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Never Say Never Chapter 493-494

Chapter 493

Shen Yu stood beside me, never speaking, only seeing me frowning and silent, he said faintly, “What are you thinking about?”


I shook my head and subconsciously looked up at the people who were already set up on the first floor.


Seeing me hesitate, Shen Yu said, “Actually, it’s already the best outcome now, it doesn’t have to be worse!”




The baby and Muzi were real and dead, Lu Xinran was just injured, and they were real and gone from my world, even if I tried harder I couldn’t get them back.


When I thought of this, I went cold and looked at the people on the first floor and nodded to a large projection screen on the stage in the hotel lobby.


Two minutes later, the image on the screen attracted all the guests who came to the banquet, the Mo family had stood in the capital for many years, plus Lin Wan’s success over the years.


She was almost as well known as the Mo family and all, the scene in the video where she appeared had the guests on stage booing.


I didn’t look at the screen, what was on it never interested me, what interested me was Lin Wan’s reaction when she saw them.


But she didn’t seem as devastated as I thought she would be, instead she just leaned tightly into Mo Zhi Zhan’s arms as if she had been prepared in advance.


Some voices buzzed in my brain, and in the sea of noisy people, Mo Zhi Zhan gave me a deep look, not with anger or bloodlust, but with heartache.


I watched him leave with Lin Wan in his arms in the crowd, but there was no pleasure in my heart. I knew that from today onwards, Lin Wan would be discredited and disgraced.


What I wanted, it seemed, had been achieved!


The screen was turned off after Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zang left, and the hall was filled with whispers of Lin Wan’s inferiority or mock disdain.


This was the end of the party, and Shen Changlin and Shen Yu were busy sending off the guests.


I stood in the hall, a little confused.


Qiao Zhuan Yan barged into my line of sight, his face bland as he said, “Talk?”


I withdrew my lazy gaze, my heart overwhelmed, “Talk about what?”


He sat down on the lounge chair next to me and raised an eyebrow, “You did this?”




I didn’t intend to hide it, no one dared to do random tampering at the Shen family banquet, unless it was someone from the Shen family.


He laughed coldly, looking at me sarcastically with a look that said, “I thought you should at least be relieved that you hurt Xinran this time, you already have a prominent family and a third brother who puts his heart into you, it’s just a child, you have to go this far?”


I pursed my lips, a little tired from standing, and sat down casually on a side chair, a little tired, “So I have everything I need, and the hurt I suffered before, I should pretend it never happened?”


He wrinkled his eyebrows, “The Shen family tacitly allowed you to make such a big deal, the Mo family let the design go, Shen Shu, have you thought about why? Just by Shen Yu’s push from it?”


I raised an eyebrow, “What else?”


He laughed coldly, feeling ridiculous, “Do you really think everyone is a fool, an idiot who lets you do what you want? What kind of man is Mo Zhi Zhi? A man who walked on corpses in the seventies, and he just let you trample on his wife without saying a word?”


“What are you trying to say?” I spoke, my emotions having calmed down.


He chortled, disdainfully, “I want to say that brainless, cold-blooded and idiotic women like you can stop, please behave yourself and live your life in peace.”


Chapter 494

After a pause, he said without good humour, “Also, when Third Brother is sick, even if it’s a quarrel, you don’t have to be so desperate, he’s your husband, you don’t have to go without a word of greeting.”


I could see that he was indeed angry and helpless.


As I watched him leave, I sat in my seat for a while, dazed, for a long time before getting up.


The guests in the hall had already left, and Shen Yu looked at me and said, “Are you going to the Shen family tonight or should I send you back?”


Fu Shenyin was around ……


After thinking about it, I opened my mouth and said, “I’ll take a taxi back by myself later!”


He disapproved and shut up just as he started to object, gesturing for me to look at the door.


The smooth lines of the black luxury car, the most seen luxury cars on a regular basis is also Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maybach, Bentley. It was the first time I had seen Fu Shenyan so ostentatious, driving a rolls-royc.


However, at such parties, there are many luxury cars and famous cars, so it is not unusual.


There was a driver standing next to the car, and when he saw me, the driver came forward and said with a smile, “Madam, sir has been waiting for you for a long time, he is sick and has to hurry back!”


The implication was that Fu Shen Yan was sick and waiting for me!


I subconsciously wanted to say no, but I saw that although the driver had a smile on his face, his hands were pinching each other, and it looked like he was a bit anxious.


I couldn’t help but frown, “He’s very sick?”


The driver nodded and opened his mouth, “It’s been two days, he hasn’t been taking his medication or going to the hospital, and he insisted on coming here today, you …… should still persuade him properly!”


I glanced back at Shen Yu and spoke, “You tell Third Uncle, I’ll go over to see him some other time!”


He nodded, a pair of black eyes narrowed to look at the car.


I took a few steps to the car and pulled the door open.


The man’s eyes were closed, his thin lips pursed into a line, and his handsome face was white and colorless.


The car was not heated and his forehead was covered in sweat in the freezing winter.


“What’s wrong?”


He kept his eyes closed and his face grim, with no intention of looking at me.


His voice was low and cold, with a bit of a chill, “Come up or get down!”


The words were not the slightest bit warm and carried a bit of anger.


I pursed my lips, my shoes were too high, so I simply took off my high heels, carried my skirt and got into the car, looked at the driver in the driver’s seat and said, “Go to the hospital!”


The driver froze and looked at Fu Shen Yan, but when he didn’t say anything, he started the car.


Beijing was prone to traffic jams, especially around ten o’clock at night, when the traffic was most likely to be bad.


Driving to the city centre, the car could not go, Fu Shen Yan frowned slightly, beads of sweat oozed from his forehead, his face was extraordinarily ugly, his eyebrows were tightly knitted.


I froze and said to the driver, “Stop at the junction ahead!”


The driver thought I was getting ready to get out of the car and hesitated for a moment, “Madam will be at the hospital soon, you should accompany Mr. to see the doctor ……”


I held my forehead, when did I become so cold-blooded in the eyes of others.


After a pause, I said, “There’s a pharmacy up ahead, I’ll get him off and buy medicine.”


“No need!” These words were spoken by Fu Shen Yan.


My temper flared and I looked at him and said angrily, “Shut up if you don’t want to die!”


I didn’t look at the driver’s shocked expression, I just opened the door with my skirt and got out of the car.


To be honest, dresses aren’t really for people, they’re a pain in the a*s to drag around and they’re freezing.


Especially in a place like the capital where it’s freezing cold.