Never Say Never Chapter 59-60

Chapter 59

I didn’t like his familiarity, nodded slightly and went straight into the bidding site, there were more people here today, basically all wanted to fight for the fat piece of Fu’s audit.


I had a slight headache when I was halfway through the bidding process, and I didn’t know what it was. When Han Shuang saw that something was wrong with me, he helped me to the rest room and poured me a gla*s of water, saying, “Mr. Shen, there are still a few companies participating in the bidding process, so if you really can’t do it, go to the hospital.”


I shook my head, I had just heard most of it, and after drinking a mouthful of water, I looked at her and said, “You should go and see the companies that are bidding behind you, if there are suitable ones, you can stay for reference, if not, forget it!”


I had already heard most of it, and I had almost understood the specifics, so I sat in the lounge for a while while Han Shuang went over to continue listening.


Being a mother is really not an easy task, and even I, who thought I was invulnerable, would make such small mistakes on such occasions.


“What are you thinking about so intensely?” A cold voice rang out, teasingly demonic.


I glanced sideways and saw it was Chen Xing, rubbing my brow, “What are you doing here if you’re not going to bid for the job?”


“Concerned about you!” After saying that, he walked behind me and rubbed my temples for me, the boy’s hands were strong and moderately strong, I originally wanted to dodge away, but he held me down.


He ordered coldly, “Don’t be a hero!”


I didn’t have much energy to toss and turn, so I just let him, and it didn’t take long for the headache to subside.


After a few moments of relief, he let go and looked at me, “How’s that?”


I nodded, “Much better, thank you!”


He found a seat and sat down, his face was no longer frivolous, but more serious, “What kind of an existence is Fu Shen Yan to you?”


This was too boring a topic, I wrinkled my brows, “Isn’t the outcome of the tender what Mr Chen should be concerned about now?”


He smiled lightly, “I’m more concerned about you!”


Ignoring his words, I saw Han Shuang come in, thinking that the bidders had all finished speaking, and Han Shuang told me that all the pairs of bidders had gathered together to make a comparison.


I picked out a few suitable candidates and looked at her and said, “Go and make a statement comparing the audits done by these companies in the last two years and the companies contacted, and then give it to me after screening!”


After receiving the information, Han Shuang nodded, glanced at Chen Xing, hesitated and said to me, “Mr. Shen, should I send you back now, or?”


“a*sistant Han go and get busy! I’ll send her back later!” Chen Xing snapped in advance.


Han Shuang looked at me and asked what I meant, and after giving Chen Xing a glance, I said, “You go and get busy!”


After Han Shuang left, I looked at Chen Xing and said, “If you continue to beat around the bush, I don’t mind continuing to drag it out!”


There was no way he would show up for no reason and come halfway through the day without saying anything about the topic, no one had time to spend with him.


Seeing me being so blunt, he raised his eyebrows and bristled, “Shen Shu, it’s not a good thing for a girl to be too clever!”


Not bothering with him, I picked up my bag and prepared to leave.


He stopped me, “Fu’s future is at stake for Fu’s audit, haven’t you ever thought about why Fu Shen Yan would choose me over ac, who has been working with him for years?”


Sitting back in my seat, I didn’t say anything, just continued to wait for him to say more.


He found a seat beside me and said, “Fu’s has been listed for a year, and on the surface, it looks like Fu’s development is as good as ever, there’s nothing wrong with it, but think carefully, why did the project you and Dean Lu were responsible for, which was only delayed for a few days, cause huge financial losses to Fu’s? Do you really think it’s because Fu’s development is too fast, so the delay in funding caused the loss?”


Chapter 60

I frowned and didn’t open my mouth, waiting for him to go on.


“The large Fu’s will cause losses because of a delay in the final payment of an engineering project, which means that Fu’s internal reserve funds are likely to have been in the red, Fu Shen Yan did not continue to cooperate with ac because once Fu’s deficit appears in ac’s audit statement, then it will lead to a situation where Fu’s stock will plummet and the shareholders will panic.”


I only frowned slightly at what he said, then looked at him and said, “But Fu Shenyan didn’t directly appoint you to do Fu’s audit, moreover, Fu’s situation, as the company director, I would not know it better than you?”


“Heh!” He sneered, “Shen Shu, being too arbitrary is not a good thing!”


I got up, not saying much to him, and spoke, “The audit of Fu’s, since I said I would bid for it, then it depends on your credit to your ability, as for the situation of Fu’s, I think, I know it better than you, Mr. Chen better go home and wait for the news!”


After saying that, I went out of the lounge and got straight into the car.


After starting the car, I recalled his recollection, this is not without examination, but also can not believe all, these years Fu’s is not without a delay in the final payment caused losses, so belong to the normal situation.


But it doesn’t rule out that there is a problem with Fu’s funds!


I drove back to my office and was surprised to find Cheng Junyu in my office, looking like he should be waiting for me.


When he saw me coming back, he put down the magazine he was originally holding in his hand and looked at me, “How was the bid?”


“Not bad!” I raised my eyebrows when I glanced at the lunch box on my desk, “This?”


“Chef Liu’s soup, it’s useful for reducing pregnancy sickness!” He spoke, stepping forward and preparing to open the lunchbox.


I think he had given me one this morning and I drank some of it, but it was true, I hadn’t felt nauseous all morning, so it did seem like a good soup.


“Thanks!” I spoke, sitting back down in my seat and looking at him with raised eyebrows, “Did you just come to deliver the soup?”


“No!” He was quick to say, “Have you got a suitable company after your bid?”


I shook my head, I had quite a headache over this Fu audit thing, “I’ve asked Han Shuang to do an analysis of the statements, so I’ll wait for the results to come in and then screen them!”


He raised an eyebrow, “So have you thought about the process, in case credit doesn’t make the cut and the final bid still turns out to be ac?”


To be honest, the possibility of the final result being ac letter was high, looking up at him, I wrinkled my brow, “What is the real reason why Fu Shen Yan wants to replace ac?”


“You should go to him and ask!” Returning my question, he continued, “Shen Yan probably had his reasons for choosing credit.”


It was so complicated that I somewhat didn’t want to think too much about it and looked to him, “I may have to travel once I’ve finalised the audit firm, and I may need your help in dispensing some medication to take with me during the trip!”


I’ve been running around all day, it’s inevitable that I’ll get overly tired, and Cheng Junyu is well versed in pharmacology, so the medicine he prepares will be more or less useful to take with me.


He nodded his head and gestured for me to drink the soup first, otherwise it would get cold later.


I hadn’t even taken two sips when my phone rang, and I saw that it was Muzi calling.


I picked up the phone and before I could say anything, there came Muzi’s anxious voice, “Shen Shu, I’m at the police station, hurry up and come here!”


I was stunned, why had she arrived at the police station?


Before I could ask more questions, the phone hung up, and I hurriedly walked out with my bag.


“Muzi is at the police station, I’m going to check it out!”


“I’m coming with you!”