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Never Say Never Chapter 519-520

Chapter 519

At my inexplicable scolding, he froze for a moment and spoke, “What’s wrong?”


I pursed my lips, not saying anything, and got off the bed, and before my feet hit the ground, he picked me up in a horizontal hug, “Sorry, next time I’ll exercise a little restraint.”


I gave him a blank look and went into the bathroom, I didn’t get off him, I let him hold me and washed my face.


“Fu Shen Yan, next time you do that, we’ll sleep in separate beds.”


He raised an eyebrow, placed me on the floor and spoke, “So you got it, what’s the word?”


I froze, a little overwhelmed by the response, when did I?


He pursed his lips, his dark eyes holding a smile, and as an afterthought I saw the white liquid on his shirt.


Reacting to the fact that it was the aftermath of the hypo, I blushed for a moment and opened my mouth, “I …… I didn’t ask you to hold me!”


He smiled lightly, “Eh, next time I’ll pay attention.”


I ……


“It’s okay, once you’ve fed the baby, you won’t have it all the time, it’s the norm for women in labor, and by the looks of it, you should be able to get enough for all seasons.” He said, pulling his white liquid stained jacket off.


I ignored him and pushed him out of the bathroom and then washed the contents off my body.


When I got out of the bathroom, I found some clothes to change into while Fu Shen Yan was downstairs making breakfast.


Seeing that I had changed, he looked at me and said, “Eat your breakfast before you go over!”


“Let’s go now.” I was carrying my bag and was not in the mood to eat breakfast.


Probably because he could see my mood, he had no choice but to take two boiled eggs and hand them to me and said, “Eat in the car.”


He then took the keys and went out with me, got into the car and started it.


When I didn’t want to talk on the way, he said, “I’ve found two babysitters, you can use them for the time being, and if they don’t suit you, you can change them after the Chinese New Year.


“Yes!” I responded, and I went back to being silent.


He seemed intent on having a conversation with me and continued, “When we get the Four Seasons back, we’ll go to the hospital.”


I frowned subconsciously, “What’s the hospital for?”


He raised an eyebrow, the corner of his mouth lifting, “You’re going to stay untreated? Every time you don’t feel well?”


I ……


“How do you cure something like that?” A mental disorder causes it, it’s not like it’s physical.


He pursed his lips, “If it’s a disease, it can be cured, and the doctor has the final say on how.”


After a pause, he continued, “Besides, your insomnia has never been very good, it’s not good to drag on like this without seeing it.”


“It’s gotten much better recently.” I spoke, he didn’t know that I had barely been able to sleep the first few days after the baby was gone, and now I was doing pretty well.


He pursed his lips, a pair of dark eyes held a shallow smile, a meaningful deeper meaning spilled over his brow with a few obscure evil tones, “Every day like last night, you plan on draining me dry?”


I ……


looked up at him, my mood a little light, “You would drain me if you didn’t touch me?”


He held the steering wheel and frowned, “Since when are you such a jerk?”


As he spoke, he took my hand, put it to his mouth and kissed the back of my hand and spoke, “You know react slowly, more often, the wound will feel and you’ll have to go to the hospital just as much later.”


I looked over at him and justified it, “I won’t get hurt as long as you don’t touch me!”


His eyes sank, “So, you’re planning to suffocate me and murder your own husband?”


This man, when did he become so vicious with his mouth.


I didn’t feel good, “Or I can, anyway, if you die, I’ll have a child and an inheritance and won’t have to worry about anything for the rest of my life.”


“You wish!” At the traffic light, he stopped the car and bit me, which hurt extraordinarily.


Like a punishment.


Seeing that I was still holding the two eggs he had shoved in my hand on the way out, he raised an eyebrow, “Hurry up and eat them.”


I pursed my lips, “I don’t want to eat!”


The light was green and he started the car, looking at me playing with the two eggs, his eyes deepened a bit, “Didn’t you have enough fun last night?”


Chapter 520

I froze, looked down at the two eggs I was holding in my hands, and my brain exploded.


I looked at him and roared, “Fu Shen Yan, you have Sh*t in your head!” You can say all kinds of nonsense.


He smiled, the corners of his mouth rising, “Speak properly!”


I didn’t bother to pay attention to him anymore.


Seeing that I was ignoring him, he got serious and looked at me, “Why don’t you want to go to the hospital?”


“It’s not good enough to go!” It’s not like I hadn’t been there before, this kind of illness is just medicine, psychiatrists can’t do much more than talk and talk.


He sunk his eyes and didn’t say anything else as the car entered the Cloud Copper district and pulled up under the unit.


He got out of the car, looked at me, pursed his lips and spoke, “Shall I carry you?”


I shook my head, got out of the car and went straight up into the flat.


Because he had called Jon ahead of time, he had already packed up the four seasons ahead of time, and when he saw me and Fu Shen Yan, he pursed his lips, “In the past two days, she might sleep later at night, and with the change of bad situation, she doesn’t adapt.”


I nodded and spoke, “Where’s Four Seasons?”


“She’s in her room, Chen Xing is feeding him formula!”


I froze and went straight into Four Seasons’ bedroom to see Chen Xing in a black suit, in good spirits and handsome, looking like he had gone to get ready to go to the office.


Seeing me, he spoke, “Feed her, she won’t cry for a while.”


I nodded, “I’ll do it!” Taking the bottle from him, I looked to him and said, “Go and see what else is in the Four Seasons.”


He nodded and as he went out, I paused but spoke, “You take the door with you!”


He frowned, “What’s wrong?”


I didn’t have time to answer before Fu Shen Yan, who was following behind me, came in and looked at Chen Xing and spoke, “She’s breastfeeding, are you going to watch?”


I ……


Chen Xing held his face red and turned to go out, but it was Qiao En, who was surprised to hear Fu Shen Yan’s words, said, “It’s only been two drinks of medicine and it’s working? Not said to ma*sage and ……”


Speaking here, he stopped speaking, a pair of eyes looked at Fu Shen Yan, a time to speak without words.


“Holy Sh*t! The scale is too big too.” After saying that, Jon directly closed the door and walked away.


I ……


couldn’t help but raise my eyes to look at Fu Shen Yan, feeling that he was abominable to the extreme, and my face burned a little.


“You go out!”


He pursed his lips, “I’ll guard you.”


I glared at him, “Get out!”


He ignored my words at all and sat himself down on the small balcony, grabbed his phone and started swiping away.


I ……


How brazen.


I turned my back on him and reported the four seasons up, having purposely worn convenient clothes when I went out in the morning.


I thought that because the four seasons were small, they might not be able to, but really I was overthinking it. The little one seemed extremely positive about food, and she learned it without me having to worry about it at all.


After feeding for a while, Fu Shen Yan stood beside me, his long and tall figure leaving a shadow on me.


I looked up and saw him staring at me, subconsciously I turned away from her, if not for the four seasons, I would have cursed.


But I held my tongue, suppressing my anger and saying, “Fu Shen Yan, show some respect, will you?”


He opened his mouth, his voice cool, “I look at my own wife and break the law?”


I ……


When Four Seasons finished eating, Fu Shen Yan carried Four Seasons out, Qiao En pursed his lips and looked at him, he let out a heave, “Mr. Fu hugged a child all out of a semi-paralyzed aura.”