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Never Say Never Chapter 465-466

Chapter 465

Said the plucked voice, pointing at me and yelling, “Get out, not here, I don’t want to see you, you go!”


I pursed my lips and looked at her without expression, my eyes fell on Fu Shen Yan as she leaned on him and the pain in her heart began to spread.


She looked at Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan and pulled her voice up, “Mom and Dad, I’m suing her, she hurt someone on purpose, I’m suing her!”


With that, she looked around for her phone.


Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan didn’t know why they hadn’t taken their phones, but looked at her in a complicated way, and also looked at me in an even more complicated way.


Fu Shen Yan also didn’t say anything, just grim-faced and let her look for her phone, dialing out those three numbers himself.


“Hello, police station? I want to call the police, someone has been deliberately injured, seriously injured!”


She then quickly reported the address.


I looked at Fu Shen Yan and saw that his face was gloomy, but he still didn’t say a word.


Cheng Junyu looked at me and said after a slight pause, “Let’s go, I’ll take you back!”


I pursed my lips and said with some care, “I’ll wait for the police!”


Cheng Junyu frowned, “Shen Yan is here, he will take care of it, let’s go, I’ll take you back!”


I smiled coldly, still looking at Fu Shen Yan, “So, if I leave, I can continue to add one more item, absconding from the crime?”


Cheng Junyu stopped speaking, his gaze fell on Fu Shenyan, waiting for him to speak, but Fu Shenyan had no intention of opening his mouth to take charge.


It didn’t take long for two young men in police uniforms to arrive, and when they saw the people in the ward, they both froze, looking like they both knew.


After all, they were both popular figures in the capital and probably hadn’t seen much in the headlines.


The two young men walked up to Lu Xinran’s hospital bed and spoke, “Miss Lu, is it? Was it you who called the police just now?”


The ward was too quiet, and Lu Xinran looked at the attitude of Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan, and seemed a little surprised as to why they hadn’t said a word up until now.


But she didn’t think much about it, she just looked at me, raised her hand and pointed at me, “It’s her, I’m going to sue her for intentional murder.”


The two young men looked at me and walked up to me and said, “Miss, please come with us.”


“It’s not her, comrade police officer it’s not her, I can testify that our wife didn’t kill anyone.” Sister Zhang, who didn’t know when she arrived, stepped in front of me and looked at the two men, “Comrade police, our wife didn’t kill anyone, you’ve arrested the wrong person.”


Lu Xinran sneered, “It wasn’t her, wasn’t it her that I stabbed myself?”


Sister-in-law Zhang stared at her angrily and shouted, “It was you who stabbed yourself, you deliberately framed our wife.”


Lu Xinran didn’t expect to be bitten back and glared at her angrily, “You’re spitting blood.” Looking to Fu Shen Yan, she said, “Brother Shen Yan, you saw it, right? She was the one who hurt me, you saw it, didn’t you?”


She was a bit agitated and said, “There’s also Auntie, Auntie was there too, she can testify to me.”


She took her mobile phone and hurriedly called Fu Qingyin as the phone rang outside the corridor.


Fu Qingyin had come to the hospital at the beginning, only she had been in the hall, and now Lu Xinran was calling.


She walked up and looked at the people in the ward and couldn’t help but frown.


When Lu Xinran saw her, she got emotional and said, “Auntie, tell the police, it was Shen Shu who stabbed me, she was going to kill me, you saw it, you tell the police, okay.”


Fu Qingyin looked in the direction of Fu Shen Yan, who had a gloomy face and a deep gaze, unable to see any emotion.


She looked at me sideways, slightly converging her eyebrows, and spoke lightly, “I was in the bedroom, I didn’t know exactly what happened, and when I came out you had already been taken to the ambulance by Shen Yan.”


Lu Xinran looked at her incredulously, somewhat broken, “Auntie, you obviously saw it, why didn’t you tell them!”


The policeman was a little embarra*sed, not quite sure what the situation was for a while.


Lu Xinran tugged at Fu Shen Yan, her eyes red, “Brother Shen Yan, you saw it, you saw it with your own eyes, tell them that it was Shen Shu who wanted to kill me, tell them quickly!”


Fu Shen Yan pursed his lips, did not speak, just a pair of black eyes fell on me, deep and terrifying.


Chapter 466

Fu Shenyan did not say anything, the ward was a bit awkward, especially the two police officers, the ward was full of people are big shots, they simply can not say anything.


After a pause, one of the policemen looked at me and said, “Miss, you come with us, take a statement, and wait until we have a clear investigation before making a decision.”


I nodded, but Mrs. Zhang was a bit agitated and stopped them, “You can’t take my wife away without evidence, just on the basis of her statement alone, is this the way you handle cases?”


I sighed and knew in my heart that Mrs. Zhang was worried that if I went to the police station, I would be left with a criminal record and it would be bad for me.


I opened my mouth and said, “Sister Zhang, it’s okay, I’ll just go with them, don’t worry it will be fine.”


I walked straight towards the outside of the ward, from the moment I made my move on Lu Xinran, I never thought I would be able to avoid it.


“It’s not her!” I reached the door of the ward when Fu Shen Yan, who had been silent, spoke up.


I froze and subconsciously turned back.


Lu Xinran probably didn’t expect him to say this, and his eyes widened violently, looking at him incredulously and shouting, “Fu Shen Yan, how could you do this? Do you know what you’re doing?”


Lu Xinran was not the only one who was surprised, there was also Fu Qingyin.


She narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips extremely tight.


“The logic is incorrect, Miss Lu had an accident at my house, what is she doing in my house in the middle of the night, an outsider? If my wife had intended to hurt her, how could she have chosen to do it in such an obvious way? The knife handle was in Miss Lu’s hand when I arrived.”


“Slap!” This slap was delivered by Lu Xinran, who no longer had tears in her eyes and looked at him incredulously, shaking her head incessantly, “Fu Shenyan, how could you do this? How could you do this?”


“Comrade police, let’s settle this matter privately, I’m the victim’s father, I’ll look into this matter, I won’t bother you with this.” Mo Zhi Zhi, who had not spoken, also spoke up.


Lin Wan’s gaze was a bit complicated, and after looking at me, she also nodded her head and said to the two policemen, “I’ll trouble you two to make a trip, we’ll just settle this matter privately.”


Lu Xinran froze and looked at the two unbelievably, even Fu Qingyin, Cheng Junyu and Qiao Zhongyan all froze and looked at the two Mo family couples unbelievably for a while.


“Mom and Dad, what are you guys talking about? I am your daughter, how can you do this?” Lu Xinran broke down, pulling at Lin Wan’s clothes and crying, “You were the one who told me that no one in this world would dare to hurt me one bit, and if there was, you would want that person to die a good death, mum, do you remember?”


Lin Wan’s gaze was a little complicated, pulling Lu Xinran’s hand and looking at Mo Zhi Zang.


Mo Zhi Zhan looked at the two policemen and his voice sank, “Please go back, we will deal with this matter in private!”


The two policemen were probably not willing to take care of this matter, so they nodded their heads and said, “That’s fine, then I won’t bother you all.”


Seeing that the police had left, Lu Xinran was completely nonplussed, his gaze was cold and frightening as he looked at the people in the ward and violently knocked everything on the bedside table onto the floor.


Hissing and cursing angrily, “Go away, all of you, liars, murderers, you bunch of liars.”


Fu Shen Yan’s face was grim as he spoke, “What do you want, I’ll try my best to satisfy you.”


Lu Xinran laughed, worse than crying, “What do I want? I want her life, I want her dead, can you satisfy me?” She pointed at me, a little torn.


Fu Shenyan frowned, his expression a little cold, “Lu Xinran, there are degrees in all things.”


Lu Xinran bowed her head, her shoulders trembling badly, “Good, you guys are really nice, each and every one of you is biased towards her, all of you are defending her, how nice!”


She raised her eyes to look at the people in the ward and laughed coldly, “I was stabbed for no reason, you are all so cold-blooded, in one sentence I want something you meet me, I want to give her a stab, can you meet it?”