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Never Say Never Chapter 495-496

Chapter 495

When I returned from buying the medicine, I divided it up and handed the cold man the hot water I had asked for from the pharmacy, saying, “Take the medicine.”


He didn’t say a word, he was as cold as ice, and the driver, seeing me shivering with cold, turned on the heating and handed me his jacket saying, “Madam, you put your jacket on first.”


The black tuxedo Fu Shen Yan was wearing was taken off at some point, and it was the same one the driver handed to me.


I was speechless, this man was really more inquisitive than a woman.


Seeing that his eyes were still closed and pinching his eyebrows, I couldn’t help but speak up, “Fu Shen Yan, take the medicine, if you don’t want to take it then die of pain, I’m very tired now and don’t have the energy to toss and turn with you.”


I put the medicine and hot water on the shelf, threw my jacket on him and opened the door to get out of the car.


He tugged on my wrist, “Where are you going?”


“None of your business!”


“Go home!” He speaks, his voice pressed to a whisper, and the car starts.


I didn’t rush to say more, I just looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Take the medicine!”


He opened his eyes, his dark pupils were covered with blood, and I could imagine that he probably hadn’t been resting much these days.


A sound refused to gnaw and took the medicine, then continued to close his eyes and pretend to sleep, the driver was a little confused about the situation and spoke, “Madam, am I going to the hospital or?”


“Go home!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his voice unquestionable.


I pursed my lips, my head buzzing, “Fu Shen Yan ……”


“In a moment Jun Yu will go over!” He spoke, his voice tinged with exhaustion.


I don’t say much more.


It didn’t take long to get to the villa, I carried my skirt extra inconvenient, got out of the car and saw Fu Shen Yan still had his eyes closed and didn’t move.


The driver looked at me with some difficulty, as if he did not dare to touch Fu Shen Yan easily.


I sighed silently, walked to Fu Shen Yan’s side and spoke, “Fu Shen Yan, we’re home, get off!”


He opened his eyes and didn’t move, just looked at me motionlessly, his eyes were terrifyingly deep.


After staring at him for a long time, I finally came down in defeat and reached out towards him, “I’ll help you down!”


He pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, except that his tall, slender body was almost half on top of me.


I was already carrying the hem of my skirt, and my high heels were so high that I didn’t usually wear them, so it was extra hard to walk.


It was even harder when he was on top of me.


But the words had already been said and the driver had already left after completing his task, so I helped him into the small court house and looked like I had to walk around the garden to get to the bedroom.


For the first time, I felt that a large house was not a good thing, so I stopped moving slightly and said, “Fu Shenyan, can you walk by yourself?”


He narrowed his eyebrows, his dark night-like eyes fell on me, and spoke lightly, “What do you think?”


I ……




It was hard to help him to the bedroom, my whole body was not good, put him on the bed, the first thing I did was to go and change the gown I was wearing.


But because I moved so fast, I stepped on the hem of my dress when I got up, and tragedy struck.


The terrible thing about a bustier gown is that it has no suspenders and once it falls down, it’s naked.


The heavy skirt slipped down under my legs and all I had left on me was some intimate clothing.


It made basically no difference if it did or didn’t. Fu Shen Yan looked at me, his handsome face outlined in a sarcastic sneer, “So impatient?”


I ……


I pursed my lips, ignored his harsh words, went into the cloakroom to find a change of clothes, and when I came out Fu Shen Yan was no longer in the bedroom.


The sound of water came from the bathroom.


Chapter 496

There was so much going on today that I went straight to the study and opened the headlines. As expected, all those videos that Lin Wan had released at the hotel tonight had basically gone out.


What surprised me, though, was that clearly the Mo family had the ability to suppress it, but as Qiao Zhuan Yan had said, the Mo family didn’t seem to intervene.


Even Lin Wan herself didn’t do anything, as if she was intentionally letting me.


I originally wanted to call Qiao En, but thinking that it was getting late, I simply gave up.


I sat in the study for a while, and when I returned to the bedroom, Fu Shen Yan had not yet come out of the bathroom.


I had been sitting in the study for a while, so he should have come out by now.


Worried that he might be sick, I went to the bathroom door, raised my hand and knocked on it, saying, “Fu Shen Yan, are you there?”


No one answered!


Worried that something had happened to him, I raised my hand and twisted the door handle, expecting him to lock it, but I actually twisted it open.


I pushed open the narrow doorway, which was filled with a hot, humid mist, and I said, “Fu Shen Yan ……”


The words did not fall out, the man’s robust small belly change suddenly appeared, I subconsciously looked up, is the man’s S*xy provocative abs.


See him take his hand back, just now also seems to be over to open the door.


I froze, a little embarra*sed, “Are you done washing?”


He enthused, probably fresh out of the shower, his whole body looked exceptionally handsome and his hair was still a little damp.


I staggered out of the way as he exited the bathroom, the lower half of his body wrapped in a bath towel, moving sharply to wipe the moisture from his hair.


Sick are so …… sprightly!


Highly skilled!


My makeup was a little heavy today, so I went straight into the bathroom to remove it and wash up, taking a shower on the way.


The bathroom has a washing machine, I will change off the clothes by hand thrown in, Fu Shen Yan’s suit is high quality have to send outside to wash.


I didn’t care much about it, but I saw a blue object in the laundry basket, his shorts that he had just changed into.


I picked it up and washed it on the sink. Normally, these personal items are basically his own hands, while others are sent out to be washed outside because they are basically high order, and occasionally some are also thrown in the washing machine.


I’ve been married to him for three years, but I’ve never done any laundry for him. When I think about it, except for the matter of Lu Xinran, he never seems to follow me on anything else.


When he opened the bathroom door, he saw the blue object in my hand, and his handsome face hesitated for a moment, then said indifferently, “It’s scrubbed!”


I looked down and saw that it was fine, my cheeks burned for a moment, “I washed it with my hands!”


He pursed his lips, his dark eyes were obscure and metaphorical, but he didn’t say anything more as he went into the bathroom and took the watch he had just removed out of the cupboard.


A faint glance at the clothes in my hands, pursed his lips and went out!


I ……


Obviously a couple, why do I always find this image so …… awkward!


When I came out of the bathroom after drying my shorts, Cheng Junyu had already come, and Fu Shenyan was sitting in a chaise longue, his face calm as he examined his body.


Cheng Jun Yu is involved in Chinese medicine and Western medicine, so he likes to have a two-pronged approach when he sees a doctor.


Seeing me coming out of the bathroom, he withdrew his hand, got the medicine out of the medicine chest and spoke, “Take your medicine on time if you don’t want to die, the person has come back, don’t continue …… to die!”


The latter words were suppressed by Fu Shen Yan’s cold eyes.


Cheng Junyu gave a heave, packed up the medicine box, then ready to leave, I followed him downstairs.


I followed him down the stairs, not knowing how to tell him the words that had been weighing on my mind.


He walked to the door, saw that I had been following, looked back at me and raised his eyebrows, “Something else?”