Never Say Never Chapter 467-468

Chapter 467

I pursed my lips, my gaze cold, “Yes!”


Fu Shen Yan gazed at me and frowned, “Shen Shu, shut up!”


Lu Xinran laughed, “Yes? That’s fine, come over here, I’ll give you a cut and we’ll call it even between us!”


As she said that, she pulled out the infusion syringe and looked at me coldly, “No knife, I don’t need a knife, I’ll use a syringe, Shen Shu, you take a syringe from me and we’ll be even.”


I walked towards her, not feeling afraid, and she looked at me with an eerie smile.


She pinched the syringe and stabbed me in the eye, and a huffing sound rang out around me.


With quick eyes, Fu Shen Yan squeezed the syringe and snatched it from her hand, scraping blood from her palm.


Seeing this, for a moment everyone was relieved, Lin Wan fell violently into Mo Zhi Zhan’s arms, looking at me with a complicated gaze and said, “You go away, let’s leave this matter at that.”


Lu Xinran was furious, “Mom, what are you saying? She tried to kill me, how can you just let her go?”


“You shut up!” Lin Wan spoke up, looking at her with disgust in her eyes, “If you hadn’t gone to her in the middle of the night, would she have hurt you? Why did she hurt you, don’t you know that in your heart?”


Lu Xinran looked at her incredulously, with a stunned and disbelieving face, as if she was not looking at her own mother at all.


Seemingly realising that her emotions had gone too far, Lin Wan stopped talking and looked at Lu Xinran, “Xinran, you’re fine now too, just stay in the hospital these days and recuperate, don’t worry about other things.”


Lu Xinran is who she is, she has been with Fu Shen Yan for all these years, and has been held in her heart and cared for for so many years, which has cultivated her haughty nature that refuses to bow down, how could she possibly calm down her resentment just because of a few words from others.


Looking at me, she laughed coldly, “Do you think that if everyone helps you, you won’t go to jail? Shen Shu, don’t forget that the knife you stabbed me with had all your fingerprints on it, I just need to stick to the above, I don’t believe that the people here can have the ability to get me killed, as long as I don’t die, I will sue until you go in, the crime of intentional homicide, enough for you to go in and eat in jail for a few years.”


“Pop!” With a violent thud, the water cup that was originally placed on the table was shattered by Fu Shen Yan.


He picked up a sharp fragment from the floor, looked at Lu Xinran with indifferent gaze and spoke, “You have seven stitches in your wound, right?”


Lu Xinran looked at him, “What do you mean?”


“You want one life for one life, it doesn’t count now, after all, you’re not dead, actually so, how deep your wound is, I’ll cut it as deep as I can, so are you satisfied?”


After saying that, Fu Shen Yan lifted his shirt and stabbed down towards the small of his back.


My eyes widened and I rushed over to stop him, but it was no use, he still stabbed down.


Lu Xinran looked at him incredulously, pain in her gaze, “Is she really that important to you?”


I looked at him, my heart aching with indescribable pain, and pulled him to bandage it.


He held me down and looked at Lu Xinran and said, “She is my wife, she married me, all her pain and mistakes are mine to bear, all I can do is to do all I can to protect her well-being, whether she is good or bad, it will not change the fact that she is my wife.”


My eyes were red as I looked at his wounds, heartbroken and angry, “Fu Shen Yan, who wants you to take up for me? It’s just a few years in jail, I made it myself, I’ll bear it myself.”


With that, I turned around and left, ready to turn myself in.


Fu Shen Yan tugged me, his voice low and cold, “You shut up!”


Looking at Lu Xinran, he pursed his lips, “If you think this wound isn’t enough, I can lance it deeper.”


“Get out!” Lu Xinran shouted, her emotions already running wild, “All of you get out of my breath, I don’t want to see anyone!”


Fu Shen Yan’s clothes were infested with blood, and a large area was piled up on the floor, Cheng Jun Yu called for a doctor, seeing his hand still pressing on the gla*s shards, he couldn’t help but roar, “You’re still pressing in, don’t you want to die?”


Chapter 468

Fu Shen Yan did not say anything, just looked at Lu Xin Ran, obviously waiting for Lu Xin Ran to relent and not pursue me.


Lu Xinran looked at him, her eyes full of despair and pain, and she struggled to pick up the gla*s shards from the ground and stabbed them down towards him.


I had been by Fu Shenyan’s side, so I got in front of him. The gla*s shards stuck in my arm, causing me to break out in cold sweat.


Good thing she was injured and didn’t have much strength, all the zaps weren’t deep, Lu Xinran looked at us, for a long time, dropped the shards in her hands, suddenly powerless, “You guys go away, I won’t pursue it!”




The dressing room, Cheng Junyu cleaned my wounds, Fu Shenyan went into the operating room, my mind was in a mess.


I hadn’t gotten over what had just happened, and my body was still a little numb.


I didn’t listen to what Cheng Junyu and I had to say, but when Lin Wan and Mo Zhizang came in, they looked at me with complicated eyes.


Lin Wan was the first to open his mouth, “Are you okay?”


I looked at them, unsure, “You two can go ahead if you want to press charges.”


Lin Wan shook his head and looked at me, “No, we came over to check on you, Miss Shen, you ……”


“Well, go and see Xinran, this is the end of the matter!” Mo Zhi gallop intended Lin Wan’s words and pulled her out.


Cheng Junyu bandaged my wound, his gaze was deep as he looked at the two people who left, and he gathered his eyebrows and said, “It looks like the Mo family will not sue you.”


I wasn’t afraid of what they would do to me, so I looked down at the wound on my arm.


I looked at Cheng Junyu and said, “I don’t think anything will happen to Fu Shenyan, right?”


He lost his smile, “It’s a small wound that didn’t hurt my lungs, a few stitches and I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”


I nodded my head, but I just couldn’t let go.


Fu Shen Yan sewed up the wound and got off the hospital bed, looking at me and saying, “Let’s go home!”


I froze for a few seconds, my heart suddenly rising with emotion, “Fu Shen Yan, are you sick in the head, you just came out of the operating room and you want to die, do you think the wound is not big enough to kill yourself again?”


It was already three o’clock in the morning, sister-in-law Zhang and Fu Qingyin went back to the villa, Cheng Junyu and Qiao Zhongyan also went back, and the Mo family had hired a caregiver to look after Lu Xinran.


I stayed behind on Fu Shenyin’s side, and when Fu Shenyin wanted to go back, I yelled at him to stop.


He froze for a few seconds and looked at me with a frown, “Don’t you like being in the hospital anymore?”


I pursed my lips and pulled him on the hospital bed, looking at the wound on the small of his back that had exploded, my heart was hard, “You lie down, we’ll discharge you when the doctor says it’s ready.”


He lay back down, looked at me and patted the spot next to him and spoke, “Lie down next to me or we’ll go back to sleep.”


I pursed my lips, not tossing and turning with him as a patient, plus I was really sleepy, so I simply lay down next to him and tried not to squeeze him.


He moved to take me in his arms, his voice low, “Sleep well and in peace.”


At the sound of his voice, I couldn’t hold back the tears I had been holding back all night.


Turning over and leaning into his arms, I couldn’t help but tear up like rain, “Fu Shen Yan, don’t do this because of me in the future, I don’t need or want you to get hurt because of me.”


He hooked my chin, his gaze deep, “Heartbroken?”


I pursed my lips and tilted my head up to kiss him of my own accord, making him laugh a little bit because of my clumsiness.


Because it was a hospital, he pushed me away slightly, his voice low, “Okay, stop it, this is a hospital.”


Women are sensual creatures, and when emotions get here, they naturally don’t end there. I avoided his wounds and buried my head in his neck.


He was breathing a little heavily and his voice was rough, “Shen Shu, stop it, this is a hospital.”


I didn’t listen to him and kissed him for a while before stopping to lie on his heart and sob low.


He was helpless, “This is a hospital, if you want to kiss, wait until we get home and do it properly.”


I ignored him and just absolutely wanted to cry in particular, he was helpless and coaxed me as he said, “Did you miss it?”