Never Say Never Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

A headache faintly came from the small of my stomach, my heart fluttered and my voice trembled a little, “Fu Shen Yan, stop, I …… am bleeding!”


He stiffened and looked down to see that a puddle of blood had piled up at my feet at some point.


I twitched a little in pain and tugged at his arm, a fine slush of sweat seeping out between my forehead, “Quick, take me to the hospital!”


I had the feeling that this time the pain was different from before.


Fu Shen Yan’s originally high emotions snapped back down, his gaze lowered, pulling aside a bath towel to hastily dry the water droplets from my body, then carrying me out of the bathroom.


I tugged at the corner of his shirt, gasping in pain, “It’s too late, Fu Shenyan, take me to the hospital!”


“F**k!” It was the first time in my life that I could hear Fu Shen Yan blurt out foul language.


Seeing him put the hug on the car and start it, his black eyes were low and his thin lips were tightly pursed, almost making it impossible for people to pry out any emotions.


He drove very fast and ran many red lights along the way, carrying me into the hospital, where a nurse greeted me with a cart.


“What’s going on?” Someone in the panicked crowd asked.


Fu Shen Yan swept a glance at me, his gaze cold, “Shen Shu, do you want to tell me yourself or should I?”


The pain in my belly gave me no time to think, so I tugged at the nurse beside me and said, “The baby is less than two months old and there are signs of miscarriage.


The nurse nodded and rea*sured me, “Don’t worry, take it to the operating room first!”


After a crackling panic, I gradually lost consciousness.


I couldn’t stop regretting it, I had been too careless, I had thought I would be fine, after all, I had come through safely several times before.


But ……


When I woke up again, it was very late in the day.


I opened my eyes and what met my eyes was the strong, stern face of a man, under his eyelids, with a light bruise and a light scruff emerging from his jaw.


Had he been here all this time?


Glancing around, all I could see was the colour of clean white; this was a hospital ward.


Out of instinct, I reached for the small of my back, apprehensive, but luckily my stomach was still a little bulging and there was no pain at the small of my back.


“Awake?” A man’s low voice came to my ears.


I froze and turned around to see that Fu Shen Yan was already awake, stood up from the chair and walked to the side to pour a gla*s of water.


Seeing him place the cup on the bedside table, he looked at me and said, “Do you want some water?”


I couldn’t get a glimpse of his mood and looked tentative and spoke, “Is the baby still there?”


He raised his eyes and his dark eyes pierced straight at me, so cold and frightening that my heart lifted and I waited for his answer with wide eyes.


Half a second later, he answered, “How long do you plan to keep it from me?”


I didn’t know how to answer for a while, now in this situation, arguing with him was not an option, so I simply held my eyes red and said, “Lu Xinran used death to force you to abort him, Fu Shen Yan, I really can’t let go, so ……”


See his face is not good, I continued, “I did not want to lie to you, if you do not want, I can divorce you, as long as the divorce, we each do not interfere, you bother, I will not let him affect the future of you and Lu Xinran.”


“Shen Shu!” He was furious, his black eyes glowing with blood, “In your opinion, am I so unworthy that I am not even worthy of being the father of your child?”


I froze, my voice a little nagging, “No, I was just worried that you would not want him because of Lu Xinran ……”


Chapter 66

“So you think so?” He sneered, if I wasn’t lying down right now, I guarantee he would have torn me apart, “Shen Shu, listen to me carefully, this is Lao Zi’s seed, you raise it well!”


It was the first time I had seen such a Fu Shen Yan, he seemed angry, but he seemed high-minded at the same time.


I didn’t open my mouth, listening to his tone, the baby should still be there.


Not long after, the doctor in the white coat came in, explained the situation, looked at Fu Shen Yan with an embarra*sed face and said, “The first trimester is very dangerous, it’s better to try to control it in the future.”


I bristled and watched as Fu Shen Yan nodded towards the doctor with an unpredictable expression on his face.


The good thing was that the fetus was fine, but the bleeding was only caused by my recent stress.


The doctor explained some of the usual things to look out for and left, leaving me and Fu Shen Yan silent with each other.


I knew he was a bit angry and didn’t really want to stay in the hospital much longer, so I looked at him and said, “Fu Shen Yan, let’s go home, okay?”


He looked at me with cold eyes, and I breathed out and continued, “I didn’t eat anything at night, and I’m especially hungry now.” Pointing deliberately at my stomach, I looked at him and said, “The baby’s extra hungry too!”


I thought he would simply ignore me, but instead he suddenly got up and said, “I’ll go get you anything you want to eat!”


I was stunned, and with a smile on my face, I climbed up the pole and tugged on his shirt, “I want to eat pig’s feet, grilled fish, and the noodles you cooked!”


I was actually trying to lure him back, the hospital was too hard to stay in.


He paused and looked at me for a moment, then said with a bit of helplessness, “I’ll go and do the discharge procedures!”


After saying that, he looked at me seriously and said, “Lie down properly!”


Seeing that he was out of the ward, I looked up at the drops, there was still a bit left, and seeing that it was going to run out, I rang the call bell and a nurse came in and saw that the drops were going to run out, so she pulled them for me.


“Is there any more drops?” I spoke, desperate to get home now.


The nurse looked at me and said, “No, Mrs. Fu, lie down and rest for a while.”


I was stunned, so I knew I was Mrs. Fu.


The nurse packed up the medicine bottles, but looked at me with some envy and said, “Mrs. Fu your husband is so good to you, when you went into the operating room just now, Mr. Fu didn’t even leave a step, he looked especially anxious, such a big man, waiting helplessly like a child outside the operating room.”


I was a little lost in thought for a moment, my mind buzzing, Fu Shen Yan was nervous for me? Or was it the baby?


“Thinking about what?” A low voice came to my ears, and I looked up to see that the little nurse from earlier was no longer there.


Fu Shenyin had come in at some point, holding a pile of sheets and carrying a lot of medicine.


“What’s that?” I looked down at the bag of pills he was carrying, and he reached out, picked me up and said, “Progesterone, it’s for you to take at home.”


He carried me out the door and I moved down, “Fu Shen Yan, put me down, I can walk by myself.”


It was so embarra*sing!


“If you want to go home, don’t move!”


So, I was carried out of the hospital by Fu Shen Yan in a beckoning manner, it was really …… embarra*sing!


Placing me in the car, he got into the driver’s seat, looked at me, and then leaned his tall body towards me.


I was a little confused and thought he was trying to kiss me.


I couldn’t help but shrink my body backwards and say, “Fu Shen Yan, there are still people outside ……”


The safety belt was fastened, and he raised his eyes to look at me, his dark eyes fowl with light, “What are you thinking?”