Never Say Never Chapter 541-542

Chapter 541

I was amused by him for a moment, “I’m only twenty-six, is it time to start mucking about.”


“Of course, with the Shen family business plus my estate, you’ll have no problem consuming a few million a day, give there’s plenty of money for you to spoil.”


I smiled, “Four Seasons is probably the happiest child in the world, Grandpa and Uncle had it all set up for her at birth.”


He raised an eyebrow, “That’s for sure, don’t even look at whose niece it is.” After a pause, he looked at me and said, a few serious moments, “You didn’t think of having your own child?”


I froze for a moment, my hands clenched for a moment, a little unsure of what to say.


After a pause, I drew a breath before speaking, “We’ll see later!” There are some pains that hurt once in a lifetime and when the baby left, I didn’t think about having another child, and the fear of it once was enough to last a lifetime.


“It’s good to have the Four Seasons with you, it doesn’t matter if you want the baby later.”


I nodded, my heart ached a little staccato, and I seemed to be getting irritable more and more easily lately.


Sometimes it seemed like I didn’t even know how to control my emotions anymore.


The car was parked in front of a Cantonese restaurant in the city centre and a parking boy came up to help park the car.


Shen Yu threw the car keys to him and dragged me straight into the restaurant, perhaps because he was too handsome.


There were quite a few people’s eyes looking over as soon as we entered the restaurant, and there were whispers from time to time.


Shen Yu’s face was gloomy as he pulled me into the booth, ordered the food and looked at me, “You’ve been breastfeeding the four seasons recently and you’ve lost a lot of weight, so take care of it.”


I smiled, I couldn’t hide the depression in my psyche, I heard it when I came in just now.


I seem to have forgotten that Fu Shen Yan is a famous young family entrepreneur in Jiangcheng, and the news of his wife having an affair with someone in a hotel has not yet been suppressed.


The fact that Shen Yu and I are here again makes it even easier for people to think about it.


If you use the word “watery” to describe my news, it will probably make the headlines every day.


“What are you thinking about?” Shen Yu knocked on my head and said somewhat helplessly, “Don’t keep wandering off, the food will be served in a moment.”


I nodded my head.


Seeing that I looked bad, he frowned, “Shen Shu, if a person cares too much about what others think and say, he won’t be able to go far, go and look at those stars, which one of them doesn’t get hacked, they’ve heard all the hard words, besides, this incident, we all know what’s going on, listen to brother, don’t take it to heart, okay?”


“Yeah, I’m fine, I just kind of want some lobster, do they have lobster at home?” I spoke, taking the menu in my hand.


Shen Yu ……


He held his forehead, a little helpless, looked at me for half a second before saying, “Okay, I’ll go out and find you lobster, I’ll have to call my aunt from now on.”


He got up and left, I sat in the box, my head buzzing, how could I not care, I am a human being not a puppet.


There are some things, no matter how breezy I pretend to be on the surface, how in the end the thorn in my heart can’t be taken away.


“Tch, is Miss Shen’s life quite rich?” Qiao Zhuan Yan’s appearance was just quite unexpected.


He was dressed circumspectly, his hair had been purposely styled and he looked extra spry, looking like he had come over to talk about business.


I pursed my lips and gave him a glance, my expression light, “Mr. Qiao has quite a rich life too.”


Not very likely to come out to talk about business on a New Year’s Eve!


As expected, he was followed by another person, Lu Xinran, a moment later.


Chapter 542

Lu Xinran’s face turned white when she saw me, but she didn’t say anything, she just tugged at the corner of Qiao Zhuan Yan’s shirt and said, “Zhuan Yan, the food is on, let’s go!”


Qiao Zhongyan smoothly took her hand and said in a warm voice, “Wait a moment!”


Then he looked at me and said, “Miss Shen is strong-minded, having experienced such a big event, she can still come out to eat and chat with other men so calmly, it seems that third brother has worried for nothing.”


I frowned and hid my anger in my psyche, “Does Mr. Qiao not even have to use his head when he speaks?”


He laughed coldly, “You still know how much it hurts? He was so proud of himself that he actually got a tied up for you. Now, you’ve not only given him a big hat to wear, but you’ve been out to dinner with other men for only a few days. of ridicule?”


His face was grim, his emotions pressed into indifference, “Shen Shu, do you never consider other people’s feelings in your actions? He is your husband, what do you think of him? A stranger you don’t care about?”


I was stunned and took a moment to react, looking at him, “What did you say?”


He sneered, his gaze full of disdain, “Do you know what having a tying of the knot means to a man? That he would even consider not having his own child for the sake of you and your so-called friend’s child, ridiculous, isn’t it?”


My mind went blank for a few seconds and I looked at him, my voice a little hoarse, “Why?”


His gaze was muted and dripping with sarcasm, “Why? He was afraid of your pain, afraid of your suffering, afraid of you going through the fear of having a baby again, afraid of you worrying that he wouldn’t be able to treat the four seasons as his own, he thought of almost everything for you, everything he should have thought of for you, and you?”


I pursed my lips, not knowing what to say, my heart clogging up.


Lu Xinran listened to him and couldn’t help but laugh out coldly, his voice sad and harsh, “Ridiculous, so ridiculous.”


Qiao Zhongyan turned back as an afterthought, seeing her face pale, he opened his mouth, “Xinran!”


Lu Xinran tilted her head to look at him, tears slipping down her face, miserable and ridiculous, “Do you know? From the day I met him, I always thought he would always keep me, ridiculous!”


Perhaps not willing to let me see Lu Xinran’s wretchedness, Qiao Zhuan Yan supported her, gave me a meaningful glance, turned around and took Lu Xinran away.


When Shen Yu returned, he was carrying a large box of lobsters in his hand and looked at the two people who had just left outside.


With a somewhat grim gaze, he placed the lobster on the table and looked at me, “Did they find you in trouble?”


I shook my head and when I saw that the waiter was starting to serve the food, I spoke, “Can I pack it to take away?”


Shen Yu pursed his lips, “What’s wrong?”


“I ……” I suddenly remembered Qiao Zhongyan’s sentence, ‘Have you never been unable to think of others?’


The words that came out of my mouth were suppressed, and I looked at Shen Yu and said, “I just thought that Uncle San shouldn’t have eaten, so why don’t I pack some back for him later?”


He sat down in his seat and said, “No need, the maid at home will do it.” With that, he raised his hand to signal the waiter to leave.


Looking at me, he said, “I bought crayfish with garlic, see if you like the taste.”


I nodded and opened the box, it smelled good, but there was something in my heart that prevented me from eating it.


When I stopped eating after a few bites, Shen Yu spoke up, “Don’t you like it?”


“No, it’s just that I suddenly couldn’t eat any more.” I opened my mouth and a text message came from my phone, it was from Fu Shen Yan.


“Where is it?”


Me: “Outside!”


Fu Shenyin: “When will you be back?”


Me: “I’ll be back in a bit.”


Fu Shen Yan: “I’ll wait for you!”


Me: “Yes!”