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Never Say Never Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

“Sister call what Mr. Chen, look how old fashioned, my name is Chen Xing.” Chen Xing is tall and has clear eyebrows, and when he speaks he occasionally reveals the two little dimples on his cheeks, which is very cute, but his pair of eyebrows are bright and transparent with a few points of worldliness that he does not have at his age.


I guess this boy still has a few skills.


Walking to the table and sitting down, Chen Xing avian with a cute smile looked at me and said, “Sister what do you want to eat, I will give you some!”


This open mouth sister, really do not see outside.


“I’m not picky about my food!” I put my bag aside and looked up at him as he ordered.


He ordered a few dishes in a sprawling manner, then looked at me with his chin in the air and narrowed his eyes, “Sister, you’re much better looking than I thought!”


I raised an eyebrow, “Credit is your company?” I was surprised to see a kid like that managing such a big company.


He slumped on the table with soft bones and said a bit bemusedly, “Yeah, I started Credit when I was bored in college and took it for a ride.” At that, he C*cked his head at me and said, “Let’s talk about something else, sister?”


What a kid!


I nodded, “Well, what do you want to talk about?”


He sat up straight and looked at me and said, “Sister, are you and old man Fu planning to get a divorce?”


I froze, “Old man Fu?”


He said, “Fu Shen Yan is over thirty years old, isn’t he still an old man? Sister, you’re only twenty-six, are you really going to live with this old man for the rest of your life?”


I was stunned by his words and didn’t know what to say, so I pulled a smile and said, “You’re interested in my personal life?”


“Of course!” He nodded his head and looked at me seriously, “Hasn’t anyone ever said that my sister is beautiful? Especially the temperament, it’s especially nice.”


The boy had a rather unusual brain, I smiled and pulled out two words dryly, “Thanks!”


“Sister, what do you think of me? Is that your type?” The kid was never ending.


Taking a sip of water, I looked at him and answered, “Do you think Fu’s annual audit, if given to you, would be completed successfully?”


Seeing that I had changed the subject, he bristled and began to slump on the table again with soft bones and no breath, “I won’t know until I’ve done the work, how can I answer when sister asks this now!”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, slightly not quite want to chat on, spoke, “Fu’s just listed, huge funds, Mr. Chen do audit should be clearer than me, once a little problem, will cause huge losses, this year I am responsible for I naturally have to be on the snack!”


He slightly narrowed his eyes, a pair of black eyes faintly revealing a few bright, “sister is thinking that I am not capable of doing a good job of auditing Fu’s?”


I raised my eyebrows, without saying it outright, and said with a light smile, “You established the credit audit at a young age, I naturally believe in your ability, but after all, we haven’t worked together before and don’t know each other, so next Fu’s will hold a tender, it will depend on the credit’s ability then, if Fu’s is still left to the credit in the end, then I hope to work well with Mr Chen. ”


“Doesn’t matter!” Dropping three words, he pinned his chin and looked at me with half-squinted eyes, “Sister doesn’t seem to think much of me!”


Chapter 56

I really resented his comment about being self-conscious and wrinkled my nose slightly, “Mr. Chen is joking!”


“Think I’m young?” He pushed the dish he had just served in front of me and looked at me, “Don’t you think, sister, that youth is energetic?”


I got up and said, “I’ll let you know as soon as I can, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be off.”


He tugged on my wrist, a little harder, “You’re in a hurry to leave so soon!” He stretched his tone, and his gaze looked out of the restaurant.


Out of instinct, I couldn’t help but follow his gaze and met Fu Shen Yan’s low gaze.


Skimming over Lu Xinran beside him, I withdrew my gaze and forcefully withdrew my hand from being tugged by Chen Xing, the boy tugged so hard that he wouldn’t let go of me.


I wrinkled my eyebrows and said with some displeasure, “Let go!”


“Let’s watch the show together before we go!” As he said this, he pulled me back to my seat, then pressed my shoulders and looked at Fu Shenyan and Lu Xinran with a smile, “Mr. Fu, what a coincidence! Let’s join you!”


I was unhappy in my heart, and my face was cold, “What do you want?”


“Watching the show!” Spitting out two words, he obediently made his way to my side.


Fu Shen Yan sunken his face and brought Lu Xinran over, sitting opposite us.


Lu Xinran naturally saw me, and after what happened last time, she didn’t continue to pretend at this time, and gave me a cold look with a very unfriendly gaze.


I was too lazy to look at them and simply took out my mobile phone to play.


Chen Xing’s warm voice came to my ears, “Mr. Fu, sister Lu, what do you want to eat, I’ll order!”


I wanted to laugh, not just a moment ago I was still saying “Old man Fu”, how come now it’s Mr. Fu?


Fu Shen Yan indifferently glanced at him, then looked at Lu Xinran and said, “What do you want to eat?”


You see, this kind of habit imprinted in the bones could not be ignored no matter what.


Lu Xinran said whatever he wanted, and after that he was silent, but it was Chen Xing, who kept talking to me, and I was a bit annoyed, if he hadn’t blocked me in, I think I would have just left.


“Xiao Shu, what are you doing later? Can I ask you to watch a movie with me?” I felt that Chen Xing was picking a fight, a moment ago he had been a sister, and now he was opening his mouth directly to Xiao Shu.


When did we get to know each other so well?


“Something’s up!” After returning his two words, I stopped talking.


Vaguely aware that Fu Shen Yan was looking at me, I automatically ignored it.


Seeing my lack of enthusiasm, Chen Xing turned to Fu Shen Yan and said, “Mr. Fu, I heard that you and sister Lu are very close, and last time my mother even said that you should have a dinner together at the Pearly Gates!”


Fu Shen Yan lowered his face and said indifferently, “Thank Mr. Lin for my kindness!”


“Is it that fashion giant Mr. Lin that you mentioned to me last time?” Lu Xinran opened his mouth, and for a moment seemed to come to interest.


Seeing this, Chen Xing pulled on the topic and said, “Does sister Lu also know my mother?”


Lu Xinran’s eyes lit up and she said, “So she is your mother, she is the queen of fashion across Western Europe, Northern Europe and the mainland.


Chen Xing’s mother is Ivana Lin? I had read about this Ivana Lin in a financial report before, a typical strong woman of her time, but I never thought she was Chen Xing’s mother.


The two of them found a common topic of conversation, and they were chatting enthusiastically. I was already bored, but at this moment, I was even more bored, and I could not wait to leave.


Finally, the waiter finished serving the food before the two stopped talking.


“Xiao Shu, try this, it’s especially nutritious and tastes good!” Chen Xing didn’t know which nerve had gone wrong, and very intimately gave me a dish.


In the way, I didn’t say much, but just slightly wrinkled my brows and said, “I can do it myself!”