Never Say Never Chapter 63-64

Chapter 63

I can’t let it go wrong in my hands, not for Fu Shenyan, but for the care that Grandpa Fu has given me over the years!


“Do as I say, ac side I will give them an explanation!” I hung up the phone and was silent for a long time.


I dialed the number that I never initiated to call, after the phone rang twice, a low magnetic voice came from the other end, “Five years!”


He spat out two words with a sultry echo in his voice, “I thought you wouldn’t send me any more messages.”


Suppressing the displeasure in my heart, I spoke, “I want a report of ac’s auditing failures over the years, and ac’s finances!”


“Shue, you haven’t called me in a while!” The other end of the phone seemed too quiet, and there was a cold echo in his conversation.


I couldn’t help the cold slowly creeping up my body, an uncontrollable shiver spreading shallowly, “Shen Yu!”


“Shu, you shouldn’t call me that!”


Even though it wasn’t face to face, this chill could envelop me through the phone, this cold, not the kind of cold and unbearable cold that Fu Shen Yan had, it was the kind of cold with fearful perversion that comes from years of blood soaked in hell.


“Brother!” I spat out a word, my body unconsciously trembling.


“Good boy!”


I hung up the phone violently, my entire body sitting paralyzed on the floor, some fear that had been etched in my bones since I was a toddler.


After a long time, I sat up from the floor, my body a little limp, and stumbled back into the bedroom, climbing into bed and wrapping the covers tightly around myself.


I couldn’t get back to my senses for a long time because of the chill that ran deep into my bones.


It was only when Fu Shen Yan returned to the villa that I slowly came back to my senses, and he seemed surprised, and not surprised, to see me.


“Have you eaten?” He spoke, his voice tinged with fatigue.


With all the things going on at Fu’s lately, he was almost always on business trips, and I guess he had just returned from a trip with a weary look on his face.


I shook my head, glancing at the fact that it was already dark and thinking about Muzi, I climbed up and spoke, “I’ll cook you dinner!”


Suddenly he wrapped his arms around my body from behind and he rested his chin against my shoulder, hinging on the fact that he was so busy that his scruff was sprouting and pricking my shoulder a little, “Lean with me for a while!”


Pulling me down on the bed, my body wrapped around my arms and legs, confining me from moving, the man’s husky voice tantalising my eardrums.


My breath was warm, tickling my face, and I opened my mouth, but in the end not a word came out.


I looked at the ceiling with my eyes open for a while, but finally gave up for the time being. Talking to Fu Shenyan about Muzi now might be counterproductive, so I might as well wait for him to wake up and talk about it!


I was already nervous, plus I was easily sleepy during pregnancy, and once I was wrapped in Fu Shen Yan’s arms at this time, my heart was a little more peaceful, so I couldn’t help but feel sleepy.


I yawned and closed my eyes.


But only for a moment, I opened my eyes, a little furiously glared at this dishonest man in front of me, “Fu Shen Yan, you sleep, just sleep, what are you doing?”


“Natural reaction, ignore!” His voice was low, and I could hear that he was indeed very sleepy.


But there was really no way I could fall asleep and moved back slightly, but was pressed by his large palm, which then pulled me back.


“Fu Shen Yan!” I was a little annoyed with this man, he couldn’t sleep peacefully.


“You’ll be fine in a minute if you leave it alone!” He spoke, the hand around me couldn’t help but use force.


I was a bit at a loss for words for a moment.


My heart held its anger, “Stallion, horse!”


I couldn’t think of how to curse, and spat out two words in a fit of anger.


Chapter 64

There was a low chuckle from Fu Shen Yan in my ear, seemingly pleasant, and I had no interest in paying attention to him, closing my eyes and ignoring his reaction, ready to go straight to sleep.


But two minutes later, I was completely unable to fall asleep.


I started to think about how I was going to ask for Muzi’s help, and how much better it would be for Fu Shen Yan to get involved in Muzi’s affairs.


The reason for this is that my heart is weak and I am very nervous, and when I notice my nervousness, Fu Shen Yan is very careful.


But after experiencing the last time I heard about him and Lu Xinran, I instinctively began to resist him.


He rolled over, but ……


After a long time, he got up and got out of bed, pulled his pajamas on and stood on the balcony and lit his cigarette.


I lay on the bed, and for a moment I could not tell you how I felt.


I got up, walked over to him, hugged him from behind and pressed my whole body against his back, “Let’s try it in the bathroom.”


His slender body stiffened violently, extinguishing the cigarette in his hand and turning to look at me, his brow tinged with a few chills, “When did this start?”


I froze, did he mean the physical reaction?


I bowed my head, biting my lip to death, and only after half a second did I say, “Probably after the miscarriage ……”


That incident between him and Lu Xinran might be forever crushed in my heart, becoming a giant skeleton and rotting away.


He gave me a deep look and pushed me away saying, “I’ll go to the study for a while.”


With quick hands, I pulled him back and tilted my head to look at him, “Wasn’t Muzi’s bar bought by you for Lu Xinran? Muzi is being framed, Fu Shen Yan, can you help me!”


I knew that begging him at this time would make him angry, after all, I hadn’t satisfied him, but this couldn’t be put off for too long.


He looked down at me, his dark eyes contracting slightly, invading a few moments of coldness, “Is that why you came back?”


Stunned a little by his dark eyes, I shook my head, “No, I ……”


“Originally intended to use your body, so you meekly let me continue?” He sneered, his voice tinged with sarcasm, “Shen Shu, is it possible that you yourself haven’t realized that you can’t react to me anymore?”


I shook my head, panicking, but it was true.


Tilting my head to look at him, my voice choked up a little, “Fu Shen Yan, you have Lu Xinran and many friends, but I have nothing left, I only have Muzi alone, please, help me!”


“Heh!” He laughed out coldly, “You have nothing but Muzi? Shen Shu, you’re a surprise to me!”


He was angry, the very angry kind, but I really couldn’t think of any other way.


As long as I had other ways I could fix it, I wouldn’t even beg him, but, really, there was only him.


Tugging at his hand, not looking at his anger, I bit my lip to death, tears welling up in my eyes, “Fu Shen Yan, I can only beg you, I’m sorry!”


The temperature in the air was pressed too low, and the clothes I was already wearing were wrapped in coldness.


Fu Shen Yan coldly watched my running, from anger to slowly calm, for a long time, he opened his mouth and tugged my hand back, his voice low and cold, “Go to the bathroom!”


I froze, then reacted to what he meant, a moment later he picked me up horizontally and went straight into the bathroom.


“Shen Shu!” He spoke, his voice hoarse.


I tilted my head to look at him, the rain hitting my eyes, a little damp, and he looked down and raised his hand to cover my eyes.


I opened my mouth with a prayer, “Fu Shen Yan, can you not be gentle!”


I was afraid something would happen to the baby!