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Never Say Never Chapter 551-552

Chapter 551

I ……


For a moment the heart burned, a little hot, as if the warmth of this look could envelop the whole heart.




I opened my mouth, my voice unconsciously softened a few points.


After I hung up the phone, I couldn’t fall asleep either, so I simply went to the study. This night was just as sleepless, but because I had slept during the day, I was okay even if I slept through the night.


Sister-in-law Zhang was very meticulous, coming to the villa early and cooking breakfast.


When she saw me come downstairs, changed my clothes and fixed my hair a little, she hesitated for a moment and said, “Are you going out later?”


I nodded, “I’ve got an appointment later and I’m going out.”


“Do you need me to stay with you?” Looking at her, she was a little worried, “The dark circles under your eyes are heavy again, did you wake up last night and not sleep?”


I enthused, took a few bites of breakfast and went out.


Originally I didn’t intend to go out, but Mo Fei Lin sent me a message saying that she was in Jiangcheng, and since we were already friends, I should come closer to do my part as a landlord.


I agreed as I had already said this.


Before leaving home, I searched around the garage and found that several low-key cars had been sent for maintenance, and several cars that had just returned from maintenance were too flashy.


After some hesitation, I drove Fu Shenyan’s black Maybach, which looked relatively ordinary and was quite low-key.


Perhaps because I was not used to driving it, the journey was slow and somewhat tortoise speed.


When I arrived at the place where I had agreed to meet Mo Fei Lin, she was already there.


When she saw me, she waved towards me.


Mo Fei Lin was a true Miss Thousand, with a top-notch face and figure, and a family background that naturally went without saying.


She was a year or two older than me, not yet married, and belonged to the career category of girls.


She is shrewd, decisive and handsome.


When she saw me sitting down, she didn’t say much, she just snapped her fingers and called the waiter and looked to me and said, “What would you like to eat?”


French restaurant, I shrugged my shoulders and looked to her and said, “Haven’t tried it, need you to guide me.”


She raised an eyebrow, not being inquisitive, and said straight away, “Salmon custard, oyster fish soup, fried lobster meat, French fish rolls and an orange-scented French toast.” After a pause, she purses her lips, “Those for now, please!”


The waitress left and she looked over at me, her face cool, “Such dark circles under your eyes, what’s been going on lately?”


“A little something!” I opened my mouth.


Chapter 551 – I just want to have a meal with you


After a pause, I looked at her and said, “You came to Jiangcheng on business?”


She shook her head, “No, I’m on annual leave so I came out for a walk. I originally wanted to go abroad, but I thought I was tired of going to all those places and there was nothing to go to, so I came here to meet you for a meal and a chat.”


I raised my eyebrows, “That’s it!”


She nodded, “Of course, what else do you think? There are only three things in my life, my parents, making friends, and making money.”


I ……


This definition of a winner in life is just not the same.


She was dressed with extreme elegance and atmosphere and looked at me and said, “You have the dullest life of any friend I’ve ever come in contact with.”


That’s pretty straightforward talk.


I smiled and didn’t answer.


Seeing me smile, she said, “The Fu family’s estate and the Shen family’s estate are enough for you to come down and enjoy your life without worry, but I wonder why you have planned your life so badly. You put all your energy and life into love and your so-called hatred, don’t you find it dull and boring?”


I froze and looked up at her for a moment as the waiter served a French fish taco and she ended the conversation by saying, quite naturally, “Taste it!”


I took a bite and it tasted delicious, French food is mostly known around the world because of the wide range of ingredients it takes and the exquisite delicacy of the dishes.


“How is it?” She raised an eyebrow, her expression soaring.


I seemed to see myself when I had just graduated from university, when I was not rich, when Muzi and I would dress up beautifully and run around the whole river city on weekend days, even going to other cities.


The best food and the best scenery, I thought at that time, when I was rich, I would go to all the cities in the world and see and eat all the specialties in each city.


“Juicy and tasty!” I spoke. My heart couldn’t help but feel extraordinarily relaxed.


The waiter brought a bloodball and she raised an eyebrow and smiled lightly, “Taste it!”


I took a shallow sip and she smiled, “The main thing about eating French food is that you enjoy the aristocratic experience and usually after we have had our first main course, the waiter will bring a sorbet, which is made from fruit juices and champagne and apart from being refreshing, it helps to whet your appetite for the next course.”


Indeed, as she said, it did taste good and had an appetising effect.


I looked at her and smiled lightly, my mood relaxing, “You shouldn’t have come this far if you were trying to introduce me to the characteristics of a French meal.”


She shrugged her shoulders and tsked, “Shen Shu, you think of everyone as too complicated, we don’t have that much of an agenda, I came to see you and it was indeed very simple, I just wanted to have a meal with you.”


Chapter 552

“So, a few thousand for a flight from the capital to Jiangcheng, you just came for a meal?”


She raised her eyebrows, “En!”


Sure enough, I don’t understand the world of the rich.


After eating and talking, I really didn’t know what else Mo Fei Lin was planning to do.


Seeing that she didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving, I got a bit of a headache and spoke up, “Miss Mo, we ……”


“Coming, coming!” She pressed on, not focusing on me at all, looking towards the person who walked in the door of the restaurant with an excited look on her face.


I froze for about two seconds and turned back to see the person who had made her, a lady of the house, go crazy.


The man who entered had a timeless air, handsome features and a warm, jade-like aura.


A flamboyant gentleman!


That was as far as my vocabulary would go.


“His name is He Zhi Zhou, how’s that, handsome, right?” Mo Fei Lin opened her mouth, her eyes wanting to key down on the man.


I turned around, pursing my lips, “So, you lured me here for half a day just to wait for him?”


She shrugged her shoulders and smiled innocently, “You can understand it that way, after all, eating alone and for so long, it’s quite embarra*sing for others to watch.”


I ……


I’m a sidekick after all.


It’s just that.


I’m here now.


Looking at her, I couldn’t help but say, “How long have you known each other?”


As if she had suddenly found a topic of conversation with me, she spoke, “4 six nine days, plus today exactly 470 days.”


I ……


That’s accurate enough.


Seeing He Zhi Zhou enter the restaurant he took a seat directly in another seat, with a pretty looking woman sitting beside him.


I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow and look at Mo Fei Lin, “You’re playing stalker?”


She tsked, “What do you mean stalking, don’t sound so vulgar, I call it a chance encounter.”




“He’s a professor at Jiangda University, and that’s his student sitting next to him.” She spoke, one eye still fixed on the man.


“A nightclub owner and a professor, tch, Miss Mo is awesome.” I spoke.


She gave me a sideways glance, and when she saw me laughing low, she couldn’t help but say, “What are you talking about? We’re called a family match.”


I couldn’t help but poke my chin, “Didn’t you just say that I was all about love and hate, did you?”


She bristled, “I’m all about career and love and life, do you understand.”


Shifting her gaze in He Zhi Zhou’s direction, the little girl sitting with him seemed to have left beforehand.


Mo Fei Lin pulled me up and shamelessly said, “Come on, go and share a table.”


I ……


was dragged by her to He Zhi Zhou’s table, and Mo Fei Lin smiled extraordinarily grandly.


“Professor He, long time no see, what a coincidence to meet you here, are you alone?”


He Zhi Zhou looked at her and then at me, raised his hand to hold up his black rimmed gla*ses, his handsome beauty frowned slightly, “The two of you are?”


I was all stunned, so the 470 days Mo Fei Lin was talking about, was that she knew people, and this Professor He actually had no impression of her at all.


“Professor He, I’m Mo Fei Lin, we met last time you gave a lecture at Beijing University.”


He Zhi Zhou gave a slight pause, but remembered, got up and looked at Mo Fei Lin, “You’re Mr. Mo’s sister, Miss Mo!”


Mo Fei Lin smiled sweetly when she saw that people remembered, and without waiting for He Zhi Zhou to speak, she said, “It’s rare to see you in Jiangcheng, I have quite a few economics questions I want to ask you, I wonder if it’s convenient for you to join me?”


To put dabbling in food so refreshingly, it was none other than Mo Fei Lin.


He Zhi Zhou smiled warmly, “Of course, please sit down.”


Just after sitting down, Mo Fei Lin looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, do you have to pick up your husband from the plane later? Is it still time?”


I ……