Never Say Never Chapter 521-522

Chapter 521

I glanced at Fu Shen Yan, looking at his cautious look, obviously a big man of one meter eight, holding the four seasons like a bullet, moving step by step, his body stiffened beyond recognition.


I couldn’t help but hold back a laugh, Chen Xing pursed his lips and looked at me, “There’s not much for the Four Seasons, in a moment Qiao En and I will send you down, she cries most of the night because she’s hungry, you try to let her sleep next to you for the next two days, just get up and feed her when she cries.”


I nodded and looked to them, “Come and have a big dinner with us at the Shan Shui Bureau this Chinese New Year, it’s a rare occasion when we’re all in Jiang Cheng.”


He looked to Jon, as if to see what Jon meant.


Qiao En nodded his head and spoke instead, “That’s fine, I’m not going back to the capital anyway, it’s just time to get together and spend the first New Year with the Four Seasons.”


Chen Xing nodded, sort of agreeing, and looked at me, “I’ll send you the address and time later, my mother has said several times that if the evening is inconvenient for you, bring the Four Seasons along.”


I froze for a moment, reacting to the fact that it was Lin Wan who had asked to have dinner together earlier.


I couldn’t help but speak up, “It’s not too safe to take the Four Seasons with you, I won’t go in the evening, you guys go!”


Chen Xing looked at Fu Shen Yan, his gaze was somewhat deep, “Is Mr. Fu going?”


I originally thought that according to Fu Shen Yan’s habits, he would not go, but to my surprise he nodded, “Yes!”


Then he hugged the four seasons and gingerly walked out the door, and Qiao En kept pursing his lips and holding a smile as he watched him.


If it wasn’t for Fu Shen Yan’s always cold nature, I would have laughed out loud at the sight of him.


I had a bit of a headache and really didn’t want to see Lin Wan.


When I got into the car with Fu, he put the Four Seasons in the back seat and fixed her bouncer with a child seat, and I made my way to the back seat.


I also made my way to the back seat. Qiao En and Chen Xing carried all the things to the car, and because they were in a hurry to go to the office, Chen Xing said hello and drove off.


Fu Shen Yan started the car and went out of the Yun tong district, I couldn’t help but speak up, “Don’t you usually not like to attend any dinner parties?”


He pursed his lips and drove on, his voice faint, “Haven’t you noticed that Chen Xing has been very busy lately?”


I froze for a moment and went along with him, “Yes a bit!”


“Ever wondered what it’s because of?” Perhaps because of the four seasons in the car, he was driving extremely slowly and steadily.


I thought about it and said, “He’s a rich second generation, although Lin Wan controls the Chen family business, he’s still the heir to the Chen family after all, he opened the credit partly for exercise and partly for his own interest, it’s the end of the year, the annual audit list was either done before or delayed until after the year, but it just so happens that not many companies are audited at this time of year, he’s so busy, is he short of money? Or has something come up?”


He enthused, his voice shallow, “Still knows how to analyse, which means it’s not too silly.”


I ……


What kind of talk is that?


Teasing the Four Seasons, I spoke, “So what happened to Chen Xing?”


“Ever heard of the butterfly effect?”


I froze and spoke, “A butterfly’s tiny flutter of wings once can cause a storm?”


He enthused, a pair of dark eyes kept looking at the road ahead, looking extra serious and focused, which was going to come down to the four seasons.


“Lin Wan’s matter, affects not only the development of the industry under her hand, but also everything related to Lin Wan, most of Lin Wan’s industry stagnated, also indirectly affects the Chen family, including the credit under Chen Xing’s name, Chen is a big company, the capital and company structure can still support for some time under the big pressure.”


Chapter 522

“But not credit, credit has only been around for less than two years, although the reputation and earnings of these two years are good, but he is still a small company after all, once affected by a huge external force, the credit road is faster than you can imagine, many large companies that cooperated with credit before have basically all cancelled their cooperation with credit this year.”


I didn’t expect this for a moment and frowned, “So, Chen Xing had to find a few big companies to continue working with during this time at the end of the year in order to maintain the company’s growth.”


He nodded, “En!”


“Fu’s not continuing to work with him?” I opened my mouth and Four Seasons Tiny’s soft four fingers twisted around me, his big eyes looking around round.


“No, but the contract Fu signed with him last year only included Fu’s in Jiangcheng, and this year I moved the head office to the capital, which is less than half the money in comparison.”


“Isn’t there still Qiao’s?”


He pursed his lips as the car entered the Shanshui Residence, “Qiao’s is the same, besides before you forget, Qiao’s was given to ac to do before.”


Yeah, Liam had even tied me up once because of it.


I couldn’t help but pinch my brow, I couldn’t tell you what it was like.


When we got back to the villa, it was already noon, and after Fu Shenyan reported the Four Seasons to the nursery, he looked at me and said, “You go and watch her while I move my things back.”


I nodded, but after taking a few steps, I looked back at him who was moving things in the trunk and said, “Fu Shen Yan, I’m hungry.”


I hadn’t eaten in the morning, and I hadn’t eaten when I went over to Jon’s earlier, so now I was a little hungry.


He froze for a moment, then laughed, “Blaming me for not giving you food? Where are the eggs you were holding for you this morning?”


“I left them at Jon’s house!” I pursed my lips and puffed out my face as I looked at him, somewhat innocently.


He couldn’t help but laugh, “I’ll make whatever you want to eat later!”


“Anything!” I opened my mouth, holding a smile on my face as I watched him take everything out of the trunk, I couldn’t help but speak, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re a bit of a home cook now.”


He looked at me, his eyes sunken, and spoke, “Come over and close the car door.”


I nodded, closed the car door and followed him, somewhat childishly saying, “If you could breastfeed and have a baby, you’d actually be fine if you didn’t get married, right?”


He looked back at me, pursing his lips and raising an eyebrow, “So, what are you trying to say?”


“I just simply wanted to compliment you!”


“Get real!” He said as he placed his things in the nursery and looked at me.


He was a full head taller than me and I stepped into him, stood on my tiptoes, tilted my head up and kissed him on the cheek and smiled, “Is that okay?”


His eyes deepened, “Night counts!”


I ……


The four seasons were very good, and when they had eaten and slept enough they basically just looked around with big eyes.


Occasionally, when he saw something he liked, he would reach out with his little hand to grab it. Fu Shen Yan was busy in the kitchen, and when he was helping with something he put his phone in the nursery.


When the phone vibrated, the four seasons listened with round eyes, seemingly curious.


I didn’t answer it, just shouted towards the kitchen, “Fu Shen Yan, your phone is ringing.”


The sound of clattering water came from the kitchen and he answered, “You answer it!”


Then there was no movement.


I looked at the caller ID – Lu Xinran.


Frowning out of habit, I picked up the phone, and before I could speak, a sobbing voice came from the other side.


“Brother ShenYan, come and take a look at me, my mother doesn’t know why she wants me to stay in the hospital all the time, why she won’t take me back to live in LiYuan, Brother ShenYan, does she not want me anymore?”


Lin Wan didn’t want Lu Xinran to go back to live in the Pear Garden? Why?