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Never Say Never Chapter 471-472

Chapter 471

I ……


This man’s mind is really impenetrable, I don’t know what to say for a while.


I don’t want to say anything.


The Chinese New Year is around the corner, Fu Shen Yan was originally planning to take me back to Jiangcheng after the company’s annual meeting, but he is now injured, and it is not good to move around.


The company’s annual meeting was arranged for Cheng Junyu and Qiao Zhongyan, and I had already left Fu’s after all, so whatever was going on at the moment had nothing to do with me.


I didn’t ask much about what happened at Fu’s, but Shen Yu sent me a message from the Shen family, saying that Shen Changlin had set a time for me to enter the family tree.


I could go back to the Shen family for two days to familiarize myself with the environment, and Shen Changlin made a grand entrance and invited many people.


I knew Shen Changlin was doing it for my own good, so I told him about Lu Xinran after I answered Shen Yu.


He was surprised for a few seconds and said, “What about Lu Xinran and the Mo family?”


I shook my head, “Lu Xinran did want me to take one life for one life, and Fu Shen Yan was also injured because of this, but the Mo family, for some reason, suddenly changed their attitude and didn’t pursue this matter, which I also found a bit strange.”


He paused for a moment and said, “Why did they suddenly stop pursuing the case?”


“Probably didn’t want things to go too far! After all, Lu Xinran ran to mine and Fu Shenyan’s house to cause trouble, and if she made a big deal out of it, the Mo family’s baby daughter being someone else’s mistress and running to someone else’s house to cause trouble, something like that always sounds a bit humiliating.”


That was all I could think of, and as for the rest, I couldn’t really think of anything else for a while.


I’ve hired a dress designer for you, come with me sometime and let her design some dresses for you, there are a lot of annual meetings and banquets these days, you’re the daughter of the Shen family, you can’t disgrace us when you attend future events. ”


I said, “A dress costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some cost millions, it’s not worth it.


He laughed, “You don’t have to pay for it, so what are you worried about? Besides, you can’t help but wear these things, and the jewellery Fu Shenyan bought for you, you should learn to wear it, don’t make yourself look like a nun.”


This man’s mouth is really poisonous!


I didn’t want to talk to him about this, and after thinking about it, I said, “Will Third Uncle invite the Mo family then?”


He said, “There are a lot of prestigious families in the capital, but not too many.


I shook my head, “No!” After thinking about it, “It’s not that I don’t want to see them either, I’m thinking about doing something about it.”


Originally I hated Lin Wan, but after Lu Xinran was hurt by me, I suddenly became soft-hearted, probably because of Fu Shen Yan.


I suddenly didn’t want to fight anymore, there are still long days ahead, if I continue to fight so hard with the Mo family, can I still have a good life in the future?


He was silent for a while and said, “The decision is yours, but Xiaoshu, Lu Xinran is already like this, you ……”


“I’ll think about it!” Hanging up the phone, I was a little annoyed.


The sky in the capital had been overcast, and I was still fuming when Han Shuang called.


When I picked up the phone, her voice was a bit noisy on her end, “Mr. Shen, have you come back to Jiangcheng for New Year?”


“Still not sure, I’ll ask Fu Shen Yan later, what’s wrong?” Counting the time it was only ten days before New Year.


Most companies were on holiday, so I couldn’t help but continue, “You’re back in Jiangcheng?”


She nodded, in a good mood and said, “I’ve been back for a few days, I thought you guys were coming back too, I was out shopping for New Year’s Eve just now and I even met Mr Chen, he was with a good looking man with a child, I haven’t seen him for a while, I feel like he’s changed so much recently.”


I didn’t respond for a moment to which one she was referring to, and couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Chen?”


Chapter 472

She spoke, “Well, it’s that young president of Credit, Chen Xing, Lin Wan’s son.”


I snapped to attention, it was Chen Xing, I hadn’t seen him for most of the year by counting.


I couldn’t help but speak, “I haven’t contacted him in a while either, I don’t know what happened.”


“Hmmmm, he’s with a man and a baby, is he of the same S*x, I just watched the two seem close, the baby looks like it’s only two or three months old, a tiny one, so cute.”


I was a bit lost in thought and said, “Can you take a picture of that for me?”


“Hmm? Why do you want a picture all of a sudden?”


“You take a picture of them for me, please!”


I suspected that the man might be Jon and the kid, possibly Kimiko’s child.


She agreed and hung up with me. I called Jon, but no one answered.


After thinking about it, I called Chen Xing and got through, “Miss Shen, why did you suddenly think of calling me?”


“Mr Chen, are you in Jiangcheng? I have a friend who has encountered something in Jiangcheng, can you help me go over there and take a look?”


The other end of the phone paused for a few seconds and said, “I’m in M, is it serious? I’ll have someone over in Jiangcheng go over and take a look.”


“That’s fine, I’ll call my other friends and ask, hang up first, I’ll be in touch when I have time.” Why did Chen Xing lie to me?


Han Shuang’s message came, in the downtown building in Jiangcheng, Chen Xing was in a brown coat, hands in his pockets, looking handsome and laid back, the photo was not clear enough, but the haggardness on his face could still be clear.


He was followed by Jon, a camel-coloured jumper with slacks, pushing a baby stroller in front of them, two men with a child does attract attention.


I put the phone through again to Han Shuang, who was probably just looking at her phone and picked it up in pa*sing.


I said, “Han Shuang, I may have to trouble you, keep an eye on where they are staying, especially the man and the child beside Chen Xing, and by the way, keep an eye on him, is Muzi around?”


Jon had said before that they were in M. The weather was too cold to wander around with the child, and that they would not return until after the New Year, but now they were in Jiangcheng.


I always felt that, according to Muzi’s nature, she wouldn’t have held back from contacting me, and according to the time projection, she should have at least taken the initiative to call and ask about the baby.


But it had been so long, she hadn’t called me or visited me, and every time I called, they seemed to be able to be avoiding me.


“Okay, I’ll follow them these days, don’t worry!” Hanging up the phone with Han Shuang, I became more and more a little worried in my heart.


There was a vague sense of bad foreboding.




The next day, Shen Yu’s ability to do things is really not ordinary fast, Fu Shen Yan just went out, he called.


“Come to Huandu to measure your clothes, do you need me to send a car to pick you up?”


I shook my head and got up from the bed, still a bit awake, “I’ll drive over later, you give me the exact address.”


He gave an encore and admonished, “Don’t be inquisitive, I’ll be over here staring at you.”




And what a talkative nature.


After I hung up the phone, I washed up and went out. Sister-in-law Zhang was worried that I would be hungry on the way and insisted on stuffing me with a few small dumplings, for fear that I would be hungry.


The Cadillac car I originally drove in Jiangcheng had not been used since it was sent for maintenance after being driven by Qiao En.


When I came to the capital, Fu Shenyan brought me a Cayenne, which I was not used to driving, and I always felt that I was not comfortable driving this car, probably because the cha*sis was high and I could not operate it well.


But the good thing is that this car looks very low profile in these places in the capital where luxury cars are everywhere.