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Never Say Never Chapter 463-464

Chapter 463

I sneered and said somewhat carelessly, “Excessive? I just think I hit her too lightly just now, and still gave her a chance to be resuscitated.”


He was so angry that he was speechless for a moment, and after a pause, he said, “Killing to pay for life, do you really think Mo Zhi Zhan is that easy to mess with? If anything happens to his daughter, who he has been searching for over twenty years, do you think anyone can protect you?”


I spoke indifferently, not afraid of death, “If Lu Xinran really dies, paying for her life is paying for her life, and if an unattached person like me dies, I can still take her with me.


He looked at me angrily, disappointed in me to the core, “Unattached? Shen Shu, you’re heartless, what do you think of the people around you?”


A little annoyed, I sat back in my chair and simply ignored his accusations.


Seeing that I was a bit broken, he held his forehead, helpless to the extreme, and got a doctor to check me for injuries.


The doctor saw that there was blood on my hands, checked that there were no wounds, and left.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, a little helpless, “Why did you stab her with a knife?”


I ……




Now that I had calmed down, I felt for a moment that I had just been impulsive, and that her words were just a few words, even if they were hard to hear.


After thinking about it, I looked up, looked at him and said, “She said that the baby died because you deliberately gave me medicine to deform the baby, and that you never intended to have the baby in the first place.”


I was probably angry because of that, and those those curse words of hers.


He narrowed his eyebrows, “So, you believed it?”


I nodded and looked him straight in the eye, “You had reason to!”


His eyes went cold, chilling, “So, you actually believed it, why didn’t you just come and stab me with a knife instead of hurting her?”


“You weren’t there, she was!” I opened my mouth and stared at him blankly, not afraid of his coldness.




He laughed coldly, releasing his hold on my hand and looking at me with disappointment in his gaze, “Shen Shu, did you ever trust me from the beginning to the end? No, to be precise, did you ever love me?”


I looked at him, my mind drifting a little, had I loved? I was a little confused, did my feelings for him count as love?


He looked at me, his gaze deep, waiting


Chapter 463: Wrong test?


I’ve been waiting for a long time, but I didn’t say a word.


He smiled to himself, seemingly already knew my answer, stood up, somewhat indifferently said, “You go back first, don’t run around, before Lu Xinran came out of the emergency room, you stay at home well, with me, the Mo family can’t do anything to you for the time being, go back!”


I opened my mouth and said indifferently, “No, murder pays for life, how the Mo family wants to punish me is my business, it has nothing to do with you.”


He looked at me, the coldness in his black eyes was enough to swallow people up, and for a long time he didn’t speak.


It didn’t take long for Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhi to rush in, Lin Wan’s eyes were red and her gaze was anxious.


When she saw Fu Shen Yan, she hurriedly spoke, “How is Xin Ran? Is she alright?”


Fu Shen Yan spoke, his whole body calm and solemn, “She’s still in the resuscitation room!”


Mo Zhi Zang was still calm and looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Who hurt Xin Ran?”


Looking at Mo ZhiZhan’s killing intent, I couldn’t help but shiver, but still spoke up before Fu ShenYan, “I hurt her!”


Mo Zhi Zhan looked at me, his gaze cold and bloodthirsty, narrowing his eyes slightly with fierce anger, “Miss Shen, murder pays for life, you’d better pray that Xin Ran is alright.”


When Lin Wan heard my words, she tore towards me without the slightest regard, but Fu Shen Yan stepped in front of me and stopped her, her voice indifferent, “Mr. Lin, it’s better to wait until your daughter wakes up first, Shen Shu has done something wrong, there is a law to punish her, you two need to be so hasty!”


Lin Wan was reluctant and glared at me viciously.


The door to the emergency room suddenly opened and a nurse came out and spoke, “Where are the patient’s relatives? The patient needs a blood transfusion, go check it out in case the blood bank doesn’t have enough blood.”


Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan hurriedly followed the doctor to the blood test and returned in no time.


Several people waited for a long time at the entrance to the emergency room, Lin Wan walking back and forth in a hurry, occasionally glaring angrily towards me.


The door to the emergency room was opened and the nurse who had just taken Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan to have their blood tested came out and looked at Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan and said with a frown, “Are you sure you are the patient’s family?”


Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zang were stunned and said, “Yes, we are her parents, how is she?”


The nurse looked at the two of them and said in confusion, “It’s impossible for a type A and type O blood to give birth to a type B child, how could that be, did they test wrong?”


Chapter 464

Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan’s faces turned white as they looked at the nurse with wide eyes, “What are you saying? She doesn’t match our blood type?”


The nurse was a little uncertain for a moment and looked at the two people, “The two of you take it easy for now, it might be a problem on our side, by the way, who is your type B blood here, the blood bank is short and the blood is needed.”


Fu Shen Yan looked at the nurse and spoke, “Use mine!”


The nurse took Fu Shen Yan to draw blood, Lin Wan looked at Mo Zhi Zhan and was a bit overwhelmed, muttering, “DNA comparison, she is my daughter, how can that be?”


Mo Zhi Zhan frowned, did not say anything, after a pause before saying, “First take it easy, maybe the hospital side made a mistake.”


Lin Wan nodded repeatedly, already a little red, and said over and over again, “Xinran is our daughter, there’s no way I could be mistaken.”


I suddenly felt a bit bloodthirsty, Lu Xinran’s daughter who came out of nowhere, if it was really not Lin Wan’s own, then where was Lin Wan’s real daughter?


She had done so many harmful things for Lu Xinran, and if it turned out that she was not her own, it would be quite pathetic to think about it.


Fu Shen Yan came back not long after, seeing that I was still sitting on the chair, motionless, he walked to my side, hugged me and said, “It’s okay, the doctor said it’s not hurt, it doesn’t matter.”


The words sounded like a comfort to me, I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything more.


About half an hour later both Cheng Junyu and Qiao Zhuan Yan arrived, so I guess they understood the situation.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few minutes before the surgery, so let’s have a cigarette together?”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyes, glanced at him, nodded, and the two of them got up and went to the stairway.


Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan were in the blood type for a while before they came out.


Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at me, his emotions well controlled, “Killing to pay for life, have you wanted how to do it yet?”


I raised my eyes to look at him, my gaze a little cold, “I originally thought you liked her, but now it seems not, this person is still being resuscitated and you’re already cursing her to death.”


He froze for a moment and opened his mouth to retort, but I wasn’t interested in saying more to him.


I got up and went straight to the bathroom, and when I pa*sed the entrance to the building, I couldn’t help but slow down, Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu were smoking inside.


When I said they were smoking, they were actually two people who had something to say.


I didn’t get close, but paused for a moment, and Cheng Junyu’s cold voice came from the hallway, “Do you regret it?”


Fu Shen Yan held the butt of his cigarette in his slender fingers, his gaze was light, “There is nothing to regret.”


Cheng Jun Yu lost his smile, “If Lu Xinran really dies this time, what are you going to do?”


“Pay for it!” Fu Shen Yan only spat out one word, his voice as faint as it could be.


“Heh! One death isn’t enough, both of them have to die? Two women who love you both die, you really think out of the box.”


When I heard this, I wasn’t interested in listening to it. To put it bluntly, I shouldn’t have listened to these words, knowing the outcome and coming to confirm it, adding to my own grief in the end.


I went straight to the bathroom, and when I came out, Lu Xinran was transferred to the general ward.


After the anesthetic had pa*sed, Lu Xinran woke up, her face was pale and she lay on the hospital bed sluggish for a few seconds.


Seeing that Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan were both there, she opened her mouth and her voice was a little muffled, “Mom and Dad, why am I here?”


Lin Wan pulled her along and spoke, “You were injured, it was Mr. Fu who sent you here.”


Lu Xinran froze and probably thought about what had happened to her earlier.


After looking around the ward and seeing Fu Shen Yan, her eyes suddenly turned red and she looked at Fu Shen Yan and said in a hoarse voice, “Brother Shen Yan, it hurts!”


The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the right person.


Fu Shen Yan stepped forward and held her, slightly sinking his eyes and spoke, “You just finished surgery, don’t move in a hurry!”


Lu Xinran grabbed him, her gaze fiercely shot towards me and said, “Brother Shen Yan, it’s Shen Shu, she wants to kill me, she wants to kill me, this woman is too scary, you can’t be with her, she’s too scary.”