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Never Say Never Chapter 473-474

Chapter 473

Originally, I was going to go straight to Huandu, but when the car pa*sed a dessert shop under the city centre building, I couldn’t help but think of a great dessert shop I had eaten at over here before.


So I drove the car to the entrance of which shop, after the miscarriage, Gu Han took me here to eat, they have a lot of family and almost every day there is a long queue.


Today is not a weekend, plus it is also morning almost not is so people, so when I came, the shop just opened, no one in line.


I went around and chose a few desserts, all matcha flavoured, and after paying, the waiter looked at me with a smile and said, “Miss, our shop gives a dessert to the first customer every day, you can pick up another one.”


I laughed at the fact that there was such a thing, and said, “That’s right!”


Although I couldn’t eat it all either, it always feels happy if there is an unexpected surprise when I buy something, it’s like picking up a few dozen on the road, it’s not much but it’s just fun and I always feel like it’s going to be a lucky day.


Carrying my dessert out, I was in a much better mood and as I looked down for my car keys I was coldly bumped by a pa*ser-by hurrying through the green light.


“Sorry, sorry!” The man hastily apologised, but was so busy crossing the green light that he hurried off.


Seeing that the dessert had been knocked into some poor shape, I felt sorry for it and simply found a rest area to sit down and eat my dessert.


Sitting in the crowded city, the wind in the capital was a bit chilly and after a few bites of dessert, I couldn’t eat any more.


Looking at the rest of the dessert, I could not help but feel a bit sorry for it. After a moment’s hesitation, I got up and prepared to throw it away in the trash.


“Mr. Gu, the hotel you’ve arranged is already booked.” Not far from me, someone spoke up.


I threw the dessert in my hand into the bin, and couldn’t help but glance over.


A man in a black suit handed the bag of documents he was carrying to a black Bentley on the side of the road.


It looked like he had come out to hand over his work, and seeing as it was getting late in the morning, I should go back too.


I was just about to withdraw my gaze when I coldly saw the man in the backseat, his cold, tough and distinguished features, familiar and unfamiliar.


Gu Han!


Was he …… him?


I hesitated for about two seconds, too late to reach for the bag I had placed in the lounge chair injury, and jogged towards the car.


“Gu Han!” I opened my mouth and the man in the car seemed to hear the voice, a handsome, peerless face paused slightly.


After a cold and resolute gaze towards me, he took the papers with no expression and closed the door, then the car took off.


I followed behind the car and shouted, “Gu Han!”


But the car had no intention of stopping, and it was at the traffic lights that the black Bentley stopped.


I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even notice the car coming.


By the time I realised that I had been hit by the car, I was already lying on the ground.


There was a fine pain coming from my knees and elbows.


“Miss, are you all right?” The driver who hit me got out of the car and helped me up somewhat nervously, looking at me apologetically, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, you just rushed out all of a sudden and I really didn’t see you.”


I shook my head, didn’t have time to say anything back to him, and when I looked up to see the Bentley, the car had already crossed the traffic lights and walked away.


I was sure that I was not mistaken, that man was Gu Han.


However, he is not ……


“Miss, let me take you to the hospital for a look, I see that you are bleeding a lot, and I do not know how the wound is?”


Chapter 474

The driver spoke, his face a little pale, looking like he should have been shocked.


I froze, and only when I looked back did I see that my knees and elbows were bleeding quite a bit.


The place where I had been cut by Lu Xinran because I had blocked the gla*s shards for Fu Shenyan in the hospital earlier had originally healed, but I had just been hit on the ground by a car and contused.


The wound was stretched a little bit, and all of it bled quite a lot.


“I’ll trouble you then!” I can’t afford to drive myself now.






The doctor cleaned my wound, the driver paid the medical bill, prescribed the medicine and still looked at me with an apologetic face.


When I saw that he was in a hurry again and was still here to take care of me like this, I couldn’t help but feel guilty and said, “It’s my responsibility today and I’m still making you drive me to the hospital and take care of me before and after, I’m really sorry, I’m fine now, you go and do your job!”


He looked at my somewhat bloodied knee and said, “I’m sorry I hit you, I’m really sorry, contact your family and when they come, I’m willing to take all the responsibility.”


The man was honest and I couldn’t afford to hold him up, so I pushed him a few times and said I didn’t need him to be responsible, but he was adamant that he would wait for my family to come and deal with them.


I had no choice but to call Fu Shen Yan.


On the phone, Fu Shen Yan’s voice was a bit low, “Have you eaten yet?”


I opened my mouth and said awkwardly, “Fu Shen Yan, are you busy now?”


He spoke, “What’s wrong?”


“I was hit by a car just now, I have a small injury, can you come over to the hospital?”


“Hit by a car?” He spoke, his voice a little heavier.


I couldn’t say much, so I said, “Yeah, it’s just a small injury, can you come over?”


“Address!” With that, he took the phone away and said, “This is the end of today’s meeting, let’s go back and discuss exactly how we’re going to solve the problem, the meeting is adjourned!”


“You’re still in a meeting?” I was a little surprised and unconsciously looked at the world on my phone, it was already six o’clock.


He enthused and said, “Where’s the address?”


“People’s Hospital! Take your time on the way, it’s not a big deal.” I said and hung up the phone.


The driver looked at me with a vague sense of worry and self-recrimination.


About fifteen minutes.


Fu Shen Yan came over.


When he saw me lying on the hospital bed, he frowned at the nurse and said, “How is she?”


The nurse froze, her eyes brightened up a bit, her face flushed a bit, and she said, “It’s fine, it’s all contusions, it’s just that the wound where the original injury was was ripped open that’s a bit troublesome, the rest of the body will heal in a few days.”


Fu Shen Yan hmmed, a pair of black eyes fell on me, pursed his lips, did not speak, but looked to the driver who was a little scared by his aura.


“Is she to blame, or are you?”


The driver brother was a little dumbfounded by his cold air, and after a pause spoke, “I was driving at normal speed, this young lady suddenly rushed into the traffic lane, I couldn’t brake in time and hit her, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to do it.”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, “Is that so?”


I nodded, hmmed and said, “I’m not a big deal, my family is here too, thank you, you go about your business.”


That big brother driver probably felt that Fu Shen Yan, a person with too high a pressure, was a bit timid, nodded slightly, said a few words of apology and left.


It was the little nurse who had just come in to change the medicine and water that didn’t leave. She was standing by the hospital bed packing up the medicine bottles, with a pair of clear eyes looking at Fu Shen Yan from time to time.


Fu Shenyin was already striking in appearance, standing out in the crowd and dazzling, plus his aura of nobility and coldness, it was inevitable that he would attract young girls to fall in love with him.


“What’s going on?” Fu Shen Yan spoke up, his eyes falling on my hands and feet, which were wrapped in dumplings.


I thought for a moment and said, “I was walking and I accidentally bumped into them, so that’s what you saw.”


He narrowed his eyebrows, “So your eyes are for gasping for air?”


I pursed my lips and looked at him with my head C*cked, “Shouldn’t you be hugging me and comforting me right now? Why are you still counting me out?”