Never Say Never Chapter 531-532

Chapter 531

But it seems that nothing I say to Lin Wan is helpful, she either talks to me about how to eat for good health or teaches me how to bring up a baby without getting tired.


She was not at all bothered by my coldness and indifference, and even ignored my coldness outright.


Half an hour later, I did not continue to say more, she made a table of breakfast and told me to hurry up and try it.


She then looked at the two sister-in-laws and said, “Look around the house and clean up where it needs to be cleaned.”


After that, she looked at me and said, “You’re breastfeeding now, eat more protein-rich food.”


When Fu Shen Yan got up, he saw a few more people in the villa and frowned slightly, “What’s going on?”


Lin Wan arrived one step ahead of me, “I brought them, you two are both young people, how can you not get enough sleep at night, there is a sister-in-law with you, at least you won’t be noisy at night, you also have the experience of being busy with other things, you don’t know yet that you have messed up your body.”


Fu Shen Yan looked at the two sister-in-laws who were busy in the villa, pursed his lips and didn’t say much more.


Looking at Lin Wan, he said, “You’re welcome, Mr. Lin.”


“Where are your words, you should be!” Lin Wan was extraordinarily happy to see that he didn’t refuse.


I was a bit confused, but Fu Shen Yan didn’t seem to be particularly disgusted by Lin Wan’s intentional approach.


All morning, Lin Wan was at the villa, either instructing her two sister-in-laws to clean and tidy the house or she was in the nursery coaxing the four seasons.


I ran to his study to sit there, even though I had nothing to do.


Seeing that I had been staying in the study, he looked back at me and raised his eyebrows, “What’s up?”


I put down the book in my hand, looked at him and spoke, “Have you felt that something is not right with Lin Wan, this whole time?”


He looked at the file on his computer and raised an eyebrow, “What’s not right?”


“Why is she suddenly asking us to go to the Pearly Garden for dinner again, and coming to our house early in the morning to take care of this and that, and sending two sister-in-laws, and even going into the kitchen to make us something to eat herself.” Under normal circumstances, even for ordinary friends, no one would do that!


He put down what he was doing and walked towards me, half squatting by my knees with a hidden smile in his gaze, “Is it bad?”


I shook my head, “No!”


He took my hand and kissed it, “Maybe she’s just trying to make up for the guilt she feels towards you?”


“Guilt!” I was speechless, “If she was guilty, she wouldn’t have done all that before.”


I looked at him and said somewhat seriously, “Fu Shen Yan, I don’t care, anyway you have to find a way to stop her coming to our house again, also, it’s only a few days before Chinese New Year, we need to take some time to go to the cemetery to see Grandpa and Grandma, and Muzi, we should take the Four Seasons to see her.”


He got up and smoothly pulled me in his arms, his voice low and introspective, “En, it’s time to go and see them, but Four Seasons can’t go, she’s still young, the cemetery is heavy with Yin after all, she’s only a few months old, you can’t take her there.”


I froze and nodded, “En, when do we go then?”


“Tomorrow!” He spoke, and as he did, he was already lowering his head to kiss me.


Lin Wan just happened to come in with the Four Seasons in her arms, and for a moment tsked, seemingly laughing, “Looks like we came at a bad time, you guys carry on, I’ll take this little one down for a spin.”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyes, his gaze faintly looking at her and said, “The Four Seasons are hungry?”


Lin Wan nodded, smiled and said, “Just now she was humming and didn’t want to eat milk powder, I figured she should be taking breast milk, so I carried her up here.”


Fu Shen Yan took the Four Seasons from her and handed it to me, “You go and breastfeed the Four Seasons.”


Then he and Lin Wan went out of the study together.


I always felt that there was something that Fu Shen Yan seemed to be hiding from me, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was for a while.


Chapter 532

When I carried her out of the study after feeding the Four Seasons, Lin Wan had already left, and Fu Shen Yan was on the phone in the hall, it sounded like he was calling Chen Yi to make arrangements.


When he saw me, he hung up after a few brief words of explanation, skillfully took the Four Seasons from my hands and looked at me, “What do you want to eat?”


I took his hand and said in a shallow voice, “Anything!”


The family seems to be more relaxed with a sister-in-law, Fu Shenyan basically takes the four seasons with him there, and the sister-in-law takes care of him at night, so the days are extraordinarily peaceful and beautiful.


Recently, I did knot a big fat, because by the end of the year, the days of Jiangcheng also began to slowly warm up, Jiangcheng belongs to the south, basically in February began to warm up.


On New Year’s Eve, Chen Xing and Qiao En both came over to this side of the Shanshui Residence, and the villa was suddenly a lot livelier with more people.


Shen Yu called and said he wanted me to pick him up from the airport. Fu Shen Yan happened to be by my side, so I gave the phone to Fu Shen Yan while I was there.


After answering the phone, Fu Shen Yan had a calm face and said, “Go ahead, be safe on the road!”


I narrowed my eyes and looked at him, “Say, what did he say to you that you are willing to abandon even your wife?”


He lost his smile, “Shen Changlin came with him and said by name that he wanted you to go, I would like to accompany you, but are you sure that you can handle the family business?”


I shook my head in a hurry, big meals and stuff are the most annoying, even took the car keys I withdrew.


It wasn’t far from the Shanshui Residence to the airport, it was only a forty minute drive, probably New Year’s Eve, and the roads were more jammed than usual.


I looked at the luxury car in front of me, with a Beijing A license plate and a Ferrari sports car, and I couldn’t help but say in my heart, “Rich people!”


“Bump!” I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak, I didn’t even start the car!


I hadn’t even started the car! I hadn’t moved at all, so how could I suddenly hit the luxury car in front of me?


A man in black sungla*ses stepped out of the blue car, wearing a bespoke suit and looking very smart.


“Knock knock!” There was a knock on my car window, and I had to get off it.


Tilting my head to look up at the man in front of me, “Hello, just now I ……”


“It’s my responsibility, please get out of the car and take a look at the car and report the insurance!” The man opened his mouth, a serious grinding look.


I froze, the car was still blocked, took my mobile phone and got out, took pictures of the accident scene.


I don’t know how my head suddenly got a little dizzy, about a few seconds, I reacted to the fact that I was going to be in an accident when I was already completely unconscious.


Life is a road that we can’t live through without any problems.


When I woke up again, I was already lying in the hotel bed, with my clothes under the bed, thrown all over the place, and used condoms.


Even a fool would know what was going on here when he saw this.


I was overwhelmed by a sharp pain in my heart, followed by overwhelm, without a single shirt on me.


I got out of bed and before my feet hit the floor, I dropped to the ground, my feet had no strength at all.


I reached for the clothes that were scattered on the floor.


“Bang!” The door to the room slammed open and the man who came in had a sombre face and a low, cold expression.


Looking at each other, the blackness in his eyes grew deeper and darker, the clouds thickening.


I clutched my clothes to block my chest and looked at him as my body began to tremble, “Do you believe me when I say …… I don’t know anything?”