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Never Say Never Chapter 539-540

Chapter 539

“Mom!” Tears dripped from Lu Xinran’s eyes, “Why don’t you believe me? I didn’t see Fu Qingyin to involve Shen Shu at all, if I really wanted to get her, I would have just gotten her killed, I wouldn’t have given her a chance to live at all.”


“Slap!” This slap from Lin Wan was a good solid slap.


Lu Xinran looked at her with an unbelievable expression on her face, “You did it for her, do you remember how many times you’ve hit me?”


“You shut up!” Lin Wan spoke up, her anger still intact, “If it wasn’t for you, would she have been injured and in trouble three times? You still have the face to cry, had you known this day would come, I should never have let you into the Mo family.”


“That’s enough!” Mo Zhi Zhan spoke up, his eyes deep, “What should be investigated has been investigated, Xinran has come to this point, we are all at fault, send her away.”


Lu Xinran looked at him incredulously and hissed, “Dad, I’m your daughter, where are you sending me? Don’t you want me anymore?”


“Xinran, listen to me, you’ve caused such a big trouble, neither I nor Wan can protect you, Fu Shen Yan won’t let you off easily, Fu Qingyin is his aunt, he won’t do anything to her, but you’re different, even though you have your brother’s promise in place, there’s no guarantee he won’t do anything to you, the Mo family can’t hold up anymore, if you don’t leave, we and the Mo family can’t afford you If you don’t leave, neither we nor the Mo family can withstand your torment, Shen Changlin will find a way to strike at the Mo family and by then no one will survive!”


Lu Xinran shook her head, tears dripping down in threads, “No, I didn’t do it, I didn’t use that power at all, how could I have been so stupid as not to know to just kill her.”


Lu Xinran was led outside the villa by two bodyguards, when I suddenly spoke up, “There’s no way you can make things difficult for her, maybe it really wasn’t her.”


Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan froze for a moment and looked at me, “Miss Shen, you don’t need to ……”


“I’m not trying to help her!” I opened my mouth, “Fu Shen Yan, Shen Changlin plus your Mo family were not able to find out about the man in the hotel room, do you think Miss Lu has the kind of skills to do this?”


Lu Xinran hates me and wants to get me killed, I know that better than anyone, but there are so many doubts about this matter, Liu Han claims that it was Fu Qingyin who called him and gave him the money.


But all of this, he did not directly contact Fu Qingyin, nor did he use his mouth to hear Fu Qingyin say these words.


The only thing he had to rely on was the phone, but the phone can change its voice, can be borrowed or lost, so if someone is intent on doing something here, there is no way to find out.


Moreover, the man in the hotel, Liu Han, also said that he hated mystery.


Seeing me open my mouth like this, Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan could not help but be silent, and after a pause looked at me and said, “Miss Shen you ……”


“You all go back first! We can’t make a decision before this matter has been clearly investigated.”


“Shen Shu, you don’t pretend what fake goodness, you don’t think I don’t know, you yourself can’t stand loneliness, hooking up with people around, you still shame the thief to catch the thief, you shameless.”


Lu Xinran pointed at me, hating all the expletives he could swear at me.


Mo Zhi Zhan, somewhat disgusted, gestured for the bodyguard to take her away, looked at me, and finally left without saying a word.


Lin Wan looked at me, hesitated for a moment and spoke, “Rest well, don’t worry, the police will investigate clearly.”


I didn’t say anything and watched them leave, I was no longer sleepy, my whole body was a bit tired as I sat in the living room.


“Madam, sir called and asked what you wanted to eat tonight, he brought it back for you!” Sister-in-law walked up to me and spoke.


I pinched my brow and shook my head, “No need, I have to go out in a while.”


Sister-in-law was about to say something else, but piece I looked bad, so she shut up.


After doing this in the living room for a while, I called Shen Yu directly and asked him to accompany me to the police station.


Chapter 540

Shen Yu drove over and waited for me outside the villa and saw that he was driving a very low-profile Mercedes.


I got in and couldn’t help but say, “So low profile all of a sudden?”


He started the car and spoke, “Being too flashy will cause trouble for Uncle San.”


I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t say much. I gave him a look and said, “Can you find out about Fu Shenyan’s problems with Cheng Junyu?”


He frowned, “A problem? Aren’t they two brothers? What do you need to find out?”


“You look into it, I’m not sure what exactly.” Lu Xinran and Fu Qingyin I couldn’t find any reasonable reason for them to lay such a deadly hand on me.


This time, these people are coming towards Fu Shen Yan, Fu Qingyin and Lu Xinran might just be pulled in somehow to block the knife.


He nodded his head as he narrowed his eyebrows, “Yes, I’ll go check it out!”


The police station!


Han Shuang was waiting at the door, and when she saw me and Shen Yu, she froze slightly and went up to me, pulling me along, “Mr. Shen!”


It looked like she was a little nervous, her nervousness wasn’t anything else, it was just because she needed to talk to Lu Qi later.


I patted her hand and said soothingly, “It’s okay, just talk casually, consider it a goodbye.”


The police took her into the visiting room, and Shen Yu looked at me and said, “Is that why you asked me to be the driver?”




He pursed his lips, speechless, “Yes!”


After a pause, he said, “From Lu Qi, you basically won’t find anything, don’t waste your energy, you might find it from Fu Qingyin.”


I pursed my brows and had a bit of a headache, “It’s always a good idea to try.”


“Have the identification results come back yet?” I spoke, my voice a little annoyed.


He froze for a moment and spoke, “It’s out, but according to the process, the identification party will give it to Fu Shen Yan to pick up.”


I looked at him and frowned, “I’m the party in question, I can’t pick it up myself?”


He pursed his lips and slightly mimicked his eyes, “You want to check it out yourself?”


I spoke lightly, “To find out, it’s not like you can’t even know the person who hurt you!”


He looked at me, sighed for a long time and spoke, “Wait for me here, I’ll go ask.”


He hadn’t been gone long when Han Shuang came out, looked at me and was just about to open his mouth to speak when I stopped him.


“It’s a bit late today, let’s have dinner together some other time.”


She froze for a moment, noticed Shen Yu who had returned, looked at me and nodded, “En, good, thank you for today.”


With that, she turned back to Shen Yu and spoke, “Thank you, Mr. Shen!”


Shen Yu shrugged his shoulders, “What’s the point of thanking me? It’s late, let’s go and have dinner together.”


“No, I still have to rush back to the countryside, you guys go eat, I’ll leave first.” Han Shuang said, and the person left.


Shen Yu looked at me and pursed his lips, “The people you use really have the same temper as you, what do you want to eat?”


“Whatever!” Responding to him, I got into the car and looked at him, “Have the test results come out yet?”


He nodded, “It’s not Liu Han’s, it’s still being investigated!”


“I know it’s not Liu Han’s, I want to know who the man at the hotel is, the whole thing could have been set up by him, Lu Xinran and Fu Qingyin are both backstabbers.” A message came in on my phone, a message from Han Shuang.


I glanced at it and turned it off.


Shen Yu drove his car towards the city centre, it was already a bit dark, “I and third uncle will look into this, don’t keep putting these things on your mind, take good care of your health, Jon said your depression is worse than before, if you really can’t make it in Shanshui Residence, you can go back with me and third uncle, I can’t see that B*****d Fu ShenYin anyway, you just take good care of yourself in the Shen family as your big lady I’ll support you for the rest of your life.”