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Never Say Never Chapter 469-470

Chapter 469

Saying that, he added, “Let’s go home and do it, do it all, this is a hospital, it’s not convenient.”


I tilted my head to look at him, his features were handsome and deep, excessively good looking, my voice was a little choked up, “Fu Shen Yan, don’t do this in the future, I’m not worth it, not worth risking your life.”


He froze, his body stiffened slightly, his voice low and introspective, “You’re worth it, everything I’ve done, you’re worth it.”


I pursed my lips, my heart indescribably hard and aching.


This night, the bed in the vip ward, although large, is ultimately not as good as the one at home, probably because of the shock, I did not sleep much all night.


I woke up in the middle of the night, and every time I was in a daze, I saw Fu Shen Yan lying in a pool of blood.


A few times, I was covered in sweat. Fu Shenyan found me having nightmares and pulled me into his arms, patting my back to soothe me.


I looked at him, my heart still hating the pain, “Fu Shen Yan, you must die behind me, OK?”


I was afraid, those conniptions, I don’t want to go through that again.


He pursed his lips and his voice was low, “What did you dream about?”


“That you were gone!” I spoke, the tears coming out again as the words fell, my heart still hurting so badly.


“Silly, close your eyes and sleep in peace, I was always there!” He sighed and rubbed my long hair.


I didn’t sleep well in the hospital, so Fu Shen Yan went through the discharge procedures the next day and went straight back to the villa.


Because Xu Lao did not continue his investigation into Fu Qingyin, Fu Qingyin went back to the Gu family.


Aunt Quan was dismissed by Fu Shen Yan, and Fu Shen Yan and I returned to the villa.


Because I hadn’t slept well, I had a bad headache. When Fu Shen Yan first arrived home, he frowned and said, “I’m going to take a shower first.”


I knew that he was in a hurry to take a shower because he didn’t like the smell of blood on his body, so when I saw him enter the bathroom, I followed him.


He frowned, “What’s wrong?”


“I’ll help you wash up!” I spoke, naturally raising my hand to remove his jacket.


When I reached out to slide his belt, Fu Shen Yan suddenly pressed my hand, his breath a little heavy, “Okay, I’ll do it myself, you go to bed!”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, “You can’t get water on the wound, you can’t shower or take a tub bath, you can only use a towel to wipe it clean, how can you do it yourself?”


He furrowed his brows, “It’s fine, it’s not a big deal, just wipe it off.”


I pursed my lips and said, somewhat stubbornly, “I’ll wipe you!”


His eyes deepened, his gaze fixed on me, meaningfully, “It’s easy to rub the gun, are you sure?”


This man ……


“You’ll tear the wound if you do it yourself.” I avoided the subject, somewhat timidly.


He hooked his lips and pressed my hand to open the belt, then held my hand and unzipped it, his gaze growing deeper and deeper.


I wasn’t stupid, I knew what he was going to do what he was going to do and jerked my hand back, nervously saying, “You can simply wipe yourself, I hate sleeping.”


Before I could get out of the bathroom, I was already pulled in, and he wrapped his arms around me from behind, afraid of pulling his wounds, and I was too stiff to move.


Eyes deep in mine, “Is that okay?”


I blushed, “Your wound, it’ll be ripped open.”


“A small wound, it’s not a problem.”


The temperature in the bathroom was already high and his breath was a little heavy, but he still looked at me with suppression, “Is that okay?”


I lowered my eyes and closed them without speaking, and he took it as my acquiescence.


My whole body almost fell apart as I wiped myself clean, and the white gauze from his originally bandaged wound was stained red.


I wrinkled my brows and looked at him a little angry, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re bleeding again, I told you no, look at the wound being torn again.”


Chapter 470

He laughed and blandly put on his bathrobe and said, “It’s okay, just have Jun Yu come over later to take a look, don’t worry.”


I glared at him, not knowing what to say to him, and went out of the bathroom to call Cheng Junyu.


The phone picked up after a few rings, and I hurriedly spoke, “Dr. Cheng, Fu Shenyan’s wound is bleeding again, a lot, can you come over?”


Cheng Junyu froze slightly and said, “Why is it suddenly bleeding?”


I was dumbfounded for a moment, unable to speak, so I said, “He’s bleeding a lot anyway, so hurry over and take a look, please.”


After hanging up the phone, Fu Shen Yan clasped his hands and looked at me, smirking, “Are you going to blatantly tell him that I’m impatient to operate with injuries?”


I stared at him, not good enough to say, “If you could exercise a little restraint, would you be like this?”


He laughed lowly, a little helplessly, “Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.”


Cheng Jun Yu came quickly, seeing Fu Shen Yan’s wound bleeding, he narrowed his eyes, raised his eyebrows at him and said, “There is one without two, next time will not be an example.”


Fu Shen Yan shrugged his shoulders and spoke cheaply, “You don’t have a daughter-in-law, you can’t understand the situation of a married man.”


I ?????


Meaning it’s my fault?


Cheng Junyu sneered, put the medicine box down and looked at me, “I’m a bit hungry, can I eat first?”


I froze for a moment, “Sister Zhang is still doing it, can you take care of his wound first?”


Cheng Jun Yu found a seat and sat down, raising an eyebrow, “I’m hungry, I don’t have much strength, he won’t die for a while.”






I went downstairs and went to help Sister Zhang cook, behind me came Fu Shen Yan’s voice, “You’re not too young, you plan to be a bachelor for the rest of your life?”


Cheng Junyu, “You can’t understand the freedom of a single man.”


Fu Shen Yan: “Don’t say so noble, if you have the ability next time don’t move to find a woman, do it yourself!”


I ……


The topic between men is really not very suitable for me to listen to.


The first thing you need to do is to get the food done, I took the dishes and set them up Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu came down.


The two looked harmonious, in the spirit of food not to say the tutelage of the watermelon, the table was once very quiet.


After eating, Cheng Junyu gave Fu Shen Yan treated the wound, extra disgusted, “next time please do not call me, thank you!”


Fu Shenyan shrugged his shoulders, extra shameless, “It depends.”


Cheng Junyu was lazy to talk to him, got up and packed the medicine box, took the key and left.


Fu Shen Yan looked in a good mood, leaned back on the sofa and let sister-in-law Zhang get the documents from the study to read them carefully.


I had nothing to do, so I simply sat next to him and read a book.


“Fu Shen Yan, why is the Mo family suddenly not pursuing the matter of Lu Xin Ran?” I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday. According to Lin Wan’s affection for Lu Xinran, not to mention the fact that I stabbed her, even if I pushed her a little, she would probably fight me to the death.


Fu Shenyin narrowed his eyes slightly, put down the documents in his hands, and raised his hand towards me to indicate that I should sit beside him.


I moved over and sat next to him, being wrapped in his arms as she said in a somewhat hoarse voice, “Without evidence, what can they do?”


I pursed my lips, how could they not find evidence, Lu Xinran was right, that fruit knife had my fingerprints on it, as long as the police investigated it, they would be able to find it out.


I always felt that Fu Shen Yan was hiding something from me, “Did you arrange for Sister Zhang to suddenly appear yesterday?”


The only thing that could have happened was that Fu Shen Yan had arranged it in advance.


He pursed his lips and said faintly, “You plan to let me send my own wife to jail for a few years with my own hands and let me be a widow for a few years?”