Never Say Never Chapter 553-554

Chapter 553

I nodded and smiled, “Eh, then you two eat, I have things to do, so I’ll go first.”


So, this Mo Fei Lin had gone to the trouble of asking me out, just to accompany her here to wait for her beloved.


When I left the restaurant, the sky in Jiangcheng was a bit dark, as if it was going to rain.


It had been two days since Fu Shenyan had gone on a business trip, so I suddenly missed him a bit. I fished out my mobile phone and dialed him.


The phone rang several times before it was answered, “Shen Shu, have you eaten yet?” On the other end of the line, his voice was a little low, and it sounded like he was sleeping.


Realising this, I said apologetically into the phone, “Did I wake you up?”


“No!” He spoke, his voice low and magnetic, “I just happened to dream about you and missed you.”


I stood in the doorway of the restaurant, facing the wind, my heart faintly warming up, rising and still a little warm.


“I missed you too!” Yes, miss and love all to say.


On the other end of the phone, the man had a moment of frozen concentration, “Wait for me, I’ll be back as soon as I finish my business.”


“Yeah, I’ll wait for you!”


Realising that he had to work tomorrow, I said, “Get some rest, I’ll hang up now.”


Without waiting for him to say anything, I hung up the phone, my heart suddenly racing, and in a fit of demons, I clicked on the airline ticket page and ordered a ticket to M.


With more than ten hours to spare, I drove my car and went straight to the airport.


On the way, I sent a message to Sister Zhang, telling her that I had something to do and would not be going back in the evening.


I sent a timed message to Fu Shen Yan to tell him I had something to do, and then arrived at the airport, got on the plane and flew directly to country M.


The flight abroad was extremely long, I slept in a daze on the plane and woke up with a few hours to spare, so I simply took out the books I had bought at the airport and read them.


I went to the bathroom and had a bite to eat at Sydney airport during a mid-journey connection.


I almost forgot my books when I boarded the plane, but luckily I had enough time to run back and get them.


“Ah!” Because I was in a hurry, I knocked over a girl in a hateful dress as I was going down the security lane.


The girl still had her coke in her hand, her beach hat was knocked off the floor and her blonde hair was showing.


“My clothes!” The Coke spilled over the girl’s dress and she screamed in anxiety.


I rushed to find a tissue to wipe it for her, apologising under my breath as I went to pick up everything that had fallen off the floor.


When I calmed down, I could see the girl’s face clearly, a pair of blue exotic pupils, deep eyes, three-dimensional features skin as white as gelatin.


Beautiful without a hint of colour, a girl would not be able to resist looking at her for more than a few moments.


“It’s a good thing it’s Coke, my clothes are dark, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get it off, Miss China, you’re so lucky!” She spoke, and it was in English.


I apologised and handed her the hat I had picked up and said sorry a few more times.


She looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and didn’t say any more, put on her hat and muttered, “My Mr. Gu may have waited too long for me.”


With that, she went up the boarding gate.


I went back to the restaurant to get my book before re-boarding, but instead, just as I sat down, I saw the blonde girl on the other side of the aisle.


She had taken off her hat, put on her sungla*ses and was holding a book, I glanced at it and it was the same as mine, both were No Life Left Behind.


Chapter 554

Earlier Shen Yu saw me watching “Murder on the Orient Train” on the plane and spat at me for being bored, who always likes to watch such suspenseful movies on the plane when they have nothing better to do.


Noticing my gaze, the girl looked sideways at me, took off her eyes to reveal a pair of big blue eyes and raised her eyebrows, “It’s you again!”


I smiled lightly, “I’m sorry about earlier, I’m really sorry.”


She shrugged her shoulders and spoke, “Don’t be sorry all the time, I already said it was fine.”


Seeing the book in my hand, she wowed and said, “You and I are reading the same book, our Mr. Gu said that the Chinese girl he likes likes to read it too.”


I froze and couldn’t help but think the girl was so cute and smiled lightly, “The flight was too long so I had to use it to pa*s the time.”


She agreed, “That’s what our Mr Gu always says, he always likes to take a book with him when he flies and then pa*s the time, making it a habit for me to take a book even if I leave first.”


Listening to the words, though complaining, but never leaving her Mr. Gu, I couldn’t help but laugh, “Are you married at such a young age?”


She was a little shy, “Not yet, I’ve only just got engaged, the wedding isn’t until May.”


The plane took off and the stewardess came up to adjust the small tabletop and check the cargo hold.


The plane had just taken off for a few minutes of medium shock time, so I closed my book, closed my eyes and started to shut up.


It was only most of the way to the original flight, so it didn’t take long to get there after the connecting flight.


m airport.


The round trip and the fact that I had stayed up so late the previous two days made me a little light-headed when I got off the plane.


The blonde girl saw that I didn’t look too good and offered to come forward and say, “Do you need any help?”


I shook my head and smiled lightly, “No, I probably just got off the plane and I’m a little out of sorts, I’ll be fine in a minute.”


She helped me and sat me down in the lounge area, handed me a gla*s of water and said, “You Chinese like hot water, but there’s hardly any in M, so you’ll just have to make do!”


Taking the water, I smiled, “Thank you!”


Most of the dizziness was due to lack of sleep, after sitting for a while, the blonde girl looked at me and said, “Are you here in m looking for a friend?”


I nodded, “My husband is over here and I came to see him.”


She said with a wow of surprise, “You look so young, how come you’re married?”


I smiled and spoke, “You look young too, aren’t you engaged too?”


It seemed that the mention of her fiancĂ©e made her shy, “We’re not married yet!”


She gave me an apologetic look and whispered, “I have to take this call first!”


With that, she sweetly picked up the phone and said into it, “Hey honey, I’m already at the airport, I just met a young lady who might not be feeling well, so I’m here to hold her for a bit and will be out in a bit.”


When she finished, not knowing what was said on the other end of the line, she beamed and complained, “Really, I haven’t even finished my sentence yet!”


She put the phone away and looked over at me, “Come on, let’s go out together, where are you going, if we’re on our way?”


I smiled lightly and was very grateful, “Thanks, but I’ll just take a taxi there later, thank you.”


Seeing this, she didn’t say much and smiled, “My name is Gai Jane, you can just call me Xiao Jane, and you?”


“Shen Shu!”


She nodded and thought for a moment, “You Chinese have such simple surnames, unlike us, with a long list, but I’ll follow my fiancĂ©’s surname from now on, and call myself Gu Jiejian, that’s fine too.”