looked less impatient and calmer, after a pause he said towards me, “Miss Shen, will you go and understand the process carefully doctor?”