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Never Say Never Chapter 57-58

Chapter 57

He ignored my words, looking at Fu Shen Yan to Lu Xin Ran on care, a face of envy, “Mr. Fu, you are so attentive to sister Lu, really is put on the heart of the person!”


Lu Xinran smiled lightly for a moment, and could see that it was joyful, Fu Shen Yan frowned slightly, and his dark eyes looked at me.


My face was expressionless and I bowed my head slightly, oblivious to everything.


As long as you don’t put it on your heart, your heart won’t hurt!


I took a shallow bite of the dish Chen Xing gave me and before I could chew it, my stomach churned violently and I covered my mouth, signaling Chen Xing to let me out.


He froze and reacted that I wanted to vomit, so he got up and moved out of the way, his mouth saying anxiously, “Why do you throw up even after eating fish, are you pregnant?”


With that comment, he startled me into a cold sweat.


But I had no time to think about it, so I could only run into the bathroom and dry heave for half a day, and managed to calm down, before turning around and looking at Fu Shen Yan standing coldly to the side.


“Shen Shu, let’s go to the hospital!” He opened his mouth, his voice low and cold, not much emotion could be heard, but it was definitely not friendly.


“No!” Staggering away from him, I headed out of the bathroom.


I looked back at him coldly and said, “Fu Shen Yan, I remember saying that I told you to stay away from me!”


After a pause, I continued, “Besides, if there’s nothing wrong with your memory, I think I told you last night that I wanted us to get a divorce as soon as possible, I don’t know how you’ve considered it!”


His eyes grew deeper, “Shen Shu, do you know what you are doing?”


I sneered, “Of course I do!” Looking at him with cold eyes, I wanted to laugh, “Fu Shen Yan, giving Lu Xin Ran uncompromising care while tangling with me, do you particularly enjoy the feeling of being tangled up with two women?”


His face was ironic, the corners of his lips pursed in a sharp curve, I knew he was angry, but what I said was the truth, nothing more than being blunt, but in the end it all had to be faced, didn’t it?


“What do you want from me?” Half-heartedly, he suddenly spoke, his tone participatory and helpless.


I froze and said, “Divorce me, let’s go our separate ways and live separately!”


“No way!” He spoke, a coldness invading his brow.


I sneered and looked at him, “Of course, you can also stay away from Lu Xinran and give her enough money to get her out of your life completely!”


“Shen Shu, who are you to come here and decide my life?” Lu Xinran came out of nowhere and roared towards me.


Shaking off Fu Shen Yan’s opponent, I looked at her, saw her face half red with anger, and laughed, “On what grounds? On the basis that Fu Shen Yan is not willing to divorce me, on the basis that I am still his wife in name only, on the basis that he can’t let me go!”


“You ……” She turned red with anger and tried to argue with me, but I wasn’t interested in getting too involved with her.


I went straight back to my seat, grabbed my bag and left.


Behind me, Chen Xing was not slow to follow.


I stopped and looked back at him, “Something wrong?”


“I didn’t drive here today, give me a ride!” He spoke in a somewhat gangly manner.


Sweeping him off his feet, I spat out a few words directly, “Not on the way!”


Then got straight into the car and started it up.


“Hey, I didn’t even say the address, how come it’s not on the way ……” he raved to his voice fading away.


The next few days, my reaction to pregnancy vomiting was somewhat severe, in order to avoid Fu Shen Yan, I went to the cloud copper flat, when Muzi intended to settle in Jiangcheng, in order to have a care for the two of us in the future, I bought two suites in the cloud copper flat together with her, one set.


After Fu Shenyan and I got married, I lived in the villa all the time, so I didn’t come over much, but the good thing is that Muzi has been taking care of this side, so it’s more comfortable to live here.


When I saw that I had thrown up, Muzi poured me a cup of hot water and looked at me suspiciously and very seriously, “Shen Shu, tell me honestly, did you not abort the baby?”


Chapter 58

I hadn’t wanted to hide this from her from the start, and after taking a sip of hot water, I nodded my head, “Yes!”


She paused for a few seconds, then looked at me and said, “What are you going to do?”


“Divorce Fu Shenyan and go to Jingcheng to raise the baby properly!” That was my plan from the beginning!


She gave me a blank look and said speechlessly, “I mean all this time, you’ve been puking like this and I can even notice it, you’ve been hanging around under Fu Shen Yan’s nose every day, you think he’s an idiot and can’t notice?”


I know, but I really can’t leave right now, I can’t just throw away everything I’m holding and just go!


Without taking care of all this, Fu Shen Yan would definitely be suspicious.


After thinking about it, I called Cheng Junyu, and within seconds, he picked up.


The last time Fu Shenyan answered the phone, I waited until Cheng Junyu spoke before I said, “Dr. Cheng, do you have a way to suppress or reduce pregnancy vomiting?”


Muzi leaned into my ear and whispered, “What’s with this Dr. Cheng? How can he help you?”


I didn’t answer her, instead I listened quietly to Cheng Jun Yu’s words on the other end of the phone, “There are medicines, but medicine is three times more poisonous, I don’t recommend you to use them, I’ll ask Chef Liu for advice tomorrow to see what food can be used to reduce pregnancy vomiting without affecting the fetus.”


“Okay, thank you Dr Cheng!”


“You’re welcome!”


Hanging up a nod, Muzi looked at me with a gossipy face and said, “I mean, are you having something with this Dr. Cheng?”


Pushing her curious-faced head away, I got up and went back to the bedroom, “Sleep well, less gossip!”


“Hey, Shen Shu ……”


Isolated her voice, back to the bedroom, I began to continue to busy Fu’s audit this case, tomorrow will be bid.


I thought the middle-aged man from the other night would reappear, but I didn’t want a few days to pa*s without any movement at all.


I was a bit confused as to what exactly was going on.


The following day.


It was getting hotter and hotter in Jiangcheng, and the sun came up over the wall at eight o’clock and started to shine from afar.


It was me, however, who had to get up early every day when I got busy in the past two days.


Hurrying to the office, Han Shuang handed me the prepared pair of materials and spoke, “Let’s go straight over to the bidding venue!”


I nodded, took the information and the computer and left the office with Han Shuang.


At the lift entrance, I met Fu Shenyan and Cheng Junyu, who handed me the lunch box in his hand and said, “Chef Liu gave you the soup, it’s good for your recovery, I heard Shenyan say you’ve been throwing up a lot lately, it should be a false pregnancy after a miscarriage, you’ll be fine after a period of time.”


I was originally worried that Fu Shen Yan would be suspicious, but when he said that, I was relieved and looked at him and said, “Thank you!”


Fu Shen Yan’s face was gloomy and he couldn’t tell what kind of emotion he was feeling, so I couldn’t figure out his temper or what kind of feelings he had for me.


The lift door opened and the four of them entered the lift together, the atmosphere was a bit cold, but no one wanted to talk until they got out of the lift.


Han Shuang looked at me and said, “Mr. Shen, you and Mr. Fu?”


“It’s getting late, hurry up and go to the tender site!” I didn’t want to say much, Fu Shen Yan and I hadn’t seen or spoken to each other since the last restaurant.


When I arrived at the tender site, I met the headache-inducing Chen Xing again, seeing me he took a few steps forward, the young man was energetic and full of sunshine looking at me and said, “Sister, you’re here!”