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Never Say Never Chapter 529-530

Chapter 529

There were security guards and bodyguards in the villa, and in a flash two big men rushed out and pulled me up.


Seeing that all my clothes were soaked through, Lin Wan took off her coat and wrapped it around me, looking at the bodyguard and said, “Take her into the bedroom and take a hot shower.”


Then she looked at the nanny and said, “Go and cook her a bowl of ginger soup to remove the dampness and cold.”


Everyone was busy for a while.


Lu Xinran looked at her as she rushed around, tugging at Lin Wan, her eyes red, “Mom, what are you doing? She deserved it, she deserved to die.”


“You shut up!” Lin Wan was furious, “Who told you to push her? If anything happens to her, I’m not finished with you.”


“Mum, I’m your daughter!” Lu Xinran hissed, pointing at me, “She has done so many bad things to you, and you still protect her.”


Lin Wan pushed her away and followed the bodyguard to send me back to the bedroom.


I was shivering from the cold, my body shivering, and it took me a long time to soak in the bathroom before I eased up.


When I got out of the bathroom, there was a lot of noise outside, and Fu Shenyan was guarding the bathroom door with the Four Seasons.


When he saw me coming out, he frowned, “Are you feeling better? Why did you suddenly fall into the swimming pool?”


“It’s my fault, I didn’t keep an eye on her.” Lin Wan felt a little guilty and looked at me, “Shen Shu, are you all right, is there anything different about your body.”


The room was a little noisy, so I looked at her and said, “It’s fine!”


When I finished, I turned to Fu Shen Yan and said, “Have you finished talking about things?”


He nodded, “Want to go home now?”


I gave an enunciation and saw Four Seasons’ round eyes looking at me motionlessly, very cute, I couldn’t help but warm up and reached out to hug her, but was wrongly turned away by Fu Shen Yan.


“Just got a cold, go home first!”


I nodded and didn’t say much, out of the bedroom, Lin Wan saw the maid bringing up ginger soup, quickly looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, you just got a cold, why don’t you drink some ginger soup first to drive away the cold.”


Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Xinran rushed out, snatched the ginger soup from her hand and spilled it over towards me.


Fu Shen Yan’s reaction was extremely quick, almost at the same time he fiercely stepped in front of me, blocking the ginger soup with his back.


I froze and looked up at him, but saw that he was only frowning slightly, his face terribly cold.


Jon was extremely quick to react, taking the Four Seasons from Fu Shen Yan and seeing that they were extremely well protected.


Then he looked to Chen Xing and said, “Take Mr. Fu to change his clothes and see if he’s been burned.”


Chen Xing nodded his head, looked at Fu Shen Yan and spoke, “Mr. Fu!”


Fu Shen Yan’s gloomy gaze looked at Lu Xinran, the colour of his eyes pressed extremely deep, even if he didn’t say a word, it still caused a cold air to invade the surroundings.


After the two men left, Lin Wan raised her hand violently.


After all, she was a woman who had experienced many years of storms and was already thunderous in her anger, “Lu Xinran, do you think it’s not messy enough? How bad do you want to make things worse before you are willing to do so?”


Lu Xinran didn’t expect her to hit her, so she covered her face and looked at her incredulously, her voice desperate, “You hit me for her?”


“It was you who was beaten!” Lin Wan opened her mouth, her gaze had taken on a very harsh tone, “I told you to stay in the hospital and get well, you didn’t, you had to come and make a mess of this place?”


“I’m not sick, why should I stay in the hospital? Mum, you weren’t like this before, why, why are you treating me like this now, it’s obviously Shen Shu’s fault, why do you have to come and punish me?”


Chapter 530

Lu Xinran cried heartbreakingly, a time of the four seasons also followed the cry, children feel the atmosphere of the ability is very strong.


Once you cry, there is no end to it, Qiao En held and coaxed her, has not been able to, I took over, looking at this strange mother and daughter, pursed his lips, and did not say anything more.


Straight downstairs, ready to go.


Behind me came Mo Zhi Zhan’s almost desperate voice, “Xinran, neither the Pear Garden nor Mo’s house is suitable for you to stay, I’ve asked my a*sistant to purchase a property for you in the South District, go live there, get well and don’t cause any more trouble everywhere.”


I didn’t care to hear the rest of it, I guess Lu Xinran was just saying the same nonsense, and there was nothing to listen to.


When I got into the car, Four Seasons stopped crying and looked at me with a confused face.


After waiting for Fu Shenyan for about five minutes, he came down and changed his clothes, still in black.


He and Chen Xing are about the same height, but their bodies are different.


He and Chen Xing were about the same height, but their bodies were different. Fu Shen Yan usually liked to exercise and his body was toned and strong.


Chen Xing is a little thin, with a little fresh meat, white and tender.


When I looked at him, Fu Shen Yan pursed his lips, “Do not ask me if it hurts?”


I raised my eyebrows, “Does it hurt?”


He lost his smile, “It won’t hurt if you kiss it.” Obviously this was a rascal.


I grunted arrogantly and ignored him.


He laughed and didn’t say much as he started the car.


It was an hour’s drive from the Pearly Gates to the Shanshui Residence, and it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep with the Four Seasons in the baby basket.


When I was conscious again, I was already in the bedroom of the Shanshui Residence, and Fu Shenyan was not there.


After a quick look around, I got up and found Fu Shen Yan in the nursery, who was tucking the Four Seasons in.


I froze for a few seconds, “Is she crying?”


He nodded, “Did you wake up?”


I shook my head, I had just woken up but was still very sleepy. After I had nursed Four Seasons in my arms, I dozed off and almost dropped Four Seasons on the floor.


Luckily, Fu Shenyan stayed by my side and didn’t let the Four Seasons have a few mouthfuls before he sent me back to the bedroom to rest.


I slept until dawn and when I woke up, Fu Shen Yan was not there.


After washing up, I went straight to the nursery and, as I had thought, he slept in the nanny bed next to Four Seasons.


I looked at the dark circles under Fu Shenyan’s eyes and saw that he hadn’t slept well all night last night.


The bell kept ringing downstairs, I went downstairs and opened the door, it was no one else, it was Lin Wan.


I was a little annoyed to see her, “Chief Lin, coming over so early, are you looking for Shen Yan?”


Seeing my hoarse voice, she said with some concern, “Have you caught a cold? Did you fall into the pool last night and catch a cold, did you take your medicine?”


I ……


What’s the story here?


“Thank you, Mr. Lin, for worrying, I’m fine, may I ask what is the matter with you coming over so early? Shen Yan is still resting, you may need to wait a bit.”


I spoke, forcing down my mental displeasure and gesturing for her to wait in the pantry for a moment.


She seemed unable to see my displeasure and with a smile on her face, she spoke, “The child is still young and cries at night when she is hungry, you two young people are young after all and don’t have much operation to take care of the child, I have brought two gold medal moon wives over to not only take care of your body but also help you take care of the child and not make you so tired at night.”


She was followed by two middle-aged women who looked like they were quite kind, I pursed my lips and looked at Lin Wan and said, “General Lin, no credit is due.”


She didn’t listen to me at all and spoke to the two sister-in-laws about the baby’s situation, then looked into the kitchen and saw me cooking something in the pot.


She quickly said, “Haven’t you had breakfast yet? I’ll make it for you, and you can try my cooking.”


With that, the person had gone into the kitchen.


I ……


The thing that happens is that there is a demon.