Never Say Never Chapter 61-62

Chapter 61

I didn’t refuse and went with him to the police station where Muzi was being held in the observation area. When the policeman who was guarding me saw me, he said, “Are you Miss Shen Shu?”


I nodded and said anxiously, “Why is Muzi being held, what’s going on?”


“Miss Li is involved in the illegal trafficking of blue crystals, a judicial transfer is required, Miss Shen please cooperate with us!”


This police comrade said with an awe-inspiring face.


I was in a cold sweat, blue crystals?


How could Muzi touch such a thing?


I tugged on the police officer and got a little emotional, “Comrade police officer, there is no way that Muzi would do something illegal, there must be some kind of misunderstanding in between, please investigate clearly.”


Seeing my emotion, the police comrade slightly wrinkled his eyebrows, “Miss Shen don’t worry, our police station will adjust the truth, we still need to ask you some questions alone, please cooperate!


At this time, I can’t think too much about it, with the police into the questioning room, a few questions down, I probably figured out the general situation.


Last night, someone had found blue crystals in Muzi’s bar, and the quantity was not small, but it was strange why that person didn’t call the police on the spot, but had to wait until the next day?


After being questioned by the police, I met Muzi, only a few hours old, she had no make-up on and her dark circles under her eyes made her look particularly haggard.


When she saw me, she tugged at me and said, “Shen Shu, I’ve been set up, it’s Lu Xinran! She came to the bar with a man last night, and I thought she was just here for a drink, but I didn’t think she was setting me up.”


Lu Xinran had been to a bar with a man?


“Did you see clearly what the man she was with looked like?” Lu Xinran was with someone other than Fu Shenyan and Qiao Zhuan Yan?


“He was very tall and human-looking, by the way, I heard someone call him Mr. Qiao when I went to look for you at Fu’s earlier!”


Qiao Zhuan Yan?


Lu Xinran is not used to me, but why did he do it to Muzi?


“Why did they only call the police today? Shouldn’t they have called the police last night?” This logic didn’t make sense at all.


Muzi rubbed her eyes and spoke, “The person they want to screw is me, Lan, the crystal was found in my wardrobe this morning when the police went to investigate!”


My brow hurt a little, “Muzi, are you hiding something from me?” I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a good deal on this.


The bar has already been bought by Fu Shen Yan, when you asked me if I wanted to go to Jingcheng.”


I was at a bit of a loss for words, “What did Fu Shen Yan buy your bar for?” He had enough on his plate with the large Fu’s, what was he doing with a bar?


I’m not sure, but a month ago Fu Shen Yan came to me and bought the bar for almost twice the price, and later transferred it to Lu Xinran’s name, I wanted to talk to you about it before, but you were too busy and not well during that time, so ……”


This matter, thinking about it, Fu Shen Yan bought the bar and transferred it to Lu Xinran’s name, how much different is it from Lu Xinran buying it herself?


What Lu Xinran wants, Fu Shen Yan will certainly not be stingy, but for Lu Xinran, the bar is not her purpose at all.


I’m afraid that this trap was set up for me!


Chapter 62

I had a bit of a headache, soothed Muzi and went out of the holding cell, Cheng Junyu was waiting for me in the hall, when he saw me coming out, he came up and said, “Is everything okay?”


“If convicted, how many years will you get?” I spoke, my head hurting badly.


“Fifteen years in prison, life imprisonment or death penalty with confiscation of property, all these cases depend on the amount, the larger the amount, the heavier the sentence!” With me out of the police station, Cheng Junyu spoke.


My head has been buzzing, for a while feel the sky is spinning, Lu Xinran this move is ruthless enough, with a bar to harm a girl’s life.


“Don’t worry, the police are still investigating, there is still room for manoeuvre.” Cheng Junyu helped me to a side to the rest area and spoke to soothe me.


I grabbed him for a moment, tilted my head to look at him and said, “What wiggle room?”


“As long as the police find out that Blue Crystal and her have no relationship, in addition to her body can not detect any signs, in addition to her wardrobe itself is in the bar, the middle of the possibility of being tampered with, as long as it is found out in the middle of someone moved her pair of wardrobe, her suspicion will be reduced by half.”


“Yes, we can go and watch the bar pair surveillance!” I jerked to my feet and was ready to go to the bar without waiting a moment.


But he was tugged by Cheng Junyu, his handsome face showing some helplessness as he said, “The police have thought of what you have thought of, what you have to worry about now is whether someone will have moved the CCTV footage!”


My eyebrows jumped and I tugged at my hair a few times in annoyance and looked at Cheng Junyu and said, “You go back first! I want to calm down for a while!”


Cheng Junyu was about to say something else, but when he saw that I was a bit annoyed, he paused and said, “Call me if anything happens!”


Then he left.


I stood in front of the police station for a while before I got into the car.


Han Shuang called and said that he had made comparative statements of the companies participating in the tender and had sent them to my email address for me to look at, I replied with a hm, my mind in a mess.


After hesitating for a while, I drove the car to the villa. I hadn’t been back to the villa for a while, trying to avoid Fu Shenyan as much as possible, but there were some things that I couldn’t escape after all.


When I got back to the villa, it was still early in the morning, and there was no one in the empty house. The bedroom door and the bathroom door on the first floor had been newly repaired.


I knew it was useless to rush now, so I simply went to the study and read over the statement Han Shuang had sent me. I knew that the chances of ac eventually winning this tender were high, but I was surprised that it was credit that was following ac.


A small company that hadn’t been established for long competed with a group of established companies that had been in the business world for decades, and actually left many of the established companies behind.


Fu Shenyan chose Credit, thinking that he was looking at its growth and potential.


Given what happened in the garage last time, I simply dismissed ac outright and called Han Shuang.


The phone picked up after two rings, “Mr Shen!”


“Inform down that the audit of Fu’s will be given to credit!”


Hearing this, Han Shuang seemed a bit surprised and hesitantly said, “Mr. Shen, but this time the winner is ac, if you give the audit to credit like this, I’m afraid ac will end up making trouble!”


I didn’t know that the man in the car park had taken me captive, purposely showing me a good show, and the final request was simply for me to hold a tender meeting.


Wasn’t that man’s intention to make me choose the final winner! But I had no intention of handing over Fu’s audit to the winner from the moment I intended to hold the tender meeting!